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In the mood for a little thrusting today? Well, you came to the right place. Shangela teams up with Andrew Christian’s scantily-dressed underwear models for a little yoga session. I’ve never taken a yoga class, but I can assure you that none of their moves resemble downward dog. Perhaps doggy style, but that’s about it.

The official description reveals its the underwear brand’s tribute to the gay house classic “Call On Me” by Eric Prydz. That video was in turn an homage to 80s campy exercise flick Perfect which featured a slender John Travolta and extremely-toned Jamie Lee Curtis. Check out all three clips below.

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I really hope Andrew Christian gives this type of treatment to every hot stud in their endless stable of underwear models. It’s nice just focusing on one hot specimen as opposed to having my eyes dart from one shirtless hottie to another. With his stunning eyes, Jon Varak is one ‘Trophy Boy‘ I’d love to place on my mantle. Check out every inch of the intoxicating stud’s body below. Well not every inch. After all, we aren’t a porn site. Can’t wait for the next installment from the underwear brand.

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If the burbs are actually littered with this many hot boys, I’m ditching my downtown condo stat. Knowing my luck, I’d buy a home surrounded by the complete opposite 😉 As always, Andrew Christian’s video is borderline softcore porn, ergo the weekend publish date.

For his latest visual treat, the underwear guru teams up with Taking full advantage of his new partnership, he uses the site’s popular exclusive stars to pose as sexy milk men, pool boys, hot plumbers and saucy pizza delivery guys in “Studburbia.” If you’re a porn aficionado you’ll recognize Andrew Stark, Rocco Reed, Topher DiMaggio and Johnny Rapid in those roles. The latter is the main focus of the clip, along with AC’s newest model Jon Varak. Check out their adventures in Andrew Christian’s idyllic neighborhood below which oddly enough, begins with a Joe Biden quote.

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For their last promo video, Andrew Christian and his bevy of underwear models found themselves tossed “Overboard” from their sailboat. Luckily, Jon Varak, Corey Lee and the rest of the models washed up on shore of the Florida Keys with three hunky lifeguards there to rescue them. Not just any sandy beach but the Island House Key West gay resort. Can you sense the promotional tie-in? I should probably note the resort is a frequent advertiser on our site. Much love.

The underwear label recently released promotional stills from their video shoot. Now you can see the swimwear *cough* bulges *cough* up close and personal. Check out the photos below. Be sure to share which stud you want to give mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation to in our comments section.

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