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It wouldn’t be a day here at without a post on Jenny from the block. Seriously, I’m a non-stop PR machine for Mrs. Marc Anthony lately. With Idol premiering tonight, expect a couple more posts on Lopez to finish out the week. HAHA. Sorry J.Lo haters.

Late last week, an unfinished version of Jennifer Lopez’s new single leaked online. Yesterday on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Jenny unveiled the final version of “On The Floor”. The Pitbull-assisted single already was smokin’, but the finished product is simply scorching with its polished final touches. As I had hoped for, the intro features Lopez more and Pitbull less. There was no reason to have Pitbull dominate the first minute of the song as seen in the leaked version.

I have no doubt, this RedOne produced track is going to signal Jennifer’s comeback on the music front. He’s the genius behind some of Lady Gaga’s biggest hits including “Bad Romance“. This latin-tinged track featuring a “Lambada” sample definitely has the potential to hit Billboard’s Hot 100 in the next few weeks and become a club dance anthem. Radio stations are already playing it on heavy rotation. Is Jennifer Lopez back to reclaim her Dance Diva crown?

check out the cover and finished version of “On The Floor” after the jump

Another Day, Another Jennifer Lopez Leak

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As I predicted, the J-Lo comeback media onslaught is well into full swing. Here’s the third new offering from La Diva Latina in just a week. Once again, Swedish hitmaker RedOne worked his magical fingers and produced another track for Jennifer Lopez. Unlike “Good Hit” and “On The Floor“, this new track isn’t for her upcoming seventh studio album, “Love?“. Instead, it’s for an upcoming ad campaign for Gillette.

Lopez has recorded a remake of Dutch band Shocking Blue’s 1969 hit “Venus” for a new “Gillette Venus” commercial. Most people are more familiar with the cover that Bananarama did in 1986. Jenny doesn’t do a half bad job on this pop classic, but I’m glad its for a commercial and not a track on her upcoming album. According to reports, La Lopez filmed the commercial back in October 2010 under the direction of Sophie Muller.

listen Jennifer’s cover of “Venus” after the jump

Jennifer Lopez Has A “Good Hit” On Her Hands

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Sign me up for some blow dryer dancing lessons ASAP. It’s like blow drying porn. LOL. Jennifer Lopez sizzles as beauty school instructor in her just leaked viral teaser video for “Good Hit“. From the looks of the choreography, she’s challenging Willow Smith and Beyonce to a hair whipping contest. My money is still on Honey B.

A few months ago, another teaser video for “Good Hit” leaked, but was promptly removed. I even got a cease and assist notice (friendly email) to take down our post. Based on my recollection of that previous vid, the new one is way hotter. With Lopez’s other new song On The Floor” leaking the other day, you can tell La Lopez is planning a full-on onslaught to revive her music career. Definitely a wise move to ride off American Idol Season 10 premiere’s coattails.

They say a change can do you good, and in Jennifer Lopez’s case that could very well be true. After “Louboutins” failed to make an impression on the pop charts, J.Lo parted ways with Sony/Epic Records and signed with Island Def Jam in hopes of re-igniting her stalwart music career. Mariah Carey did a similar move when she left Sony/Columbia after her disastrous “Glitter” CD. She, too, turned to Island Def Jam and her career bounced back, bigger than ever.

If the minute-long teaser video is a taste of things to come, then J.Lo has a good shot of making a musical comeback. It’s sooooooooo much better than any of the leaked singles from her last record that actually never hit stores. It bombed before it was even released. They decided to rework the album and release it at a later date. “Good Hit” is a bumpin’ urban track produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart. It’s very reminiscent of La Lopez’s singles back when she collaborated with Ja Rule and Nas. Oh, the good ‘ol days.

watch the video after the jump

Now that I’ve covered the good, it’s time to talk about the bad and the ugly. Let’s face it, it’s way more fun. Whether it’s the recession or some other reason, the 2011 Golden Globes yielded some major fug outfits. Apparently fashion designers were trying to unload some of their heinous outfits to gullible actresses as ground-breaking fashion. I seriously had a difficult time narrowing the field to just ten unlucky winners. It was definitely a bumper crop of fashion no-nos.

