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Growing up in the Evans household would’ve been great for obvious reasons, right? However, based on stories told by both Chris and Scott on The Tonight Show, it appears it would’ve been hilarious as well. The two shared childhood hijinks during a round of the Sibling-wed game (think 70s Newlywed Game). They didn’t score very well but it’s clearly evident these boys are extremely close and love each other. Check out the adorable clip below.

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30 years ago, Kevin Bacon brought music and dance to the small town of Bomont. On Friday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, the 55-year-old pulled out his maroon tuxedo to recreate his iconic dance moves to break the show’s newly-instituted rules banning dance.

The segment was Jimmy Fallon’s tribute to commemorate Footloose‘s 30th anniversary. Love that movie. Even though the 2011 remake starring Kenny Julianne Hough Wormald and was a valiant effort, nothing will ever touch the original. Just watch Kevin bust out his showstopping moves to make you a believer.

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When Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show mantle from Jay Leno, Lindsay Lohan was one of numerous celebrities who made a cameo on his first show. The 27-year-old actress paid another visit to promote her reality series, Lindsay, premiering this weekend on OWN.

After the usual publicity small talk, the two engaged in some playful warfare. Lohan and Fallon pulled out a deck of cards to play the classic card game, war. Whoever turned the lower card ended up getting a cupful of water splashed on them. Watch the clip below to see which celebrity got drenched the most.

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Not going to lie. This is nothing short of absolute ridiculousness. With that in mind, I could watch Kristen Wiig taking a dump and I’d find it hilarious. The 40-year-old actress stopped by The Tonight Show’s new set at Rockefeller Center to support fellow SNL alum Jimmy Fallon during his first week taking over the late night staple.

Rather than talk about her upcoming projects, Wiig spent a good portion of the interview impersonating Harry Styles without a British accent. She made up answers when Fallon threw questions about One Direction’s history and favorite things. She even performed “What Makes You Beautiful” even though she barely knew the words. Talk about fully committing. Check out the interview below.

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Highlights From Jimmy Fallon’s First Tonight Show

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Whether Jimmy Fallon lasts as long Jay Leno or Johnny Carson’s tenure, one thing I’m certain of is he’ll definitely outlast Conan O’Brien’s stint. He’s made a serious of savvy moves including moving the show to New York City. I love the new vibe of the late night staple in the Big Apple. Don’t you agree?

Like Jay Leno’s classy good-bye, Fallon’s debut featured a slew of celebrities making surprise appearances. During a bit, Jimmy called out a friend who never thought he’d become the host of The Tonight Show. After putting his ‘buddy’ to task Robert De Niro popped out from backstage and slapped a $100 bill on his desk. The Raging Bull actor was immediately followed by Tina Fey and a parade of stars including Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Rudy Guiliani, Kim Kardashian, Tracy Morgan, Joe Namath, Seth Rogen, Lindsay Lohan, Joan Rivers, Mike Tyson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Stephen Colbert. The latter dumped 1,000 pennies on Fallon and said, “Welcome to 11:30, BITCH!!!” Well said.

Another highlight from Fallon’s premiere featured his first official guest, Will Smith, perform the evolution of hip-hop dancing. The segment even showcased the famous Carlton dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Check out both clips below.

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On February 6, Jay Leno relinquishes The Tonight Show mantle for the second time. Here’s hoping for Jimmy Fallon that his stint lasts longer than Conan O’Brien’s. That debacle wasn’t pretty for anyone involved.

Hoping to make the transition much smoother this time around, Leno invited Fallon as one of his guests for his final week. Jimmy will appear with Betty White on Monday, February 3. Who gets the honor of being Jay’s last guest? Fittingly enough it’s Billy Crystal. The When Harry Met Sally actor was Leno’s first guest on May 25, 1992. Talk about coming full circle. Find out the rest of Jay’s final week lineup, along with Fallon’s first guests.

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NBC Promotes Jimmy Fallon’s Debut

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For the second time, Jay Leno relinquishes The Tonight Show mantle to a fellow late night television host. Hopefully for Jimmy Fallon’s sake, his stint will last longer and be less controversial than Conan O’Brien. We all know how that debacle turned out.

NBC recently released the first promo for the changing of the guard. It features all of Fallon’s predecessor’s including O’Brien. The new version of the Tonight Show moves to New York City for the first time since 1972. Fallon begins the new era on February 17 in the middle of the network’s Winter Olympics coverage. Check out the clip below.

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Was it as good as Jimmy Fallon’s SNL Christmas episode from a couple years ago? No, but it certainly was one of the better shows of Saturday Night Live’s 39th season. Definitely a great way to end 2013.

Even though Fallon was technically the guest host, sometimes it felt like it was musical guest Justin Timberlake’s show. JT got almost as much face time as Fallon in sketches, and on the flipside, Fallon practically did as much singing as Timberlake. The two multi-talented showbiz pals have always worked well together and this was no exception.

With the combined power of Jimberlake, they brought with them a few big name cameos including Paul McCartney, Madonna, Barry Gibb, and New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg. With regards to the latter, believe it or not, this was his first appearance on the NBC late night show. The best sketches for me were “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and “Do It On My Twin Bed.” Meanwhile “Waking Up With Kimye” was easily the worst. Check them all out below.

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