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Justin Bieber has a song off of his upcoming ‘Believe‘ album that just leaked and I think you’re gonna love it – I sure do! The upbeat, dance floor-ready track is called “All Around The World” and features Ludacris (who he collaborated with on his first hit single “Baby”).

In the chorus, Bieber sings, “All around the world / People want to be loved / all around the world / They’re no different than us.” If this song is any indication of what we can expect from his album, it’s gonna be fantastic. “All Around The World” people will soon be dancing to this song.

Many hardcore fans are enraged that a song has leaked and refuse to listen to it. I can understand why Bieber’s crew would be angry, but for fans I think if anything it has just created more anticipation for what’s to come (in my opinion). If you need another reason to listen to it, it’s way better than “Boyfriend” and I didn’t even dislike that song. Check it out below while you can.

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Yes, Justin Bieber is 18-years-old. Yes, I understand he wants to shed that boy next door teenybopper image of his. BUT, hell NO, I never want to know what he calls his penis, nor the size of it. The Canadian pop star pushed the TMI envelope during an interview with UK’s The Sunday Times. Obviously, Justin is using the strategy of drumming up controversy to build buzz for his upcoming new album, “Believe“. It’s a tactic that’s worked time and time again.

Before I reveal his peen’s name, let’s quickly cover other topics discussed in his interview. Unlike previous teen popstars and claiming he still has his V card, Justin simply replies, “next question,” when asked about his sexual activity. I guess it’s pretty safe to assume, his no comment-like response is confirmation Selena Gomez and him are “loving each other like a love song” in the biblical sense. Definitely not an image I wanted ingrained in my head.

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Last night, the top artists and groups in music came to together in Las Vegas to celebrate their chart success at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. Set the MGM Grand and hosted by Modern Family’s funny couple Ty Burrell & Julie Bowen, the night was a non-stop pop music fest filled with many live performances and long-winded acceptance speeches. While I have normally been a fan of this show int he past, I feel that this year, the entire show fell a little flat. I also felt like ABC forgot how to shoot an awards show as many times, the camera angles and shots were completely disoriented. But, let’s get back to the actually awards themselves.

There was no denying Adele as she literally sweeped multiple categories winning a total of 9 awards. Party Rock duo LMFAO weren’t far behind her as their summer anthem from last year won them multiple trophies. A long-winded Justin Bieber took home the trophy for most active social media artist and Billboard’s best new artist was named, Wiz Khalifa. The night was also filled with tons of performances.

LMFAO kicked off the show with a medley of their hits which included and shuffling zebra in sparkly underwear. To be honest, it was pretty awesome. Kelly Clarkson debuted her new single “Dark Side” for their crowd and the boys from The Wanted had the girls in the house screaming until they had lost their voices. Usher’s performance of “Scream” wasn’t my favorite and the concept for Justin Bieber’s performance of “Boyfriend” was completely unrelated to anything about the song. Favorite performances for me go to Carly Rae Jepsen as she skipped around stage to “Call Me Maybe” and Nelly Furtado’s rendition of her new track, “Big Hoops.” But, nothing was more touching then John Legend and Jordin Sparks’ tribute to Whitney Houston. Check out all of the night’s performances and winners below.

Watch all of the evening’s performances and complete winners list after the jump.

With three studio albums to his credit, Justin Bieber boasts he’s “never made a bad song“. While I admit I like “Somebody To Love“, “Baby” and “Boyfriend“, I’m sure there are a few clunkers in his discography. It’s definitely a bold statement to make considering his upcoming album hasn’t hit stores yet. I chalk it up to misguided youthful arrogance. Remember when you were 18 and thought you knew everything? Lest he forget, he’s still a little man boy.

Bieber made the boastful claim to GQ magazine’s June 2012 issue with Michael Fassbender gracing the cover. Ridiculous comment aside, Bieber has a few “interesting” things to say about the music industry, partying and Kim Kardashian. Along with the entertaining interview, Justin poses for a fashion editorial snapped by photographer Peggy Sirota. Even though he still looks like a lesbian, you can see he’s growing up and becoming a man. Check out a few pics and quotes from his piece in GQ magazine below.

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Forbes Magazine has just revealed their “Celebrity 100” list for this year, revealing a new number one celebrity for 2012. The magazine looks at various factors when classifying the celebs, including: Wealth, TV/Radio ranking, Press ranking, Web ranking, and Social ranking.

The person who topped this list year is involved in many areas of the business and despite the image above, it’s not Justin Bieber nor is it Oprah Winfrey. I’m not surprised to see this person on the list, but I must say I’m a little surprised to see them at number one. Last year, Gaga topped the list with Oprah trailing behind in second. This year, the Top 10 list is quite different, but Oprah finds herself at number two once again.

Check out the Top 10 list below to find out who tops the list this year.

Top 10 list after the jump…

How cute! Just in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday, Justin Bieber decided to release a song from his upcoming ‘Believe‘ album called “Turn To You,” which he dedicated to his mother, Pattie Mallette.

The song is about the sacrifices and challenges his mom (and most moms for that matter) faced or face when they have a child. He sings about his love for her and that even though he’s all grown up now (almost), he still turns to her. The lyrics and the track are actually quite beautiful and the song itself is quite catchy. Bieber sings, “I don’t know what I’d do if you left me, so please don’t go away. Everything that you are is who I am, who I am today.”

Listen to the track below and if you can or have a mother in your life, be sure to do something special for her.

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After much build up, Justin Bieber has finally released his “Boyfriend” music video. The song is his first single to be released from his upcoming album ‘Believe‘ which drops on June 19. The more mature sounding single has been received well by fans and sold 500,000 copies in its first week.

Now as far as the video, I was a little surprised that it didn’t look much like the teasers at all. The intro does, but then the video pretty much starts over and the theme is really just a parking lot party and Justin Timberlake Bieber is the big stud. The original video was filmed directed by Colin Tilley, but most of that footage was scrapped and they changed to a safer concept consisting of a parking lot party and cars, under the direction of X. Perhaps the original footage with the groping girls was too much of a transition for all of his tween fans (or their parents to be more exact)?

The girl he ends up with in the video looks somewhat similar to Selena Gomez, his real life girlfriend. What a cute ‘lil tribute. Check out the video below and share your thoughts below.

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Sylvester Stallone did it. Martha Stewart did it. Hell, even Michael Jackson did it. All three along with Danny Devito and Steve Spielberg made cameos in the previous two “Men In Black” films. With the third installment around the corner, director Barry Sonnenfeld confirmed a trio of celebrities making appearances as extraterrestrials in the film. Here’s what the director revealed:

“One of the joys is deciding who you would put up on the board, who you would tell the world are aliens,” Sonnenfeld tells the site. “And A) the challenge is you have to get permission from these celebrities and B) you don’t want to go with people that are either a flash in the pan, or political, or people that in 10 years no one will know who you’re talking about.”

I have to admit, I had little to no interest in checking out “MIB3“, but after learning who’s donning alien attire in the film, I have to check it out. Funny enough, when the three were revealed, I wasn’t surprised at all. Truth be told, they’re all a little whackadoo in their own right. Continue reading to find out.

find out who after the jump

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