For the most part, I actually like all these actresses and respect their work. Unfortunately for them, I wasn’t blown away with any of their respective fashion choices. If I had to subtitle this post, I would call it… “When ugly clothes happen to beautiful actresses“. With the exception of one, these women have previously taken my breath away with their fierceness on the red carpet. It’s like they had one collective fashion brain fart when they picked these outfits for this year’s ceremony. Check out my choices for the Top Ten Worst Dressed at this year’s Golden Globes and see if you agree with my picks.

see the worst 10 looks from the 2011 Golden Globes after the jump

Just in time for American Idol’s Season 10 premiere, we receive a new song by new judge, Jennifer Lopez. “On The Floor” was supposed to premiere on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this week, but thanks to some rogue hackers, we get to preview the track online. J.Lo enlists Cuban rapper Pitbull on this latin-flavored uptempo track. Could this be the track that propels Lopez back to pop music relevancy?

The Latina multi-hyphenate has struggled to release her seventh studio album, “Love?” since late 2009. The intended lead single, “Louboutins” flopped majorly for the “Selena” actress. None of the other promo singles fared much better, prompting her departure from Epic Records. Just like Mariah Carey who was dumped by Epic and regrouped with Island/Def Jam, Lopez did the same and signed with the same label shortly thereafter. In-demand hitmaker producer RedOne was hired by the label to revamp the CD with a new sound.

Judging by the sounds of it, RedOne has successfully worked his magic once again. Supposedly, this leaked track is an unfinished version of the final product. If it is, I hope the final version shortens Pitbull’s rap at the beginning of the track. He doesn’t need to blabber on for almost a minute. If “On The Floor” sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because it samples Kaoma’s 1989 hit “Lambada“. Check out the hot new track below.

listen to the track after the jump

Last night, Barbara took over the television with her one on one with Oprah Winfrey and her annual Top 10 Most Fascinating People for 2010. Although nine of the names were known previously, no one knew who the most fascinating person would be until the end of the segment.

Barbara went through the Top 10 list, starting at (10). Betty White started the list off – God love her. I loved that Barbara asked her “Does one have sex at 88 years old? Betty responds,”If one gets lucky I bet they do.” Haha. Of course! Next on the list at (9) is Mark Zuckerberg. Although she didn’t interview him, it’s certainly fascinating that one in fourteen people in the world have signed up for something that he created. I don’t even know that one in fourteen people eat an apple a day! Justin Bieber sang to Barbara from (8) on the list, singing, “My favorite, my favorite, my favorite girl, is Barbara…Walters”. Next on the list was the cast of Jersey Shore at (7). Barbara went through their crazy lifestyle and all their slang, and wrapped up their segment by saying “They are something. I don’t know what. But they are something.”

The next person was Sandra Bullock at (6) for her crazy year, and coming out on top with such dignity. Jennifer Lopez took the number (5) spot, where she denied the rumors that she’d be a diva on American Idol, and talked about how her hubby has taught her how to live outside the public eye. Lebron James, the NBA superstar took spot number (4). He took Cleveland’s losing team and made them a huge success but broke hearts when he decided to take himself down to Miami. The future Queen of England, Kate Middleton took (3) for her immense but all too important formula to being a successful partner to a prince, and Sarah Palin took the (2) spot on the list, saying she thinks she could win against Obama in a run for president.

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You can tell the holiday season is in full swing, when “Top 10″ lists of 2010 start popping out every two seconds. One of the most revered and longest-running lists is Barbara Walters’s “Most Fascinating List”. On today’s “The View“, Bawbwa released eight of the ten names making her “2010 Most Fascinating List“. The other two names and Most Fascinating person won’t be revealed until her ABC special airs on Dec. 9 at 10pm EST.


Would he stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, or won’t he? That was the multi-million dollar question everyone was asking during the summer. With his contract expiring with the Cavs, Lebron James became a sought-after free agent. In an unprecedented move, LeBron announced his decision live on CNN’s “The Decision” in an hour long live special. His decision to play for the Miami Heat for the 2010-2011 season was greeted with cheers in Florida, but provoked outrage and riots in Cleveland. Feeling betrayed by James, loyal Cavs’ fans burned memorabilia and jerseys featuring his number and image. With the furor he elicited, he definitely deserves a slot as one of the most fascinating of the year.

view the other fascinating people after the jump

American Idol 10: New Judges First Day On The Job

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Take your first look at American Idol’s Season 10 judges first day on the job. Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez joined Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson for the first time on the panel during the Jersey City, New Jersey auditions. Returning executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe tweeted the above picture.

I’m not sure how I feel about the placement of the judges. It looks to me that Jackson is occupying Simon’s old spot. Let’s hope he’s NOT the main voice and moderator for this season. If he is, I’m officially resigning from this show. I’d rather have both Ellen & Kara back instead of enduring him utter another “dawg”, “pitchy” or “keeping it real” next season. Having said that, seeing the judges together for the first time behind the panel, makes me uber excited to see what their chemistry is like when Idol returns.

read some of the changes in store for Season 10 after the jump

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