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First of all, let me say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this post so you better appreciate it. Blood because I cut my finger really bad while opening a can (that was part of my dinner) RIGHT before I starting watching the episode – it’s hard to type with layers of band-aid and tape around your pinky! Sweat because I was on edge waiting for how everything would turn out. And, tears because of the results. Well not so much, but I was disappointed.

As we know going into it, Romeo & Juliet are on the block (Jeff & Jordan) and Natalie & Kevin (HOH) are feeling pretty confident that it’s gonna be a Romeo Must Die scenario. Michele is doing her best to keep Jeff in the game.

Jeff needs two votes to stay in. He has Michele’s, so he then tries to go for Natalie. In his first attempt, he doesn’t have that much to convince her. Meanwhile, Kevin is watching Natalie talk to Jeff on the monitor from his HOH room, beginning to question what moves she’d made strategically and if he trusts her completely. Although not yet successful, Jeff has planted the seed with Natalie and given her some stuff to think about. She knows she has options.

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Jeff is pissed at Kevin for not fulfilling his part of their deal by putting Jeff up as an eviction nominee, alongside Michele. So, as this episode begins we know that Michele and Jeff are on the block, Kevin is HOH, and at the end of the last episode we were warned that Kevin would discover a secret that could change the game. Jeff needs to win the POV since he is the target this week.

So, Kevin goes up to his HOH room to find a surprise. A door with a question mark on it. It’s a secret door leading to another room with what’s called the Big Brother Pandora’s box in it. He is freaking out. He can stick his hand in one of the holes in Pandora’s Box and get $10,000, but by doing so he could unleash something good or something bad onto him or onto the house. The choice is his. Kevin panics,”$10,000 to just stick my hand in the hole?” Despite the risk, the greed overpowers and he walks into the room, reaches his hand into the oversized box, screams…and we go to commercial break…

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So this episode wasn’t as exciting as the last few, considering Chima, Lydia, and Russell are now out of the game and they were the ones that created all the drama. That being said, some big moves were made.

As the episode begins, it is a battle of endurance to win the head of household and wow it’s day 54. Kevin is winning challenge the majority of the time and is very focused. He is a little annoyed that Natalie isn’t pulling her weight, leaving it all up to him in their alliance. Michele trails closely behind, but in the end Kevin wins the HOH for his first time.

Now that Kevin has the power, in private, Natalie and Kevin talk about who they think are the bigger threats. It comes down to Jeff and Michele of course. Natalie leans towards getting Michele out, whereas Kevin sees Jeff as a triple threat. That being said, Kevin did promise Jeff the week prior that he would not put Jeff up at all if he were to take him off the block, and that’s what he did. Natalie is playing strategically and being up front in front with everyone about the fact that she wants Michele out so that if Jeff is put up, there is no blood on her hands and Jeff won’t go after her the next week. If Kevin get Michele out, everyone would be happy because neither pair/couple would have been affected.

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So Russell was put up as a replacement nominee for Kevin, so going into this episode, Natalie & Kevin are up against each other for eviction and my heart is pounding, as I know that Russell is going to flip out any second.

Yup. Russell is just steaming, whereas Natalie and Kevin are so excited – jumping up and down even! Michele feels vulnerable and lost now and sheds a few tears. Overall, there’s a lot of awkwardness and tension in the Big Brother house.

Russell and Jeff finally talk out in the yard. The conversation quickly escalates into much more. Did I say much more? I meant much much more. Russell is yelling at him, trying to push Jeff’s buttons, makes fun of him as much as possible, and Jeff tries to stay as cool as possible, asking Russell to drop all that anger and realize it’s just a game. Russell just keeps running his mouth. HUGE anger issues, this guy! “I don’t even wanna rip into your character cuz you have none,” Jeff says to Russell. Russell then starts threatening Jeff, saying that he better win the game or else he is going to kick his ass once he gets into the jury house. Jeff just kept repeating to Russell, “You Got Got.” Then the fighting gets worse. Natalie ran upstairs to tell Jordan that Russell had just threatened Jeff physically. Jordan storms out and flips out at Russell. He starts egging her on, calling her Jeff’s lap dog, calling her fat, telling her she should go eat more cookie dough!! Holy Crap!? Who is this guy? He knows he’s being filmed right? Russell is a psychopath!!! He absolutely needs help. You can tell that he has issues with this outside of the big brother house because I remember something his family had said earlier in the season that alluded to that. Michele, Kevin, Natalie just sat there under the radar, watching.

