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Here we go! So last night Daniele put Jordan up on the block as a pawn against Brendon and the two of them are up on the block. For the first time this summer, a veteran will be sent packing…and it better be Brendon! Rachel of course is devastated by the situation, bawling her eyes out. “Who am I gonna jump on when I win HOH?” she says.

Brendon and Rachel make a last ditch effort to try to get Brendon to stay in the game by campaigning with some houseguests, and borderline threatening others. Their only hopes are Porsche, Adam, and potentially Shelly (but I doubt it). Daniele tries to sway Porsche to her side, when Rachel walks in, thinking they are scheming behind her back. “Why doesn’t she just take a knife right now and gut me,” says Rachel in the diary room. She’s losing it already.

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The last episode was AMAZING when Daniele won HOH and put Brendon & Rachel up on the block. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more. Well, actually I could. In this episode we get to see it all unfold and watch Brendon and Rachel fall apart. Or so I hope. “I am about to turn this house upside down,” says Daniele in the Diary Room. Meanwhile, Brendon falls for Rachel’s crybaby tactics to get what she wants, and that’s to stay in the game. It’s smart though, because Brendon is useless. SUCH a bad social game. He’s much better suited to make more than $500,000 trying to cure cancer, as he suggests he’ll do.

Daniele talks to Rachel, and Rachel makes Daniele feel guilty for putting them up. It’s so annoying because Brenchel totally declared war on Daniele in front of everyone, and when the tables are turned, they are blind to it. Ugh, please just let Brendon go home. The two of them are too much for me at this point.

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Last episode, the game changed completely after Dominic was evicted from the house. We left off last episode with a full fledged war against Daniele & Kalia, and an endurance HOH competition where my hope was that Daniele would end up winning the challenge.

As you may recall, one of the snowballs in the challenge contained $10,000. After Adam fell off (winning an elf suit for a week), followed by Lawon and Brendon (who became Have Nots for a week), it was Jeff that won the monetary prize. After he fell, it was then Jordan, then Porsche, then Shelly, and finally Kalia that got eliminated. Daniele ends up winning HOH! This couldn’t have turned out better for me! Daniele and Kalia have a secret dance party to celebrate. I love these two. Meanwhile, it’s “from penthouse to outhouse,” says Jeff in the Have Not room with Jordan and Brenchel.

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A little refresh for you to start, Dominic & Adam are up on the block and I’m almost certain that Dominic is going home tonight after 27 days in the house. He crossed Brenchel and they are in power, so he’ll pay the ultimate price for his actions.

Right off the get go, the episode is intense. Daniele goes and talks to Brenchel, saying that if Dominic goes home she will be furious. Daniele doesn’t have anyone to play with as a partner besides him, so she explains, “I would like some help in this game too.” Meanwhile, Jeff wants to talk to Dominic face to face about the plan to backdoor him and his involvement in it. Dominic denies everything which doesn’t appease Jeff. Jordan and Jeff now want to get everyone together and call them out in a house meeting. “Everybody’s under the bus and we go to war,” as Jeff puts it. Before this happens, Dominic comes and talks to Brenchel and Jeff and says that he’ll do anything to stay and admits that it was in fact Daniele that was the mastermind.

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Okay, so Rachel is HOH and at first look, it appears all hell may just break loose in this episode with all of the scheming going on coupled with the tension going on within the veteran alliance. Dominic & Adam are up on the block, but whoever wins the POV in this episode could change the nominations. It could be a game changer.

Before I get into the main things that happened in the episode, I want to say that I’m starting to think that Porsche is going to come out of nowhere later in the game and become a huge threat. She’s doing a great job at laying low and I think she’ll have the gameplay to outwit some of the others.

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Well, after an eventful episode this past Thursday, Rachel is now the HOH and she is ready to prey on her next victim as she puts up a duo up for nomination. If you recall my last post, my prediction based on golden keys, alliances, and strategy, was that she’ll put up Kalia & Lawon. That said, maybe she’ll try for Dominic & Adam again, as it’s an easy cop out to put them up as they have already been on the block.

This week, the houseguests compete in a luxury competition and they’ll be no Have/Have Nots for the week. A man walks into the yard and they have no clue who he is. He fills them in that he’s on a new reality show called “Same Name“, and the houseguests will be participating in a challenge to figure out which celebrity he has the same name, by deciphering random clues.

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After Dominic won POV and took himself and Adam off the block, Jordan put Shelly & Cassi up as replacement nominees. Now, after 20 days in the house, one of these two ladies will be going home tonight. It’s all because of Rachel too. She’s clearly threatened by Cassi’s beauty so she has campaigned to get her out of the house. Jordan had the chance to get rid of Brendon or Rachel by putting them up as the replacement nominees this week, but she thought it was too soon to go against her alliance.

Meanwhile, Shelly is feeling guilty about having voted Keith out, voting against her alliance. She now sees the repercussions of her actions now that Cassi is likely going home and the veterans continue to stay in power. Jordan is also upset about the current situation, feeling bad for having to put Cassi & Shelly up. I SO wish she would have been bold and put up Brenchel.

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In the last episode of Big Brother 13, Jordan (as HOH) put Dominic & Adam up on the block for eviction. At this point, they are both at risk of going home, but I’d have to say Dominic needs to win POV more because he’s a bigger threat. I’m excited to see how this plays out, and also very excited to see the “war of words” that happens between Jeff & Rachel, as shown in the episode preview.

Adam wastes no time and goes and talks to Jordan to attempt to secure his spot in the house. She tells him to throw the veto competition and in return she promises that the veterans will have his back. Meanwhile, Porsche & Rachel discuss wanting to get Cassi out. Really, they’re just catty bitches and want to get the pretty girl out. It’s so obvious. Lawon walks into this conversation and thinks to himself, “I see Porsche and Rachel talking…that is Miss Chivious. Mmm mmm.” LOL. At first I found him annoying, but I’m loving him more after every episode. While this is happening, Daniele & Dominic continue to flirt and further develop trust with each other.

Find out who won POV and who the replacement nominees are after the jump…

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