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Old Navy has just released a new Christmas commercial with the help of some familiar faces that you could call “the gift of Christmas past”…. Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block and Boyz II Men. Holiday icon, Johnny Mathis tells a “classic-ier” version of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, calling it Twas The Jordan Knight Before Christmas. LOL.

In the commercial, a family is at home on the night before Christmas looking all bummed out. Just then, the fireplace swivels around and Jordan Knight appears and breaks into song, with two female elves as backup dancers. Jordan then gives them gifts from Old Navy, and like magic, they don’t even have to open the presents – they just all of a sudden are wearing their new clothes. Next comes my favorite part of the whole commercial, when Three Wise Boyz II Men show up at the door singing a modified version of one of their hits.

With tomorrow being December 1, it’s pretty much time to start getting into the holiday spirit and this cute video is a “Step by Step” in that direction. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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Oprah continued the insanity today with Part 2 of her Ultimate Favorite Things. How can she top the 3-D Televisions, diamond watches, and seven day cruise (to name a few) from last episode? HA! This is Oprah. She can, she will, and she did.

Just like Part 1, the audience has no idea that they are at her Favorite Things episode. Oprah asks them, “I’m so exhausted from that first show we did. Were you really ticked off—be honest—when you saw people leaving with their loot?”

“I was pissed!” one peeved lady said in the audience.

“Everyone else is saying no,” Oprah tells her.

“They’re lying,” the woman responds. “That was a heroes show, this is a heroes show…we all deserve it.”

Just then, an ornament falls down the stairs. Oprah then says, “What’s this? I’ve got a leftover ornament. … Actually, it’s beginning to look a lot like…favorite things!” AND THE MADNESS BEGAN!!!

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