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Disney Shuts Down “Lone Ranger” Reboot

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Back in April, Donovan revealed that Disney would be starting production this fall on a reboot of the classic western film The Lone Ranger starring Disney mega-star Johnny Depp. To many people’s surprise (including myself), Johnny was not slated to star as the Ranger but as his Indian sidekick Tonto. Then in May, a second reveal slated Armie Hammer of The Social Network fame to saddle-up and play the role of the Ranger.

Now it looks like this highly anticipated remake has already hit it’s final roadblock with Disney announcing that it has shut down the project. Word on the street is that it came down to final budget numbers which involved talks between Disney and executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Jerry has brought Disney a ton of success with the Pirates franchise but reports say that Jerry’s proposed budget for the film was out of Disney’s range.

Director Gore Verbinski who also helmed the Pirates films was onboard with Jerry for a budget increase saying he didn’t want to budge on the numbers he knew he needed to make this film a success. So what factors came into play when Disney decided not to fork over the coin?

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Armie Hammer Giddy Ups For The Lone Ranger

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Armie Hammer is certainly on a roll. Ever since his critically-acclaimed turn in “the social network“, Hammer has been lining up A-list projects one after another. He was cast as Leonardo DiCaprio’s gay lover in the biopic, “J Edgar“. Then he signed on to play Prince Andrew Alcott in “Snow White” with Julia Roberts who is playing the evil queen. Now comes word, Armie has scored another highly-coveted role.

Long-rumored to be the front-runner to play the lead in the movie adaptation of “The Lone Ranger“, Disney finally confirmed Armie Hammer’s casting. Armie will play the masked Texas Ranger, popularized in the iconic 1950s television series. Johnny Depp was previously announced to play the Lone Ranger’s sidekick, Tonto. Depp who is part Native American, recently told Entertainment Weekly his intentions for playing Tonto.

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The Lone Ranger Heads To The Big Screen

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Ke-mo sah-bee. The 1950s beloved television series is getting a big budget treatment and heading to theaters in 2014. Seems like a long way away, but before you know it… it’s at your nearest multiplex. The American western television series, which was ABC’s first hit, is being adapted for film by Disney. The studio has enlisted director Gore Verbinski to helm the project. Verbinski scored three huge hits for the Mickey Mouse studio with his work on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Now that a director is in place, who will play the film’s two lead parts? Clayton Moore and John Hart (1952-54) portrayed the Lone Ranger in the television, while Jay Silverheels played his trusty sidekick, Tonto. Find out which two actors are involved in the project below.

find out which actors are in the film after the jump

Movie Review: Rango

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“The name’s… Rango!” Meet an ordinary chameleon, itching to be an actor living within his glass frame. When an untimely accident finds him stranded in the middle of the dessert, Rango must find a way to survive in the scorching heat. When his travels bring him to the town of Dirt, Rango will learn the most prized commodity for these people is water. Ultimately, what this town needs, is a hero. Putting his acting chops to work, Rango becomes the town’s sheriff and the leader in the quest to find where all the water went.

Starring Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher and Timothy Olyphant, this film has some of the best computer animation I’ve seen this in the last couple of months. What I enjoy about this movie is the approach that director Gore Verbinski took to have the actors record their voices. Rather than have them in a sound booth, Gore had the actors play out the scenes in live action to make their voices real to the situation. How cool right?

When it comes to the film, I thought this would a kids flick. Boy was I mistaken. In the theatre I watched the movie in, there were families and kids galore. However, I’m going to guarantee that 70% of the jokes in went over their heads. Most of the time I was laughing was because of a dirty joke told by Rango or the wise Raven, Ambrose. The plot is pretty interesting but the length and concept isn’t really aimed at the kids. I’m not sure if Nickelodeon just thought kids are desensitized now or what, but I wouldn’t recommend bring children under the age of 12 to this movie.

Check out some movie stills and the trailer after the jump.

