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Jimmy Kimmel recently convinced Josh Groban to sing tweets by Donald Trump. The late night host followed that up with Kelly Clarkson belting out real Tinder profiles to music. For his latest stunt, Kimmel enlisted Rita Ora to transform attention-grabbing “clickbait” headlines from around the internet into a catchy new track. The result is another hilarious home run by Kimmel’s team.

While on the show, Ora also performed her current single, “Body On Me.” The 24-year-old seductively sashayed around the studio, eventually leading into an encounter with Chris Brown. Like the music video, the two create major heat with Ora giving Brown a lap dance in front of a live studio audience.

Something tells me their ‘chemistry‘ is a little too authentic. Just saying ;) Check out the sexy performance below, along with “The Clickbait Song.”

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No matter who you are, everyone is a little curious about what people really think about them. I admit I sometimes want to be a fly on the wall. After all, I’m only human.

Miley Cyrus disguised herself as an Australian reporter for Jimmy Kimmel Live! She hit the Hollywood streets to ask people what they think about the Hannah Montana actress for a new edition of “I Witness News.” Most didn’t recognize her but one gentlemen caught on real quick to the stunt even with Miley sporting a gnarly wig and glasses. Check out the amusing clip below.

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Just the other day, Josh Groban hilariously sang tweets from Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live! This time around, it’s Kelly Clarkson transforming real life Tinder profiles into musical masterpieces. When set to music, these sentences sound even more ridiculous. Just look at that bio above courtesy of a 32-year-old named Alvin.

The only thing better than this, is if Clarkson sang conversations from Grindr. Just imagine the OG American Idol winner belting out things like ‘double penetration,’ ‘piss play’ and countless other graphic requests. That would’ve be epic. Check out the funny clip below.

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Josh Groban Hilariously Sings Donald Trump’s Tweets

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For his current album Stages, Josh Groban covers classic songs from Broadway musicals. The 34-year-old singer should really consider recording an LP full of the below hilarity as the follow up. The entire thing is nothing short of magic.

During last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Groban gave a medley of some of Donald Trump’s most memorable tweets. As you know, the The Donald suffers from perennial foot-in-mouth disease. His feed is a treasure trove of material prime for the taking.

Check out the humorous clip below.

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Thor Actually: The Romantic Comedy

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Hands down, this is the funniest thing Jimmy Kimmel has done in a while. It’s amazing how with a change of music and new voiceover, a brand new narrative for Thor: The Dark World is born. With Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking On Sunshine” blaring in the background, all of a sudden the Marvel superhero flick is a romantic comedy about Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) looking for love. Is it sad that I actually want to see this?

Check out the trailer for Thor Actually below. As a side note, Love Actually was released 10 years ago this month. Can you believe it’s been a decade? Holy balls, I’m old.

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Kanye West visited Jimmy Kimmel last night to squash their “epic” two week “rap feud.” Even though both maintained that the entire thing wasn’t a publicity stunt or staged, I still call BS. Perhaps not on Kimmel’s part, but the Twitter insults from West’s end reek of a Kardashian antic. Don’t you agree?

In honor of Kanye’s appearance, Jimmy resurrected his Mean Tweets segment. This time only featuring musicians. Watch the likes of Selena Gomez, John Legend, Pharrell, John Mayer,Adam Levine, the Backstreet Boys and Ke$ha read unflattering Tweets about themselves from their respective haters. The insults directed at country artists like Darius Rucker, Brad Paisley and Lady Antebellum are the best. Check out the music edition below.

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Who Wins The Modern Family Feud?

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The entire adult cast of Modern Family popped up on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The late night host pitted them against each other for a round of the classic game show, Family Feud. Kimmel divided them via familial lines. On one side were the Pritchetts (Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and on the other the In-Laws (Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet). Watch the battle below and see which team walks away with the first ever Modern Family Feud crown.

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Jimmy Kimmel is at it again. A few months ago, he duped concertgoers at Coachella and now it’s poor unsuspecting folks at New York Fashion Week. If there was an industry where fake it, til you make it applies the most, it’s certainly in fashion. There’s definitely plenty of blowing hot air in numerous asses going on there ;) Such easy targets.

In his latest edition of Lie Witness News, he sends a correspondent to interview fashion week attendees. Naturally mixed in with real designers, the interviewer throws in a few made-up ones as well. Not surprisingly, several of them fake knowing the faux designers and give their two cents about their runway shows.

Check out what fashionistas have to say about collections by Eddie Munster, George Costanza and Willy Loman below. The impromptu lying that takes place on the spot is amazing. Even more hilarious is what occurs at the end of the clip. The vision of a couple of them hopping around, pretending they’re wearing the new (nonexistent) “uni-boot” from Christian Louboutin is priceless.

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