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Tonight’s episode is the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, which means tomorrow someone is going home. What the houseguests don’t know is that actually…two people will be going home because it’s a double eviction. Now that I watch the live feeds, I love when Thursday comes around because it’s the only live situation, and kinds starts fresh on the feeds because everything is up to date.

Right now, Jeff is HOH and he has nominated Kalia & Porsche up for eviction. In this episode we’ll find out who wins POV and if the nominations will be changed. For Kalia, Porsche and Daniele’s alliance, the situation is critical.

The results & my thoughts after the jump…

Okay folks – the end is near! Daniele was HOH last week and she sent Brendon packing after backdooring him. Not gonna lie, I read the feeds and watched a little… and it’s all good. The last episode ended in the middle of an HOH competition. As we were phased out, my thought was that Porsche was going to win based on how fast she was scurrying. In the end, it was actually Jeff who won. I’m okay with this, especially because Daniele made a deal with Jeff & Jordan last week and so she should be safe this week… we can only hope.

We can’t forget that Rachel is now playing by herself now that Brendon was evicted from the house. With Daniele not in power, and Rachel still in the house, it’ll be interesting to how it plays out. So many targets, so little time. Will they get rid of more floaters… or more threats? We’ll soon find out!

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Well, another houseguest gets sent packing in this episode. Shelly & Brendon are up on the block, after Adam obviously took himself off after winning the POV. Brendon was backdoored and it’s looking as though he’s the one that will be sent packing… for the second (and hopefully final) time. If Adam was still on the block, it’d definitely be Shelly going home, but things sure turned around for that sassy momma! Maybe “Both Sides of the House” Shelly will have a few less cigarettes after tonight’s elimination. She’s a chimney!

Jeff & Jordan are in a tricky predicament this week, considering they had an alliance with Brenchel AND with Shelly. This is the week that ties will be broken and I’m thinking they’re gonna have to get rid of Brendon once and for all. That being said, if they go against their alliance, it could come back to haunt them in the jury house. Rachel also said if they flipped, they’d be her number one target. Oooh, I like the sound of that. Again, as I said in my last recap, it’d be fantastic (for entertainment value) if Rachel won HOH.

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Okay so on Sunday I didn’t write a Big Brother recap because of the PGA Tournament messing with my recording. That being said, since then I’ve been keeping up with the live feeds here and there so I’m quite up to date. It’s mayhem in the house right now – just how we like it. Going into this episode, Daniele is HOH, Adam & Shelly are on the block, and it’s anyones game as to who is going home. Shelly had a rough week with some big blowouts, but it’s POV time and that can turn things around completely.

Immediately following Sunday’s nominations, Shelly talks to Daniele right away in the HOH room. Daniele assures her that she wants to backdoor Brendon this week. Later, she tells Adam the same thing. At this point, her main alliance remains to be with Kalia and Porsche and Brendon is back on as her prey.

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So thanks to Donovan, I’ve been getting into the Big Brother Live Feeds and I have to say, it’s amazing. At first I was hesitant because I thought that the quality wouldn’t be good and also I thought it would ruin the episodes for me. Quite to the contrary. It’s like you’re watching an episode of Big Brother that never ends. It’s like crack. You also get to see so much more in terms of fights and important conversations that don’t always make it to the cutting room floor. That being said, there’s also a lot of sleeping and eating…and that’s when you turn it off. I can’t stand listening to Kalia eating chips amplified by a microphone. LOL.

NOTE: Don’t worry – I won’t give any spoilers until after the jump.
Anyway, so last night while Tyrell and I were getting ready to go to a friend’s housewarming party, I had the live feeds on loud so we could hear them as we were getting ready. Why? Because their conversations were hilarious. Jeff & Brendon were teasing Adam about being into “Golden Showers,” which isn’t the case, but they were entertaining themselves because they could see it was really getting to him. He was so worried about a rumor being started in America – LOL. Jordan then goes on to ask the boys if they’ve ever given a facial before (the dirty kind), and how one of her girlfriends is into it and she also likes it up the butt. LOL. This obviously won’t make it to air, so I had to share it with you.

SPOILER ALERT: Find out who won HOH, and who the nominees are after the jump…

Okay, first off, special shout out to Emma whom I met tonight at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. She’s a fan of Homorazzi, as well as of Big Brother. We chatted about who we thought would be going home tonight…and we both agreed that it would be Lawon. Honestly, if Lawon leaves, I wouldn’t shed a tear. I mean, he volunteered himself onto the block and isn’t even involved in any of the game play! Sorry buddy – you might as well be at home watching with Tyrell and I.

As we pick up where we left off, Lawon “puts on his acting skills” right off the bat and acts as if he’s mad about being put up on the block. Shelly heard him say “didn’t volunteer” and she could definitely tell that he was lying about the whole situation. “I hate actors,” she says. She’s such a Nancy Drew! She then goes to Kalia to get the truth, and now knows that he indeed volunteered. Case solved.

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Okay, first off I have to admit I’ve been watching the live feeds here and there this past week (for the first time ever) so I knew a lot of what happened before going into this episode. That being said, I wasn’t any less excited to watch it. I will say that the live feeds are amazing and totally addictive, so you have to be careful (ahem – Donovan). LOL. Anyway, in the last episode, Kalia put Jeff & Rachel on the block and as a result, Jeff threatened that he would win POV this week and gun for Kalia. We’ll find out in this episode!

After the nominations were made, Rachel starts to lose it, but Shelly knocked some sense into her saying, “You have more class than is!” Jordan even has to help take care of Rachel. “Brendon used to be the one to manage Rachel,” says Jordan and now it’s here. She is a handful – LOL.

Oh, the crying doesn’t stop there – Kalia is also crying because she’s so stressed out. She now has a huge target on her back and Daniele didn’t have to do the dirty work. So much Kleenex.

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Before I start my recap of tonight’s episode, just wanted to say that this weekend we went on our annual weekend away at Adam’s cabin and played a round of our own version Big Brother (like last year – card games, dice, etc) and Rich & Adam tied for the win. I will say that the alliance I had with them and Tyrell did help us get all of our other friends out first and make it to the final four, but in the end I lost (again). Love playing this game.

Anyway… so last week’s episode was amazing, as Kalia became HOH after Brendon was sent packing. Last night’s episode also had some really juicy bits too! It started off as any other episode would, with Rachel crying of course…only now, without Brendon/Bookie. On the flipside, Kalia & Daniele are over the moon about being in power this week and can hardly contain it. It looks like Jeff, Jordan and Rachel have to stick together if they want to survive, while the rest of the houseguests (Shelly, Lawon, & Porsche) float through the game.

This week there was a Have & Have Not Competition, which we haven’t seen in a while. This is was the token (gross) drink mixing challenge, where challengers must identify the ingredients in their drink and in some cases, try to chug it before their opponent. It was a close game, but in the end Rachel, Shelly, Jeff and Jordan became the Have Nots and now have to eat slop for a week, with the option of having catfish & coconuts as well. Jordan was so upset that she wasn’t able to win it for her team that she was brought to tears. God, she’s so cute. Her sadness quickly turned to frustration about all the floaters in the house (Namely Lawon & Porsche). In fact, for the rest of the episode, she is the grumpiest I’ve ever seen her! Here’s where things got really good…

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