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If you’re missing your guido fix since MTV canceled Jersey Shore, then you’re in for a treat. Luckily for you, the Garden State is full of exhibitionists. If you’re not familiar with the Style Network’s Jerseylicious, you probably don’t know who Filippo Giove is. Truth be told, neither did I, until I caught wind of his appearance in the latest issue of Playgirl magazine. After checking out the photos, I’m ready to book an appointment at the hair salon he works at for a blow job out 😉

Just like his Jersey Shore counterparts, Filippo is not at all modest. Last year, he posted a picture of himself wearing a speedo which barely contained his Italian sausage with the caption, “Everybody, let it be known I have a huge c*ck, enough said.” If you saw the photo, you know he wasn’t exaggerating. I wonder what his marinara sauce tastes like *wink*.

Check out a few pictures from his Playgirl pictorial below. The ones released so far are relatively PG with him posing with strategically placed bubbles and a pizza box (extra large I assume) covering his pepperoni. I’m curious to know if any full nude ones appear in the issue. Check out a preview of Giove’s “spread” below.

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Since Jersey Shore is signing off forever after tonight’s series finale (Thank God), I thought I’d share this piece of eye candy. Much like the Seaside Heights crew, I haven’t watched their UK counterparts in a few seasons. That said, who doesn’t love seeing British lads drop trou for the holiday season. The sexy blokes of Geordie Shore posed for a very festive (and revealing) photo shoot for NOW magazine. The group photo is nice, but the behind the scenes videos is even better. You get to see certain parts jiggle 😉

My favorite has always been that tasty Ricci Guarnaccio (second from right). He’s so adorable and has the nicest six pack. Too bad he’s so short and straight 😉 Unlike the Jersey Shore boys, the male cast has changed several times. The only originals are Gary “Gaz” Beadler (center) and James Tindale (far right). The two on the left- Daniel Thomas Tuck and Scott Timlin– joined the cast for Season 4. Overall, a very buff and handsome crew. Check out their naughty picture below.

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Which Jersey Shore Star Just Scored A Spin-off?

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Just because MTV is canceling Jersey Shore, that doesn’t mean the tanned bunch have to fade into the sunset. Pauly D, Snooki and JWOWW are all staying put on the network with their respective spin-offs and now you can add another Shore alum to that list. Slowly, the Seaside Heights crew is taking over MTV one fist pump at a time.

Question is, will it be Deena, Mike “The Situation”, Vinny, or Sammi and Ronnie? Perhaps the latter two could host some sort of effed up couples therapy SLASH dating show. It’s MTV, so you never know. Find out who’s staying on the network’s payroll below. The show is unlike anything you’ve seen from any of the Jersey Shore crew.

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I remember everyone panicking when they found out that Snooki was pregnant, but the Snooki we see today is not the party girl we once knew from Jersey Shore. In their first interview since having their baby Lorenzo, Nicole Polizzi and Jionni LaValle stopped by Today to talk about parenthood and how things have been for them since having the baby on August 26. As the tagline of the interview reads, it’s “From Seaside To Cribside.”

Snooki talks about how her life has changed and how partying isn’t important to her anymore. She said she partied enough for three people her entire life so she’s ready to enter a new chapter of her life. Of Lorenzo, Snooki says, “He just always craves attention, and I feel like that’s me…He always wants to be held and cuddled.” They also talk about how they want him to have a normal life as he grows up and not so much in the spotlight.

Find out what the three of them are dressing up as for Halloween and more by watching the interview below.

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Who knew Mike Sorrentino was so socially conscious? It’s amazing what a stint in rehab will do. He even sounds somewhat intelligent in the video PSA. Obviously his words were written for him, but nonetheless, he doesn’t sound like a total douche delivering them. The Jersey Shore star is the latest to support Peta’s efforts. Not surprisingly, he shows off his abs in the artwork.

“It was important for me to partner with PETA to raise awareness about the homeless animal crisis because so many dogs and cats must be euthanized each year because there aren’t enough good homes for them all,” – Mike The Situation Sorrentino

The Situation’s ad campaign encouraging people to neuter or spay their pet comes in two versions. The first one is very conservative and breaks down the “situation” about pet overcrowding. The other might ruffle a few people’s feathers given its salacious tagline, “Too much pussy can be a bad thing.” Maybe that’s why Mike looks a bit puffy in the ads. Too much vajayjay. LOL. Seriously though, he doesn’t look his best given the fact he was probably photoshopped. Check out the posters below.

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Given that Jersey Shore still garners ratings most basic cable shows would die for, I was expecting a bit of an uproar when MTV announced the sixth season would be the last. Seems even die-hard fans realize that it was time to bid adieu to the overly-tanned bunch. Personally, I haven’t watched the show since the third season, but will probably tune in to see how it all ends.

The last chapter of Jersey Shore begins on Thursday, October 4 at 10pm. MTV began promoting it during last night’s MTV VMAs by debuting two videos. The first is a montage of the cast exhibiting their signature drunken antics while Boyz II Men’s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” plays in the background. Last call indeed. It’s kinda hilarious to see them fall and stumble in slow motion while the ballad plays.

The second video is a superteaser for the upcoming final season. The Situation is back after a stint at rehab and his castmates ironically cheers him 😉 Snooki is preggers and doesn’t think living in the house is wise. Deena is arrested for public drunkenness and declares “arresting is not fun“. A baby shower and what looks to be a bachelorette party takes place. And lastly, the Shore house looks like it might burn down in flames. Watch both videos below.

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‘Jersey Shore’ Is Dunzo

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It’s official. The party over in Seaside Heights is finally coming to a close. After Jersey Shore’s upcoming sixth season, MTV’s landmark reality series will be bidding ‘ciao‘. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny Snooki and crew left their stamp on pop culture history. The show debuted with relatively no fanfare with exception to complaints from Italian-American groups chastising the show for its portrayal of the self-described “guido” cast, but became a huge ratings winner.

The show hit a peak of nearly 9 million viewers on a weekly basis during it’s third season. By and far, it was MTV’s biggest show ever. Even more impressive, the basic cable show routinely beat out other shows on broadcast networks in the coveted 18-49 demographic. This past January, the show dropped to 7.6 million for its premiere. Even with the dip, Jersey Shore is still a ratings powerhouse. Though I agree it’s a great time to bid adieu to the show, I’m shocked, and pleasantly surprised, MTV is canceling it.

While I haven’t watched the show in several seasons, I will admit I was a fan of the show during the first one. There was something riveting about these seven unknowns and laughing at their drunken adventures. From the duck phone, their catchphrases to Snooki herself, everything worked. It was magical. Given the show’s impact on the network and on pop culture, not surprisingly, MTV is planning on sending the show off in style. Find out how below.

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A cast member from Australia’s version of Jersey Shore called The Shire has been charged in a despicable homophobic attack.

The alleged homophobic attack took place on Thursday night in Surry Hills, also involving two other cast members from the show. Daniel “Folkesy” Folkes (24) was arrested just before midnight after allegedly urinating on a man while the other two cast members (27 and 28 years old) dished out homophobic slurs to the man.

The three guys were out celebrating a birthday when they started attacking a guy who was sitting alone on the steps at the corner of Riley Street and Goulbourn Street.

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