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Just when I thought I was done with Glee, Ryan Murphy snags Kate Hudson for a six-episode arc as deliciously wicked Cassandra July. Slowly, FOX has teased us with glimpses of Hudson’s debut, with episodic pics, to an extended clip of her first interaction with Rachel Berry and even the audio for her first performance. At long last, we finally have the official video for her first number on the FOX show.

The powers-that-be were kind enough to debut Hudson’s performance days before the show’s fourth season premiere and it lives up to all the hype. Not only does she sound great but her dancing is flawless. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who saw Nine. She was the best thing in that musical bomb. Check out the clip and witness Kate school Lea Michele (Rachel) on how real dancing should look like.

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It looks like Jennifer Lopez got exactly what she needed out of American Idol. A career lift. After two seasons, JLo bid adieu to the reality show and started to once again focus on her music career and current tour with Enrique Iglesias. And now, like many pop artists in the top 40 realm, Jennifer has decided to join the leagues of those before her and release a 3D documentary movie surrounding her current tour aptly titled, “Dance Again.” But, don’t just expect to see live concert footage.

As many of us who follow pop culture quite frequently know, Jennifer Lopez went through a pretty public divorce in the last few months only to not soon after, fall into the arms of back-up dancer, now boyfriend, Casper Smart. Jennifer promises to feature the struggles she has gone through over the last few years in her new film.

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Jennifer Lopez turned 43-years-old this week, but who can tell. The former “American Idol” judge looks as spry and young as she did during her fly girl days on “In Living Color“. Lopez still has the dance moves (and tacky wardrobe) that she sported on the FOX show.

Lopez just premiered her brand new music video “Goin’ In” on MTV. The track featuring Flo Rida is off the soundtrack from dance flick “Step Up Revolution“. J. Lo hired Ace Norton to director her new visual. Norton’s previous credits include working with Foster The People, Scissor Sisters and Norah Jones to name a few.

The clip begins with Lopez wearing a pink cape and rhinestone-covered lips. She then proceeds to blow a dandelion which quickly transforms into specks of glitter. From then on, it’s an onslaught of shiny shimmery neon. The look and feel of the clip is very reminiscent of her “Brave” album era.

Also featured in the clip are Flo Rida, Lamborghinis and a bunch of backup dancers, which includes boyfriend Casper Smart. It’s interesting though that Smart isn’t as heavily featured in this clip as he was on “Dance Again“. Trouble in paradise? Watch the video below.

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After two seasons of inappropriately hitting on young teenage girls, Steven Tyler is calling it quits on “American Idol“. The Aerosmith front man made it official yesterday, citing his desire to return touring with the band as the reason why. That way he can inappropriately hit on girls half his age on the road instead of in front of America. While Tyler’s antics were a breath of fresh air during Season 10, by Season 11 his hilarious sound bites transformed into rainbow beautiful unicorn nonsensical Paula Abdulisms.

I wonder if his departure has anything to do with the producers’ desire to keep Jennifer Lopez on the show. With Tyler gone, that frees up more money to spend on J. Lo. She is one pricey bitch after all. Reports also say that Randy Jackson is on his way out. Given that he’s been on the show since the first season, I would assume he brings in a hefty paycheck. Again more cash to spend on La Lopez. Word has it producers want a major overhaul to freshen up the show for Season 12.

UPDATE: Jennifer Lopez announced today on the Ryan Seacrest Show that she’s not returning to the show. She hinted that she may return in a guest mentoring capacity but nothing has been confirmed. This leaves Randy Jackson’s status as the only one that has not been revealed.

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It’s starting to look like 2010 over at FOX. Remember when Simon Cowell left “American Idol” and producers scrambled to find replacements? Contrary to popular belief, the reality competition didn’t implode after the acerbic judge’s departure.

With Jennifer Lopez potentially leaving, Nigel Lythgoe and company are working on a plan B should negotiations with Lopez fail. Just like 2010 and with the “X Factor judging drama earlier this year, multiple names are being tossed around. Names from Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Fergie and are reportedly in the mix. Katy Perry was also a potential replacement, but the singer addressed the rumors to the Hollywood Reporter.

“People have reached out to me about the possibility of being involved, and it’s not right for me yet.” Perry adds, and “it’s a real commitment to be on one of those shows. … I have ideas for two or three big, creative things, and I want to be able to fulfill those ideas.”

Personally, I’m a little bummed about Katy. I thought she was excellent during her guest judging stint on AI a few seasons ago. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. With her out of the running, the producers are also looking within the Idol family as a potential solution. Find out below which former contestant is on their short list.

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Quid pro quo. A month ago, Jennifer Lopez enlisted Flo Rida for “Goin’ In“, a track for the upcoming film “Step Up 4″. Now, it’s Flo Rida’s turn to snatch up J. Lo’s “powerhouse” vocals. The 32-year-old rapper utilized the “American Idol” judge’s baby-like voice for his new single, “Sweet Spot“. The track is a melodic catchy song from his fourth studio album, “Wild Ones”.

I have to say, I like this collaboration a lot more than “Goin’ In”. It’s far less frenetic and has more crossover radio appeal. Flo Rida plans to film a video for “Sweet Spot” in July. I wonder if J. Lo will appear in the clip. I would hope she does, considering Flo Rida already filmed his part for her track. Here’s what the rapper revealed in an interview regarding Lopez’s video:

“They had me performing around this Lamborghini,” he said. “It was really different ’cause there was one scene where I got on this treadmill and they had me running while performing my verse. I had a chance to look back at the video and it seemed like over the top.”

Over the top, you say. That doesn’t sound at all like a Jennifer Lopez video *wink*. “Sweet Spot” probably won’t reach the same heights as his collaboration with Sia on “Wild Ones“, but it’s a lot better than the follow up singles (Whistle, & Let It Roll) after “Wild Ones”. Listen to the track below and see if you agree.

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Jennifer Lopez is set to release her “best of” album, titled ‘Dance Again…The Hits‘ and has just revealed the track list for both the standard and deluxe versions. As you’d expect, it features most of her biggest hits as well as a DVD with several of her music videos. Noticeably missing from her list of songs is “Play,” which I would consider one of her hits for sure.

The album also contains her new tracks, “Dance Again” and “Goin In“. The album is due on July 24. Check out the full track list below and share what your favorite JLo track is in the comments. Mine would be a toss up between “Waiting For Tonight” and “If You Had My Love“.

As a sidenote, over the weekend, RadarOnline posted about rumors that JLo’s boyfriend Casper Smart is gay. Apparently a former dancer friend of his posted some “gay” pictures, but after having seen them, the rumor seems absolutely ridiculous and the pictures prove nothing. Anyway, check out the tracklist below!

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The growing fascination with celebrity culture and the chaos of the paparazzi has definitely become more of a topic of discussion over the past several years. Now, a new documentary film called ‘Sellebrity‘ explores just that. These celebrities complain about all the cameras, yet there is the argument that they need the cameras and the media in order to be famous. So where’s the line and when is it too far?

Many big name celebrities speak their mind in interviews contained in the documentary, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Kid Rock, and Jennifer Aniston just to name a few. The documentary also explores the price we pay as a society for indulging our curiosity with celebrity gossip culture.

Check out the interesting Kevin Mazur-directed documentary below.

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