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Justin Bieber’s upcoming album is looking like a who’s who of heavy hitters in the recording industry. For his third studio album, titled “Believe“, Bieber scored collaborations with Timbaland, Chris Brown, Drake, Lil Wayne and Pharrell Williams. Based on a report by HollywoodLife.com, rumor has it the Biebs has another duet up his sleeve. With Justin turning 18-years-old in just a few weeks, I fully expect a more mature-sounding artist with his new material to match is changing voice. Vocal puberty has finally hit the Canadian teen.

So who is Bieber’s rumored collabo with? Here’s a hint. She’s been relatively quiet the past year but has a new album coming out in 2012 as well. This female artist began her career as a songwriter and produced Billboard hits before scoring them for herself. She’s not typically known for her vocal prowess either. Could it be Britney? Perhaps J. Lo? Or maybe even Katy Perry? Keep reading to find out.

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Aside from sharing the same birthday as him and also being Canadian, I can also relate to Justin Bieber‘s love for pranking. While working with Proactiv to film commercials for the skin care line, Bieber hid backstage and was secretly the acting director for a commercial shoot.

He gets the girls do silly things, he himself struggling to not bust out into laughter while talking to them so not to ruin the joke. In the end, he does come out and the girls are stunned and completely starstruck.

In a second video, Bieber decides to bring Proactiv to the homes of some of his fans. Of course the girls just go nuts, but one little girl was so shocked that she hid in the closet, refusing to come out. LOL. Enjoy the cute videos below.

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It’s hard to think of him growing into a young man but Justin Bieber will turn the young adult age of 18 on March 1 of this year. (The same birthday as Patrick too). In the 2012 Music Issue Bieber covers the fashion-forward magazine and is named “Pop’s Crown Prince”, a proper title considering his legions of female fans, a sell-out tour, a 3D documentary and the list continues. So what does 2012 have in store for the Canadian songster?

His new album Believe is set to debut sometime in the New Year and he will begin production on his first full-length feature film alongside Mark Wahlberg. His latest photo spread with V Magazine is only the tip of the iceberg.

While Bieber’s fans are usually quick to gobble up anything that is related to their favorite pop icon, Beliebers seem to be having a fit with the latest cover and photos conceived by Inez Van Lamseerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Could it be that D&G sweater he’s wearing? Maybe. He tells V, “now that I’m on top, everyone wants to bring me down.” Check out Bieber’s full photo spread below.

Check out Bieber’s full V cover & photo spread after the jump.

My Most Anticipated Albums For 2012

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With the coming of a new year comes a new set of albums from some of our favorite artists. While a few are follow-ups to their debuts, some are continuation of a musical journey we’ve been following for years. This year, it seems that an exceptional amount of albums are coming even before summer hits and I can’t wait to check a majority of them out. However, there are a few that are standing out more than others and I want to share them with you. While some details on certain albums are few and far between, there is some leaked info out there to keep our whistle wet until official announcements are made. Check out what albums I am most looking forward to in 2012 below.

Scissor Sisters

Release Date: TBD, Early 2012
I CANNOT wait for this album. I’ve been hooked on the Scissor Sisters ever since their release of their self-titled album in 2004. Their follow-up album was an adventurous ride and Night Work released back in 2010 house some of my favorite tunes from the group. Fresh off accompanying Gaga on her Monster Ball tour, the group is ready to release some fresh tunes for their fans and I couldn’t be happier. They’ve already sizzled us with Shady Love and I look forward to hearing more this year.

Check out more albums I can’t wait to hear in 2012 below.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Kiss me. Kiss me!” Nothing like kicking off the New Year with Justin Bieber. Last night on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Justin teamed up for a little duet with the legendary Carlos Santana in their own rendition of Let It Be. To start 2012 off right, Justin tweeted the following message:

thank you for 2011, lets have a better 2012! #happynewyear

Along with the tweet was a link that directed us all to this little ditty featuring his “little bro”, Jaden Smith. The track is titled Happy New Year and is definitely a departure from the the bubbly pop tracks we’re used to hearing from the Canadian songster. If you have Justin’s Christmas album, it’s more closely related to the track Christmas Eve.

The song definitely has a smooth R&B vibe and I am totally digging it. Justin even channels his inner Justin Timberlake with some slick falsetto riffs while Jaden’s monotone versus remind us of a Young Lil Wayne. There is no doubt in my mind that Justin will have quite the successful 2012. And with tracks along this vein, I think he’ll only garner an older fan base. Check out the track below.

Listen to “Happy New Year” after the jump.

Bieber Cast In New Basketball Film

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Canada’s singing sensation, Justin Bieber has been cast in a new film opposite Mark Wahlberg playing a young basketball star according to first reports from CBC. Wahlberg told MTV that the movie which is yet to be titled will go into production in 2012 and would see Mark play a mentor to the young star, similar to the concept of the film The Color of Money.

Wahlberg had stated back in August that he would love to work with Bieber on film. Why? Well, he’s mainly granting the wish of his young daughter, Ella Rae who thinks meeting Justin Bieber would be a dream come true.

But the question really is, can Bieber act? We’ve seen Bieber’s rocket to fame in his documentary, 3D mega-movie Never Say Never and we all watched him get shot on CSI:, but this would be Bieber’s first attempt at a full-length scripted drama. Wahlberg has all the faith in the “Baby” singer.

“I see the guy and spent time with him and you see what he does and how he does it, and then you actually have a conversation with him and it’s there,” Wahlberg said. I guess I’ll have to wait to see the trailer to make that judgement for myself. Until then, check out some of Justin’s acting chops below.

Check out Justin’s acting chops on CSI after the jump.

First off, let’s make this official: this isn’t Tommy’s “I loves me a diva” or Donovan’s “I can appreciate a classic” version of X Factor US, this is mine. I’m fellow writer Adam and for the most part people either hate or hate my reviews so let’s just get that straight right away cause I will be pulling no punches this evening for my (succinct I promise) recap of yesterday and today’s finale of X Factor US. Dono is away at his handsome hubby’s family Xmas thing and Tommy is glued to her eBay screen hoping Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery somehow ends up back on sale so for now, you’re stuck with me 😉

I’m writing this article as the show occurs and hope to have it up and ready to be pummelled by unfortunate Chris Rene fans by the time the glitter falls on our winner 😉 Tonight we were “lucky” to be graced by the famed likes of Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder, Leona Lewis, Ne-Yo, Pitbull and (are you kidding me, “I hate gays”) 50 Cent. But, what you came here for is the RESULTS!! Also, me bitching super quickly about the missteps of last night so without further adieu…

Click through to read about tonight’s show and find out who won X FACTOR US SEASON 1!

It’s not a mystery that most music lovers LOVE Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic, All I Want For Christmas. One of those fans was Justin Bieber. He didn’t just cover the track and plop it on his new Under The Mistletoe album, he actually Mariah to collab on not only a duet for the album but a full out music video as well! PS can I just say that Mariah looks damn good for just having twins? Girl better work! Anyways, back to the song and video.

The two don the roles of retail elves in the new vid which the most Bing’d celebrity debuted during the Christmas In Rockefeller Center special. The clip kicks off with Santa ringing a bell on 34th Street before we watch Justin and friends push some shopping carts into a mall while Mariah poses all fierce-like against a wall in a Santa-inspired outfit. Overall, if this video doesn’t get you into the Christmas spirit, nothing will you Grinch. Check out the clip below.

Watch Justin & Mariah’s music video after the jump.

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