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Is Jennifer Lopez The Most Beautiful?

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According to People Magazine, she just might be. The American Idol judge is rumored to be gracing the cover of the magazine’s annual “Most Beautiful” issue. After literally falling on her butt on “Louboutins” and “The Backup Plan”, Jennifer Lopez has certainly managed to stage a comeback. Signing on to Idol has definitely resuscitated her career. Not only is she riding high on the charts with “On The Floor“, but the accompanying music video has garnered more views that Britney and Gaga’s latest vids.

This isn’t the first time Lopez has made People Magazine’s beautiful cut. She appeared in 1997, 1999, 2007 and 2010, but this is the first time she’ll appear on the cover for the special issue. Not too shabby for the 41-year-old stunner. Definitely a wise move sitting in between both Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. Having those two on either side of her on the Idol panel only punctuates her beauty. LOL.

Jennifer Lopez’s new album, “Love?” hits stores on April 29, 2011. Check out a preview of her tracklisting here.

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J.Lo Reveals “LOVE?” Track List

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The name of her album may be ending in a question, but that doesn’t mean those of us who are adoring Jennifer Lopez are confused about her comeback to music. After what feels like an extended hiatus to get married and have babies, Jennifer tried to comeback with Loubitans but the single failed miserably with critics and the charts. It didn’t matter how many talk shows and events she performed it at, no one really seemed to like it. I’m just going to chalk it up as, it wasn’t her time yet.

Now, with her smash single On The Floor burning up the dance charts, and her new single with Lil Wayne on its way up, the anticipation for the full length album is at its highest and now, all of us can be treated to a sneak peak at the track list for the upcoming disc.

Twelve songs make the cut with the deluxe edition adding another four including a Spanish version of On The Floor. How sexy. What’s noticeable is that the two tracks that J Lo has featured artists on are the ones being released as singles. Is that because her solo tracks aren’t as good? Donovan gave us a preview of Good Hit a while back which is pretty good so lets hope the rest stack up.

Check out the full track list here.

Jennifer Lopez’s Give It LOVE, Get It Early campaign is in full swing before her single I’m Into You drops on Tuesday. The song which features Lil Wayne and has a more urban and R&B edge compared to her previous single, On The Floor. I said in my previous article about the song that it reminded me of her Rebirth album.

The video shoot for the track is now in full swing. Wearing a whole lot of snake skin, Jennifer looks amazing during her solo shots in Chichen Itza, Mexico where she sings on the Mayan Temple steps. No word on if Lil Wayne was there as well but from the first pictures that have surfaced, it looks like its going to be a great video.

Check out more photos from the video shoot after the jump.

J.Lo Debuts “I’m Into You” Preview

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After On The Floor was released, multiple clips from her new album began to surface and it looked like Jenny From the Block was vying for the Queen of the Dance Floor title. However, with her newest track collaboration with Lil Wayne, it looks like J. Lo is returning to her more urban roots.

Today, she revealed a 30 second clip of I’m Into You on Ryan Seacrest. What is interesting about the release of this track is that it solely lies in the hands of her fans. Confused? If you head to Jennifer Lopez’s Official Facebook Page, you are able to “unlock” the song on iTunes before its official release on April 5th. Those who unlock the song are also entered into a contest to win a trip to the American Idol Finale in L.A.

The entire campaign is titled “Give It LOVE, Get It Early” and honestly, I think its quite genius. The preview doesn’t give you much of a taste. However, I proceeded to ‘LIKE’ the track on Facebook and get to listen to the full track. It is quite catchy and reminds me of her Rebirth album.

Check out the “I’m Into You” preview here.

As part of iTunes’ Countdown program, Jennifer Lopez is revealing several tracks from her upcoming album, “Love?” to build buzz for her upcoming CD. This iTunes promotional strategy has been used successfully by Carrie Underwood, Ke$ha and Taylor Swift when they promoted their most recent offerings. Below is the release schedule of Jen’s singles, in anticipation of the album’s May 3rd release.

March 22: “Ven a Bailar (On the Floor)” ft. Pitbull single release
April 5: “I’m Into You” ft. Lil Wayne single release?
April 19: “Papi” single release?
April 26: “Love?” single release?
May 3: “Love?” album release

For two of the tracks, “I’m So Into You” and “Papi“, the new American Idol judge is showing off two smoking hot single covers. At 41, Jennifer Lopez is looking as hot as ever. Few would’ve predicted after the commercial failures of her previous comeback singles, “Louboutins” included, that she would be riding high on the charts again. Certainly not me.

see how Lopez’s music video compares with Gaga & Brit’s vids after the jump

Jennifer Lopez’s diva attitude and demands have been widely long reported. Just check out a recent job description for a personal assistant that circulated last summer. Whether they’re true or not, most people are aware of them. So, when it came time for a prank orchestrated by Ellen Degeneres, it wasn’t too unimaginable for two unsuspecting job applicants.

During her appearance on Ellen’s show back in January (which I only caught when it re-aired this past Friday) the funny lady enlisted the new American Idol judge for an elaborate prank. Side note, I wonder if Ellen is at all bitter that Lopez is better on Idol’s judging panel than she ever was? Hmmm, anyhoo. In an office outfitted with hidden cameras, Lopez interviewed two potential assistants. Via a hidden mic, Degeneres fed the “Hit The Floor” singer lines and instructions as Lopez conducted the interview.

watch the duo pull a prank on two job applicants after the jump

The upbeat “On The Floor” track that features Pitbull is J Lo‘s first big single in a while (since Louboutins), and the diva just premiered the accompanying music video on American Idol last night. It was shown towards the end of the episode when the judges (including Lopez) pretended they needed more time to deliberate, so Ryan Seacrest suggests showing the music video while they took more time to make their decision on an elimination. Right…. Well, the video is no “Hold It Against Me” or “Born This Way,” but it’s true to what you’d expect from JLo so it that regard, it doesn’t disappoint. Actually, the only thing that was comparable to the Brit and Gaga vids was the product placement the beginning when her driver drops her off at the club in a BMW, takes out a branded jewellery box, and puts on some majorly blingin’ Swarovski earrings. That said, “Don’t be fooled by the rocks” in her box, she’s still Jenny From The Block when she cuts loose on the dance floor inside.

There are a few different JLo’s in this video: (1) A queen-like Lopez who barely moves, judging everyone on the floor from an overhead balcony. (2) JLo in a shimmery bodysuit dancing by herself (3) A more edgy, fun JLo who lets loose on the floor, really bringing the lyrics of the song to life.

Watch the video after the jump…

Remember when you were a kid and there were those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Well now, Jennifer Lopez is bringing it back, so to speak. J.Lo is pairing up with American Idol to have you the fans vote to pick an ending for her official video to On The Floor.

From now until March 3rd, you can log on to to view different possible endings to the video. Then, you can vote for your favorite. Then, on the March 3rd episode of American Idol on FOX, the video will premiere with the winning ending (all brought to you by Ford).

Learn about the 3 endings after the jump…

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