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When I was in high school, I remember how I couldn’t stop watching The O.C.. That show not only had a grip on me but my entire group of friends. We’d watch it together, discuss it during the week, quote the show and even compare it to our own lives. To be fair, our lives were never that dramatic or intense but we couldn’t help but vicariously live through the lives of Summer, Seth, Ryan and Marissa. Since then, there have only been a show or two that have really captivated the same type of audience but they still remain super genre specific, like The Vampire Diaries.

Creator Jordan Ross believes it’s time to step in and revitalize this genre for younger TV viewers. “It is my belief that we, as people, must go through the heartbreak, the discovery, and the suffocating uncertainty of being a teenager. But, most importantly, it is who are when we come out on the other side that truly defines who were, and where we are headed. Nick, Stephanie, April, Max, and Carter are a combination of who we all are at one point in our lives. It is my desire to bring to life a show that can make you smile, make you laugh, and ultimately break your heart. Rock Way won’t be the NEXT anything. It will stand on its own, and it is my hope it will inspire many like its predecessors before it.”

Directed by Matthew McInnis, the pilot has already gained a ton of traction and is boasting quite the star-studded cast. The list includes Stephen Lunsford (“Teen Wolf,” “Switched at Birth”), Drew Seeley (“Another Cinderella Story,” “Glory Daze”), Katherine Mari Stevens (“American Idol”), Molly McCook (“Excision”) as April Ryan, Katie Wallace (“Awkward”), Jeremy London (“Party of Five,” “7th Heaven”), Eric Roberts (“The Dark Knight,” “Heroes”), and John McCook (“The Bold and the Beautiful”). Wanna know what the show’s about? Check it out below.

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Celebrity Rehab Season 4: Meet The Trainwrecks

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VH1 just announced the newest cast of Celebrity Rehab with Doctor Drew. Jeremy London, Janice Dickinson and Jason Wahler are just three of the latest “celebrities” to go through detoxification and treatment at the Pasadena Recovery Center. The show originally was supposed debut sooner than late 2010, but the show had trouble finding big name addicts willing to air their dirty laundry and showcase their withdrawal symptoms. Seriously, who would want to participate in tear-filled group sessions on primetime TV? Even Tila Tequila had enough sense to drop out after initially committing to the show.

You knew the minute Jeremy London’s “kidnapping” slash forced to smoke marijuana ordeal made headlines everywhere, he’d show up in this orchestrated public mea culpa. It’s so sad how the former Party of Five hottie, was unable to translate his early success to a long-term career. On the flip side, I’m surprised it took this long for former supermodel and ANTM judge Janice Dickinson to seek counseling from Dr. Drew. To be perfectly honest, if I had to spend a summer in the jungle with Spiedi, I ‘d probably have a substance problem as well. I can’t even count how many reality shows this marks for Miss Janice. Looks like she has a famewhore addiction too.

Another person I’m surprised is finally taking action is Lauren Conrad’s former beau, Jason Wahler. The former Hills star has been arrested multiple times for DUI and was even holed up in a Mexican jail for a while. I’m sure he was a popular “toy” during his incarceration.

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