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Okay, as the episode starts we are reminded that the plan is for either Jeff, Jordan, Natalie or Kevin to win the POV and Backdoor Russell. Natalie and Kevin are on the block and are desperate for Jeff and Jordan to follow through with this plan, but with things always changing, they know that the only way to ensure their safety, is to win the Power of Veto. Russell himself realizes that there is a backdoor opportunity and knows he has to give it everything he’s got to win this week’s veto, or he could be going up as a replacement nominee. Really, everything is riding on this veto competition because the game will change completely if any of the three “pairs” are backdoored and split up: Jeff & Jordan, Kevin & Natalie, and Russell and Michele.

In this episode, we witness my favorite couple having their first tiff. Jeff feels that jordan isn’t studying enough and preparing herself for challenges, so he is feeling a lot of extra pressure. I think more than she realizes it, she depends a lot on him. That being said, the two have the STRONGEST bond and more trust than any two people this season. They absolutely have that going for them…especially now when there aren’t many people left.


Russell and Michele feeling paranoid. Understandably, they too feel that they HAVE to win so that they are not backdoored. Russell feels that it has been too quiet and hasn’t been reassured enough about their final four plan, so it is starting to get to him.

In other news, Kevin talks about his sexuality and the houseguests are super supportive, which apparently his family hadn’t been.

Later on, Michele talks to Jordan and Jeff in the HOH room to see where their heads are at. She’s SO BAD at trying to casually talk about this strategy type stuff without seeming like she’s fishing for information and without making the person she’s talking to feel uncomfortable. The three discus that Kevin should go, but Michele does think that Natalie is annoying. The conversation is awkward and Michele leaves, not feeling confident about everything. As soon as she leaves, Jeff & Jordan discuss their concerns about the fact that Michele is being sneaky and not talking a lot about what her and Russell have been discussing. Jeff was frustrated because Jordan didn’t probe Michele for more information, instead leaving it all up to him to do and making him look like the bad guy.

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As we begin this episode, Drama Queen Lydia has been evicted and the remaining houseguests are battling it out to replace Jordan as Head Bitch in Charge (HOH) by putting the most cans into their respective tubes, or being the first to get 24 in. This challenge was HARD. Kevin did really well the whole time. The two with the least cans in tubes would be the Have Nots for the week. There were gold cans that you could use to stall somebody of your choice for one minute. Russell got one and used it on Kevin. Then Kevin got one and used it on Russell. This bought some time for Jeff to catch up and focus and that he did. He ended up passing Kevin by one can and is now HOH for the week. Michele and Russell are the Have Nots. Kevin and Natalie are the only ones that haven’t won HOH of the people that are left.

Natalie discusses with Kevin an idea she has to discuss with Jeff and Jordan and that is to make a final four deal with them. Their logic is that they can say that Russell and Michele are floaters and can’t really be trusted.

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This episode is action packed and right to business. We find out who the sixth eviction will be (seventh if you count Chima) along with who wins the POV (and if they use it) and who the new HOH will be.
At this point, Lydia and Natalie are on the chopping block with Jordan safe as HOH.

In private, Jordan tells Natalie she is a pawn and they really just want to get Lydia out. Cut to Lydia hiding under the sheets again, all down on herself. Looks like her unitard high has worn off. Her terrible attitude is not helping her make new friends in the house.

With so few houseguests left, the dynamic is changing. Russell & Michele are kinda teaming up as two loners. Then there’s Jeff & Jordan. Then we have the “evil team” leftovers: Kevin, Natalie, and Lydia…

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Okay, so much is going on. Michele’s the HOH, Chima and Natalie are on the block, and Chima gets has gone off the deep end. This is probably was one of the most anticipated episodes of Big Brother ever! What the heck happened!!

Chima’s obviously upset that Michele has put her on the block. In reference to Chima in the Diary Room, Michele says, “I don’t think my friendship with her is worth $500,000.” Totally. Well said, Michele. It’s funny how the people that are losing for once lose sight of the fact that the game is a game, and not about long lasting friendships and being nice to each other. Chima has lost sight of reality (or reality TV in this case) and as Jeff puts it, “She’s a nightmare!”


Chima starts talking about about the fact she wants out of the game: “I’m not giving them the satisfaction of voting me out of this house.” She starts to not wear her microphone. She’s just super negative and is not following the rules anymore. The backyard has been set up for the veto competition that is taking place the next day, and houseguests are invited to practice at their leisure. Given the face that Chima and Natalie are on the block, Natalie sends Kevin to go wake Chima up to come down and practice. She agrees, but she doesn’t wear her microphone.

“Chima, please put on your microphone,” Big Brother says over the intercom. “I don’t give shit,” Chima says aloud. Things are not looking good. She is completely ignoring and disobeying Big Brother. “Chima, please go to the diary room,” Big Brother insists. Cut to Chima throwing clothes over top of the camera to obstruct the cameras. In Big Brother, you have to wear the mic 24/7….

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