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New Releases Out This Week: July 25th

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Despite the negative tweets that she has been receiving about her hit track Motivation, Kelly Rowland is still standing strong on Billboard at number one. Now, she’s ready to release her full length album titled Here I Am. A few weeks back, Patrick gave us a little preview of the album which has been excited to hear the whole thing top to bottom.

The disc contains ten tracks including the club anthem Commander and her new smash with Lil Wayne, Motivation. Combining the perfect combination of fast, mid-tempo and slow jams, Kelly reminds us that she can stand alone, away from Destiny’s Child and out of the shadow of her fellow sister Beyoncé.

The album is also being released in a deluxe version that includes 2 bonus track and remixes of Commander and Motivation.

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Jersey Shore Mid Season Preview

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MTV has just released a Jersey Shore season 3 mid season trailer and by golly its good. Season 3 has brought some of the best drama yet. With Sam and Ron going at it almost every episode, and Snooki getting drunk and being arrested there has been no drab storyline.

Well in this new preview we see the house go through some pretty deep shiz. We begin with the cast playing pranks on each other. From Pauly D hiding Snooki’s Croc and hanging him from the balcony to Mike driving the girls all the way to New York, the humor seems great. But then, the drama hits. Vinny and Snooki continue their love fling but when Vinny breaks the rules, Snooki doesn’t hold back on how she feels.

And of course, the couple we all love to hate get into it once again when Ron finds out that she has been sending texts to another man and of course, he is friends with Mike and well, lets just leave the rest up to the trailer. So go check it out!

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If you thought Jersey Shore Mania was a 2010 thing, you thought wrong. The overly tanned bunch look like they’re here to stay, at least for 2011. The Season 3 premiere draw HUGE numbers for MTV, giving the the network the highest audience ever. The reality guilty pleasure drew 8.45 million viewers.

Not only is that a huge number for broadcast television, but that’s humongous for cable TV. It crushed everything in the coveted 18-49 demographic on broadcast television during the 10pm timeslot. Sorry “Private Practice“, “The Mentalist” and “The Office“. Maybe it’s time for their cast to do some GTL’ing. With exception to “The Big Bang Theory” and “Grey’s Anatomy” which the Shore tied in the 18-49 demo, it slaughtered everything in any time slot in primetime.

You would think watching two seasons of these drunken fist-pumping fools would be enough. Not so. In fact, the season premiere represents a 38% increase over the Season 2 finale in October. The love wasn’t limited to just Americans. Canadians were sucked in as well giving the show a 13% increase over the Season 2 premiere, proving Canucks aren’t immune to the powers of the guidos and guidettes.

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Just as you’re getting over your New Year’s Eve party hangover, you can experience more drunken nights living vicariously through the sun worshiping booze hounds of Jersey Shore. All the fun, but without the nasty after effects. Season 3 of the guilty pleasure debuts on MTV on January 6, 2011. Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the crew head back to their original stomping grounds at Seaside Heights.

The setting maybe the same as Season 1, but things have certainly changed since they became a nationwide phenomenon. Sure, the boys are still fist-pumping, tanning and doing laundry, but with their new fame, they’re attracting even more grenades than before. This influx of hoochies has inspired the boys to create a brand new invention- the grenade whistle (patent pending) to thwart away any incoming intrusions. Brillballs.

On the ladies side, you’d think without the utterly annoying Angelina, the girl drama would be kept to a minimum. That’s certainly not the case. New girl Deena Nicole Cortese looks to takeover where Angelina left off. Sammi describes her as a short four-feet meatball like Snooki. YAY. Speaking of Sammi, she and Jenni look like they continue their beef from Miami. The ladies have another all-out girl fist fight. HUGE APPLAUSE. Will Sammi get the better of JWoww again or will Boobs avenge her loss.

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Jersey Shore Season 3 Promo Pics

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Your MTV guilty pleasure is gearing up for its third season. That’s right, the shenanigans from the Jersey Shore return to your boob tube on January 6th, 2011. After exploring the shores of Miami, the cast has returned to Jersey for another crazy summer on the boardwalk and I couldn’t be more excited. There is also a new character to add to the mix and by the looks of her in the promotional pics that have been released, it looks like she’s going to be a handful.

Deena Nicole Cortese is the newest gal to join the Jersey Shore pack to replace the on again, off again cast mate Angelina. To that, I say good riddance. Deena is a long time friend of Snooki’s and auditioned for Season 1 but was rejected. Obviously producers are regretting that decision and are bringing her on to join the mix. Deena describes herself as “class in a class and a party in a body”. A great tagline to start of the season, hey? All the originals are back for more (Vinny, Pauly D, The Situation, Snooki and JWoww), and unfortunately Ronnie and Sammi are back too. Barf. I can’t stand those two.

I hoping for some new story lines this season. Like, who is Deena gonna hook up with first? Are Vinny and Snooki going to continue their romance? Are Sammi and JWoww going to throw down in the kitchen again? I can’t wait to tune in.

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Angelina, the one everyone cares/knows least about (having walked out of Season One) is apparently working on her own show with her and two acquaintances. WTF? The show is apparently not on the MTV, but some other network. MTV brought her back for Season Two, but she walks out (again) after two episodes! Who is this chick? Didn’t she learn her lesson the first time. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out and what set the outspoken biatch over the edge to pack her bags early this time. Instead, as Donovan has informed you, we get to meet a new girl: Deena Nicole Cortese.

Angelina said:

“Jersey Shore won’t be there forever…,” which of course is true. She also added, “I’ve known Mike for years and he’s not the same guy he used to be.” On Snooki, “She’s another one … she’s also a diva.”

She apparently is also working on her debut album, with the first single called “All About Me” and has released a phone application called “Score A Shore Girl.” What kind of world do we live in?

The new season of Jersey Shore premieres this Thursday, July 29 @ 10/9c on MTV. You excited?

Jersey Shore’s second season hasn’t even aired yet, but that hasn’t stopped MTV from shaking it up for Season Three. There’s a new guidette in town and her name is Deena Nicole Cortese. She’s the first non-original cast to join the series. Producers added Cortese to replace the twice booted Angelina Pivarnick.

To the surprise of many, MTV invited Angelina back for Season Two despite barely making an impression during the first season. All I remember about her, was her “designer luggage” *cough* Hefty garbage bags. It must suck to be Angelina. First she leaves the Seaside Heights house on her own accord in Season One, and misses out the groundswell of media and attention of the Shore phenomenon, then is invited for Season Two only to be fired because she was so boring and unlikable.

So what do we know about the new girl occupying Angelina’s vacant bed? The 23-year-old former cheerleader already being called the “Bad Ass Brunette” looks like a Snooki clone. Deena’s got big boobs, tiny in stature, has long dark hair and occasionally sports the “poof”. According to a few sources, the two are BFFs and it was actually Snooki who got Deena on the show.

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Jersey Shore Stars Get Their Raise

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After their strike, The Jersey Shore stars are getting what they want – more money. In the first season, the cast made $5,000 an episode. For season two which airs later this summer, they made double that at $10,000 an episode. For Season 3, that wasn’t enough…

The figures have been flying around are that they’ll be making $30,000 an episode now, but it’s also speculated that it’s “anywhere between $27,500 to $45,000,” according to TMZ. My guess is that Angelina is on the lower end of the spectrum while Snooki would be making the most – since she makes the show, in my opinion.

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