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UGH, I really hate Jennifer Lopez. I wasn’t feeling “On The Floor” part three, but the “Live It Up” music video made me change my tune. Both the song and the visual aren’t groundbreaking by any means, but it’s just so damn fun, I wish I was there in Fort Lauderdale during filming. I realize there are plenty of Pitbull haters here on the site, but don’t you think he’d be a lot of fun to hang with. I do.

Directed by Jessy Terrero, the clip showcases Lopez strutting her stuff in feather couture on the catwalk. ANTM fans might recognize Cycle 3 winner Eva Pigford among the models in the show. It then segues to a beach party with free-flowing sponsored vodka. What would liquor companies do without product placement? Naturally, they hit the club afterwards. Once again, La Lopez enlists her boy toy Casper Smart to choreograph the routines. At least this time, we’re not forced to watch them have foreplay on screen. PHEW.

Side note: I wonder what Jenny’s secret is to eternal youth. Papa wants some. She looks exactly the same as she did during her “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” era and that was before she had kids and over ten years ago. Check out the brand new clip below.

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Summer is around the corner. You know what that means. Another derivative dance-pop collaboration between Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull again. Have they never heard of the expression, “quit while you’re ahead?” Hopefully this third go-round completes the hat trick the two are looking for. J. Lo, it’s time to look beyond Miami’s favorite son. Even he’s moved on and latched onto Christina Aguilera for the surprisingly catchy “Feel This Moment.”

On The Floor” was epic, which is why it hit No. 1 in several countries. The follow-up, “Dance Again” was a poor man’s version of that but mildly grew on me. It was a moderate hit but nowhere near its predecessor. Now we have “Live It Up,” a paint-by-numbers creation from RedOne clearly intended for club play during the summer months. It’s not God awful, but nowhere as catchy as her previous club bangers. Plus anything that includes YOLO in the lyrics is already in the doghouse if you ask me. That has to be one of the most annoying acronyms in modern-day speak. Lopez needs to ditch the Miami sound and go back to her Bronx roots. I want me some “Jenny From The Block” realness 2013 edition. Check out the lyric video below.

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The annual Met Gala took place last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Fashionistas and celebrities donned their couture best to embody this year’s theme, “PUNK: Chaos to Couture.” The red carpet pictures have been working their way online since last night, but now it’s the photos from inside the gala that are making the rounds.

Out of all the pictures that Nicki Minaj could’ve snapped inside the event, the 30-year-old rapper posted two that seem to take aim at her fellow American Idol judge. First up is a “chance” meeting with Tommy Mottola and his wife, singer Thalia. If you recall, Mottola was the man behind Mariah Carey’s success. The two were also married but ended in a bitter divorce. He recently published a tell-all book on his time with the multi-octave vocalist.

Second up is an Instagram pic of Jennifer Lopez and Barbz. Recently, there were rumors that American Idol had a secret backup plan to replace Carey midseason with Lopez. All parties have denied it, but since that report came out, there have been more tense interactions between Carey and Minaj on and off the panel. Just last week, Nicki called out Mariah on Twitter about being old and insecure. Ouch. Check out the pics below.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, American Idol producers and Fox executives secretly hatched a plan to replace Mariah Carey with Jennifer Lopez mid-season. Reportedly, when Mimi’s team found out, they threatened legal action. The show had no choice but to kibosh the plan. Can you imagine if Idol actually did a panel change mid-season? The DRAMA that would’ve ensued would’ve been amazing.

The Season 12 premiere featuring Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban and Carey opened to decent numbers. Early on, the current season even bested previous year declines after the premiere. But as the weeks passed, viewers began leaving in droves, setting record lows for the veteran reality show. Making matters even worse was The Voice was experiencing season gains with the addition of Shakira and Usher.

Some say Carey’s passive and rambling comments are to blame, while others say that Minaj’s sharp-tongued quips have alienated the core viewer which is “a midwestern, Southern, older woman.” While I don’t necessarily disagree about Nicki’s aggressiveness, I enjoy her the most. Her comments are the most entertaining and memorable, IMHO. Onto other Idol-related news. Find out what the Top 4 girls are singing tomorrow.

