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Far East Movement are gearing up for the release of Dirty Bass which will hit iTunes and music shelves on May 8. The boys have already officially release two tracks from the upcoming album. The first was the club thumping Jello while the second saw them teaming up with Justin Bieber for the anthem Live My Life.

Now, Redfoo from LMFAO has taken the anthem and thrown his own spin on it giving it the subtitle of Party Rock Remix. When I heard that this remix would be the back track for the single’s music video, I was really excited. However, I find the remix completely underwhelming. Redfoo definitely added his classic party rock synths to the track but the mixing between the tracks isn’t cohesive and when it switches back to the RedOne produced beat, it gives my ears a very unhappy shock.

The beat the closes the song out with Bieber’s chorus should have been the backbeat for the entire remix. Alas, this is not the case. Maybe I just need to give the song a few more listens but I want to get your opinion faithful Homorazzi readers. Give a listen to the tracks Party Rock Remix below.

Listen to FEM, Justin Bieber & Redfoo’s “Live My Life” after the jump.

Now that Justin Bieber is 18-years old (as of March 1 – also my birthday!), it didn’t long for the porn industry to capitalize on Bieber fever. As he himself says, “Never Say Never,” right? Even though he’s legal, it’s a little too soon, don’t you think? LOL. Unlike many other guys his age, I still see him as a kid. Maybe it’s his height or very boyish looks. Anyway, as mentioned above, the title of the porn parody is “Bustin Beeber“. All things aside, I have to say, it’s a pretty funny/punny name.

There have been several porn parodies in the last few years, including ones done for Jersey Shore, The Golden Girls, and most recently, Tosh.0.. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that one wouldn’t be done for one of the biggest stars today. Weird, but legitimate question: Do you think Justin Bieber has or will ever watch this? LOL.

Kyler Moss stars as Bustin Bieber in this parody that tells the fictitious story of the debauchery that went on during his 18th birthday. I’ve included the detailed and NSFW description of what to expect in this naughty film below.

Read the NSFW description of the parody after the jump…

Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in love? It sure looks like it. In every picture and red carpet appearance, the two seem inseparable. It looks like the love fest is about to continue at the comfort of their own home. To celebrate his birthday, Justin bought just over $14 million of real estate. One of those would be this beautiful house set in the Hollywood Hills.

The house boasts 9,400 square feet of pure swagger which Ashton Kutcher has been currently renting since his split from Demi Moore. Now, Justin and Selena will be turning the mansion in to their love pad. The digs also come with a stunning view of Lake Hollywood, a movie theatre, a bar, a gym, a massage room and a massive kitchen. Check out of a few photos of the Justin’s new home below.

Check out photos of Justin (& Selena’s) new digs after the jump.

Last week, producer RedOne let it slip that he was working on a track with dirty bass lovers Far East Movement. The thing that many weren’t expecting to hear was that Justin Bieber would be the featured vocalist on the hook. Then, LMFAO’s Redfoo teased a crowd in Vegas with the track during a recent club visit.

Not sounding too unlike J.Lo’s On The Floor (which RedOne also produced), FM turns up the heat for the second single off their forthcoming album, Dirty Bass. While Justin’s hook is squeaky clean singing, “I’m gonna live, my life. No matter what, we party tonight,” the boys from Far East Movement bring the “let me hit that” and “work that back” lyrics to the club thumper. I personally love the sound of this track and hope this is a foreshadow to what we can expect from both FM’s new album and Justin’s upcoming Believe. Listen below.

Listen to FM & Justin Bieber’s newest track after the jump.

Carly Rae Jepsen has been seriously feeling the love south of the border. But, before we get there, let us start from the beginning. A while back, Carly released a little song titled Call Me Maybe. The bubbly pop track immediately caught fire with Canadian radio and the music video garnered a huge amount of attention with the help of hottie Holden Nowell. And then, the unthinkable happened.

One day, Selena Gomez tweeted a picture of Justin Bieber driving his car with a giant grin on his face. The reason? Simple. The catchy hook of Carly’s hit song. Immediately, people were Googling like crazy trying to find out just who this little Canadian treasure was. Suddenly, Call Me Maybe rocketed to the number one spot on iTunes giving her instant international fame. Then on Much Music’s New Music Live last week, Carly announced that she had signed with Justin Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun.

Now, the love continues with a little video that has gone viral. Starring Ashley Tisdale, Selena and Bieber and a few other friends, the crew lip syncs along to the infectious song while donning little plastic moustaches and goofing off with banana telephones. There is no doubt this video is going to make this track popular among the teeny-bopper fans and I cannot wait to see where Carly ends up this year.

Check out the amazing celebrity sing-a-long after the jump.

Justin Bieber’s upcoming album is looking like a who’s who of heavy hitters in the recording industry. For his third studio album, titled “Believe“, Bieber scored collaborations with Timbaland, Chris Brown, Drake, Lil Wayne and Pharrell Williams. Based on a report by HollywoodLife.com, rumor has it the Biebs has another duet up his sleeve. With Justin turning 18-years-old in just a few weeks, I fully expect a more mature-sounding artist with his new material to match is changing voice. Vocal puberty has finally hit the Canadian teen.

So who is Bieber’s rumored collabo with? Here’s a hint. She’s been relatively quiet the past year but has a new album coming out in 2012 as well. This female artist began her career as a songwriter and produced Billboard hits before scoring them for herself. She’s not typically known for her vocal prowess either. Could it be Britney? Perhaps J. Lo? Or maybe even Katy Perry? Keep reading to find out.

find out who after the jump

Aside from sharing the same birthday as him and also being Canadian, I can also relate to Justin Bieber‘s love for pranking. While working with Proactiv to film commercials for the skin care line, Bieber hid backstage and was secretly the acting director for a commercial shoot.

He gets the girls do silly things, he himself struggling to not bust out into laughter while talking to them so not to ruin the joke. In the end, he does come out and the girls are stunned and completely starstruck.

In a second video, Bieber decides to bring Proactiv to the homes of some of his fans. Of course the girls just go nuts, but one little girl was so shocked that she hid in the closet, refusing to come out. LOL. Enjoy the cute videos below.

Watch after the jump…

It’s hard to think of him growing into a young man but Justin Bieber will turn the young adult age of 18 on March 1 of this year. (The same birthday as Patrick too). In the 2012 Music Issue Bieber covers the fashion-forward magazine and is named “Pop’s Crown Prince”, a proper title considering his legions of female fans, a sell-out tour, a 3D documentary and the list continues. So what does 2012 have in store for the Canadian songster?

His new album Believe is set to debut sometime in the New Year and he will begin production on his first full-length feature film alongside Mark Wahlberg. His latest photo spread with V Magazine is only the tip of the iceberg.

While Bieber’s fans are usually quick to gobble up anything that is related to their favorite pop icon, Beliebers seem to be having a fit with the latest cover and photos conceived by Inez Van Lamseerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Could it be that D&G sweater he’s wearing? Maybe. He tells V, “now that I’m on top, everyone wants to bring me down.” Check out Bieber’s full photo spread below.

Check out Bieber’s full V cover & photo spread after the jump.

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