Channing Tatum Goes Back To High School

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Channing Tatum is heading back to homeroom class for a little undercover work. The 30-year-old stud just signed on to co-star with Jonah Hill in a movie adaptation of “21 Jump Street“. The popular series was one of the first shows Fox aired when it debuted in 1987. The show is responsible for launching the careers of Johnny Depp and Holly Robinson-Peete.

The original series focused on a squad of youthful-looking undercover police officers investigating crimes in high schools and colleges. Hill who developed the story with screenwriter Michael Bacall will take a contemporary take on the show’s premise. At 30 years, Tatum is still one fine-looking hottie, but I don’t think he can realistically pass a high school student. Maybe with the Oprah lens he can pull it off.

With Hill on board and Phil Lord and Christopher Miller directing (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), it sounds like the movie might take a more comedic approach. I loved the original series and can’t wait for the remake to hit theaters. Shooting is scheduled to start in the spring.

I’ve been planning on this post for a while, but after Ryan Reynolds was named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine, I knew the timing was now. While I’d have to be blind to not recognize he has one hot body, I just don’t get the outpouring of love for the guy. He’s funny enough, and has sexy abs, but he just doesn’t do it for me. To me he’ll always be that dork from ABC’s “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place“.

When I decided to do this post, I knew this would be probably my most controversial. Let’s face it, I don’t attract strong opinions with most of my posts unlike Adam or Tommy. I really don’t think my posts about Nicki Minaj, “The A-List: New York” or black supermodels illicit strong feelings, but that’s all about to change. I’m sure a few of my selections will have people asking for my gay card back.

Before I get to the list, let me preface this by saying I do admit they are genetically good-looking and probably wouldn’t say “no” if any of them wanted a little somethin’ somethin’, but these following five would probably never make it on my laminated list. I’d sooner fill that up with a selection from my weekly crushes or my male model features. Without further ado, on to the list.

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I know this may seem like an odd movie to review out of the blue, but hear me out. My first Retro Move Review was Mommie Dearest. Retro for sure, and I reviewed it because, well, this is a gay site, and a lot of gay men love that movie. I wanted to continue the trend of reviewing older movies that have some gay link to them.

1985’s Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge may not seem like an obvious choice if you’ve never seen it. Pretty much everyone over 20 is familiar with Freddy Krueger and the Wes Craven created Elm Street franchise. Seeing how there are over 7 movies (not including the remake or the fight with Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees) I wouldn’t expect everyone to have seen all of them. But let me tell you, this movie is loaded with gay subtext, and stars the self-proclaimed first male scream queen, now openly gay actor Mark Patton. Usually these teenage torment films star females, due to their inherent vulnerabilities. Freddy’s Revenge sort of bucks the trend here.

Now, I have seen snippets of Elm Street movies over the years, but I can’t say for sure if I had ever watched one straight through to the end. The original came out in 1984. I would have been 1 year and a bit, so I wasn’t the target audience upon release. A lot of other people were though. New Line Cinema’s early success can be attributed solely to that movie, and earned the nickname “The House that Freddy Built”.

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Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities

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Forbes has just released their report for the World’s Most Powerful Celebrities, and it’s a very interesting list. I find the top 10 list to be interesting for a variety of reasons: Two successful stars were affected by infidelity scandals in the past year, two of the stars collaborated on a song and did a music video together, one just a few years ago was a complete trainwreck, three were on a talk show this past season on one episode, and two of them are big on the political seen in terms of human rights and giving back, and two of them have french kissed before.

The list starts with the Queen of Pop, but rest assured she’s not the only female pop powerhouse to make it into the top 10. The criteria considered for making the list includes their pay, tv/radio rank, press rank, web rank, and social rank. Here is the top ten for 2010…

10. Madonna


  • Pay: $58M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 16
  • Press Rank: 3
  • Web Rank: 4
  • Social Rank: 33

The Power of Madonna, as the Glee episode goes. She even has the ability to help free prisoners from Malawi that were unjustly imprisoned for being in a gay relationship.

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