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john leguizamo

Latino actor and Emmy award winner John Leguizamo is the latest star to join the Human Rights Campaign’s “Americans for Marriage Equality” educational campaign. HRC President Joe Solmonese says that John has been a “trailblazer for Latino actors, and his voice will be equally influential nationally for marriage equality.” In the video, John declares the following:

“Loving, committed couples should be able to marry the person they love and protect their families. And nothing is more important than family. And nothing says family like marriage…So please join me and the majority of Americans who support marriage equality.”

According to a few nonpartisan polls, approximately 53% of Americans support same-sex marriages. And according to the Pew Research center, support has increased by 20 points since 1996. John’s video is the fourth to be released for the newest campaign and is the first in the Latinos for Marriage Equality series.

The HRC plan on continuing to roll out targeted videos to expand and approach a vast majority of the American population. The series are to include Republicans for Marriage Equality, African-Americans for Marriage Equality, Latinos for Marriage Equality and Elected Officials for Marriage Equality. Check out John’s video below.

Watch John’s video after the jump.

Top Gay-Themed Movies: Comedy

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There are a few stereotypical things that every gay man should know about. These things include certain musical artists such as Barbara Streisand and Bette Midler, how to mix a fantastic cocktail, and a number of movies that should be part of every homo’s “I’ve-seen-that” repertoire. Whether you’re gay or straight, if you haven’t seen any or all of the movies on this list, you’re missing out on something great.

Originally this post started as a collection of my top 5 gay-themed movie recommendations and my top 5 recommendations for non-gay movie essentials. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep either list to just 5… and after reaching over 1,000 words not even 1/2 way through, I decided to break it up into three articles: Top Gay-Themed Comedies, Top Gay-Themed Dramas and Top Non-Gay Movie Essentials. So… let’s start with the comedies- listed in no particular order, click the title to watch the trailer!

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