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How much gayness can you put into one clip? Apparently quite a bit. Somehow Funny or Die was able to wrangle up every hilarious gay YouTube star for their Downton Abbey music video spoof. If you’re one of those who don’t understand the fascination with the slow-paced British period drama, you’ll definitely appreciate this clip titled “Snore.”

Using Madonna’s iconic hit “Vogue” as the beat, Willam, Drew Droege from those hilarious Chloe impersonation videos, Vicky Vox, Michelle Visage, Jonny McGovern and others swap out the lyrics to reference everything Abbey related. From its Christmas specials, multiple deaths and so forth, you’ll find it all in the clip.

If Madonna’s hit doesn’t turn your crank perhaps The Real McCoy’s “Another Night” will. A few bars of that dance classic are used in the bridge. Check out the latest FOD clip below which also features Mr. Neil Patrick Harris aka David Burtka and Stephen Guarino (EastSiders) to name a few. Enjoy.

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Andrew Christian is back with another video that is full of tricks and treats, if you know what I mean. In this new video aptly titled, “How To Dress Like A Slut (For Halloween),” Andrew Christian himself along with several of his models, throw a Halloween party at the “Gay Boy Mansion” (also the song in the background which is sung by Jonny McGovern).

Familiar faces like Jason Medina, Sean Paul Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan), my favorite Quinn Christopher Jaxon and more all stop by for some trick or treating. Instead of candy, the bottomless boys get AC underwear or jockstraps to wear. Everything seems to be going smooothly until RuPaul’s Drag Race star Willam and her crew show up, hungry for boys. Once Andrew Christian and his minions open the door, the grab their candy for the night and take their unwilling booties out the door with them.

Trick or treat yourself to the sexy eye candy in the video you’re about to watch and get some sexy and slutty Halloween costume ideas in the process. As a wise Lindsay Lohan once said when playing Cady Heron in Mean Girls, “In Girl Gay World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl guy can dress like a total slut and no other girls guys can say anything about it.” LOL. Enjoy!

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“The Gay Pimp” Jonny McGovern has released a sexy music video for this new single “#TOTDF” aka “Texting On The Dancefloor” and we’ve got your first look. The track is from his album, ‘The Gayest Of All Time’ and the video is fittingly sponsored by

As the video starts off, McGovern and his boys are on their way to the club, ready for that “cellular intoxication”. While there, theres a lot of dancing, debauchery and dudes…or “Bros with Phones” in this case. Actually, I recognized one of the guys as Stephen Dehler, the Andrew Christian model that I recently met and who was featured in last week’sWho’d You Rather” fantasy poll. You’ll also see Randy Blue model, Colby Keller make a cameo as well.

Check out McGovern’s latest music video below and despite what the lyrics say, don’t text on the dancefloor. 😉

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It’s midnight at The Cock in the lower East Side of New York City and cheeky gay singer Jonny McGovern sings about the “Man Areas” of strippers (and porn stars) in this latest music video. If you need some clarification, he also refers to these regions as the “not so tanned areas”. Needless to say, his lyrics for this song are quite dirty and humorous, as we’ve come to expect.

McGovern sings, “I like that dirty daddy cuz his chest be kinda hairy, but I also like them chicken’s cuz those dudes is finger lick’n.” LOL. Also, as you’d expect from the title, the chorus is all about liking and licking man areas.

The video also features hottie Greg McKeon. Be aware that the video is very sleazy and sexual so it’s definitely NSFW. Enjoy!

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One of our favorite naughty gay pop stars, Jonny McGovern has just released a new music video called “Dickmatized“. This is a single that will be on his upcoming album, “The Gayest Of All Time“. As the video kicks off, McGovern is talking to his therapist about the affliction he is suffering from, which is known as Dickmatization. As he explains, it all started on the basketball court…

McGovern (wearing a “Suck My Richard” shirt) is playing basketball with his homo homies, along with some fabulous black divas watching from the side, when a team of shirtless hotties in short shorts walk onto the court and throw them off their game. From this point forward, he and his homes are Dickmatized by the free-balling packages of their delicious opponents.

McGovern sings in the bridge, “I gotta get you off my mind, but boy you got me Dickmatized. It’s like you put me in a trance, you got the power in your pants.” Theres a ton more hilarious lyrics where this came from. Enjoy the video below and try not to get Dickmatized!

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Oh. Em. Gee. I was a little behind on our tweets when last night I just noticed that the Gay Pimp (AKA Jonny McGovern) tweeted his new music video (which is a duet with Nadya Ginsburg) called “Modified” to us a few days ago. Needless to say, I watched it right away and the verdict? I love it and find it to have quite the catchy beat! The premise of the song and video is one of those random things that you never really talk about…which is part of its brilliance.

Have you ever been to a fitness class or boot camp? I’ve been to many myself. So there’s the regular version to the exercises, and then there’s the “modified” (less difficult) version. Well, this video calls out the lady in the class that shows up late, steals your mat, and does all her exercises…modified. LOL. The main women that does everything modified in the video is played by Melanie Hutsell and the chorus goes like this: “Middle-aged…Lady…In my aerobics class…doin’…everything…modified”. LOL.

I feel like there’s a parallel to the modified lady in this video and Ryan Steele & Amy Goodmurphy‘s “Tiny Victories” ladies. You bet those two would be doing their exercises modified as well.

I love me a Jonny McGovern video. From “Sexy Nerd” to “Likin’ Big Dicks” to “Bossy Bottoms” and many more. Enjoy the video below!

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Take your clothes off, but leave your glasses on!Jonny McGovern (AKA “The Gay Pimp) is back with another catchy song called “Sexy Nerd” accompanied by a hot & hilarious music video. Most well known for “Soccer Practice,” this song definitely falls more in line with that hit that the recent stuff. The lyrics in the song are brilliant and I actually belted out laughing quite a few times.

In the song, McGovern talks about how he’s all about sexy nerds and what he wants to do with them, but it’s the lyrics about what he doesn’t want that I loved most. Early on in the video, you see Hunter Hollywood (of Jessica & Hunter) as a club queen, which he doesn’t want. He also sings, “I don’t need Grindr, I need a Nerd-Finder.” LOL. That’s one of my favorite lines. Without giving too much more away, watch the video below while I go make my boyfriend put some glasses on. *WINK*

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…And here I thought the Betty White craze had faded away! Gay pop singer, Jonny McGovern has just released a song & video dedicated to Rose Nylund of the Golden Girls. The slow song is called “Take Me To St. Olaf (A Song For Rose) and pays tribute Rose and her Minnesota hometown of St.Olaf.

McGovern sings the song in front of what appears to be the actual house they used for exterior shots on the classic show. He then dances around outside with a Rose Nylund double, intermixed with shots from the show to compliment references made in the song.

You can also preview & buy his new three song EP iTunes… “Songs About The Golden Girls“. I’m talking to you, Dan. The other songs are “Zbornak” and “Blanche Deveraux“.

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