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No matter who you are, regardless of star status, everyone has their fair share of fans and haters. Celebrities just have more than most. Star magazine compiled a list of twenty celebrities who have more people loathing them, than adoring them. Check out which controversial singers, self-promoting reality TV stars and pretentious actors made the list.

Naturally, Chris Brown made the cut. Ever since assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009, he’s been on many people’s hit list. His seemingly lack of remorse and douchey attitude hasn’t helped redeem his image. Surprisingly, the R&B singer lands at No. 20. Believe it or not, there are 19 other personalities more hated than him.

Kim Kardashian, whom I loathe, and mom-ager Kris Jenner only placed at 11th and 10th respectively. Anne Hathaway with her perceived faux humility and humbleness during the Oscar awards season earned her a No. 9 slot. Not even cheating Kristen Stewart with her surly and less-than-thrilled expressions snagged the top spot. She came up short in the runner-up slot. Find out who the “Most Hated Celebrity In Hollywood” is below and the rest of the Top 20.

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Jennifer Lopez Makes A Cameo On Another “Block”

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It’s a long way from the Bronx to Inglewood, but Jennifer Lopez made the long trek. In a pimped-out yellow convertible lowrider with boy toy Casper Smart driving to boot. The 43-year-old makes a cameo in Becky G’s new music video which samples Lopez’s 2002 hit, “Jenny from the Block.”

Becky G (born Rebbeca Marie Gomez) is Dr. Luke’s protege. The 16-year-old plays homage to her hometown of Inglewoooooooooood, California in her “Becky From The Block” music video. She bouncily gives a “scenic” tour of all her old haunts. I need to book a trip to Inglewood stat 😉

“It was such a dope and fun experience to work with an idol of mine. Jen has always been an inspiration to me so to have her blessing on my remake of “Jenny from the Block” was part of my dream coming true,” Becky G said. “‘Becky from the Block’ is my life story and for her to have listened to it and be in the music video means the world to me. Hanging out with her and sharing a lot of laughs will be something I will never forget.”

Prior to her debut track, Becky G provided guest vocals for “Wish U Were Here” and “Oath” for Aussie Cody Simpson and Brit Cher Lloyd respectively. Take a tour of Inglewood with Becky and J. Lo below.

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This morning, Chris Brown stopped by Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show for an interview about his music and of course all of the things that have happened in his personal life over the past few years.

They first talk about his music and how he has a new album coming out called X, the roman numeral for ten which is how many years he’s now been in the business (he’s only 24 years old right now). X is also the 24th letter in the alphabet and he also has an X tattoo so it all has meaning to him. Brown will be releasing a new single on April 1 called “Fine China” and also worked with Jennifer Lopez on some music (I think both for his album as well as for hers).

The meaty part of the interview is how he handles the questions about what happened with Rihanna and the downward spiral after that. He was also asked how he responds to fans that say, “I like his music but I can’t like him anymore.” He was also asked “What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned going through that hard time?

I have to say that this is the best interview he has ever done and really seems to get how people perceive him and really accepts responsibility for everything he did, how he acted and what was at stake. He doesn’t make any excuses for what he did and really seems to have changed. Listen to the interview below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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2013 Golden Globes: Fashion Battles

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For those actresses who didn’t make either my 2013 Golden Globes Top 10 Best Dressed or Top 5 Worst Dressed lists, I thought I’d pit some of them in fashion battles against each other. Check out a few below.

Ever since Angelina Jolie made a huge splash at last year’s Oscars with her thigh-bearing dress, several ladies have tried to channel their inner Jolie. Halle Berry and Rosie Huntington Whiteley were just two names who attempted the high-slit trend last night. Does Berry have a “leg up” on Whiteley with her printed Versace gown? Or does the Victoria’s Secret model win the battle with her black Saint Laurent dress? Cast your vote below. Side note: Didn’t Halle’s “berries” look lopsided in that dress?

2013 Golden Globes: Who Wins The Angelina Jolie Thigh Award?

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