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American Idol 10: Milwaukee Auditions Impress

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Welcome to episode 3 of American Idol Season 10. For the first time ever, Ryan Seacrest and company are in Milwaukee to hold auditions. Naturally, they invite the city’s most famous contribution to Idol, Milwaukee native Danny Gokey. Coincidentally enough, Gokey’s appearance at the beginning of the show is fitting considering the episode’s final contestant, who will undoubtedly receive Gokey comparisons. Read the rest of the post, to find out what I’m referring to.

The episode started with an impromptu slash awkward duet between Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. Even though Idol has made a few changes for Season 10, the episode was vintage Idol. In other words, there were a lot of bad performances, exploitation of competitor back stories, and most notably, a lot of producer pimping for a few of their favorites. No kidding, there were about three who received more than their fair share of airtime during their audition and even minutes afterward. Find out which auditions made the biggest impression, good or bad, on me below.

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She’s all over the place and shows no signs and stopping soon. J.Lo is invading our TV screens with American Idol and now, our ears with her sweet club banger On The Floor. The RedOne produced track is making dance floors vibrate all over in what rapper Pitbull calls a global track. So with a strong club hit comes a hot video. In a recent behind-the-scenes feature, MTV got a chance to talk with the Latina about her new video and also got to get some words out of Pitbull and producer RedOne.

In the video, Ms. Lopez talks about how she plays this one character who runs the club scene and loves the underground dance culture. With a description like that, you’d hope for a dark and dominatrix like outfit. Instead, she lies gracefully on a red couch with a golden dress and hair in an up-do. I trust the makers of this video know what they are doing and honestly, I can’t wait to see what they have cooked up.

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American Idol 10: The Big Easy Auditions

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Even though ratings were down for the season premiere when compared to last year’s numbers, Season 10’s opener was universally reviewed positively. Everyone was raving about Steven Tyler’s unexpected awesomeness. Jennifer Lopez, on her part, also received a bit of love. With the crew headed to New Orleans, ccould they keep the momentum going from New Jersey? The answer is…. a resounding YES.

Even though there hasn’t been one contestant yet to get me off my couch and praise Jesus with their spectacular performance, I have no doubt it will happen soon enough. It’s still early on in the season, but I’m loving every minute of it. So much so, that I was bummed out that last night’s episode was only an hour long and not two as in the previous night.

As in New Jersey, the parade of 15 and 16-year-old auditions continued. I guess with Simon gone, the producers are really opening the floodgates to the underage talent. Cowell was never a fan of the precocious affected teenager, so now it’s the show’s chance to find the new Justin Swift or Taylor Bieber. Would the Big Easy be the home of the next American Idol? Check out the ones that caught my eye below and see for yourself.

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This is American Idol. Cue theme song. After much anticipation and fanfare, Season 10 of American Idol finally premiered last night. Based on first impression on the premiere episode, I have no doubt Idol is back on track. To sum it up briefly, it was awesome. There were no super stand-out performances, but you can tell Idol is back on track to finding a real music superstar.

Despite my trepidation of the addition of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, the changing of the guard went off more smoothly than I could’ve imagine. All I have to say is, Simon who??? I love the acerbic Brit, but his indifference and could-care-less who won attitude was off-putting last season. But enough about Simon, and let’s talk about the gem that was Steven Tyler. With Simon’s mean one-liners and Paula’s kooky blabbering long gone, I thought the days of Idol sound bites were long gone. Boy, did Tyler prove me wrong. That guy was amazing last night. He had more memorable lines than the entire panel combined last year. I also loved his lecherous come-ons to the attractive female contestants. His high-five to Randy regarding a girl’s apple bottom assets was awesome.

Steven Tyler’s Best Line: What’s with the jujubees on your oohoohbees? or We oughta let her in the door. Water that flower ’cause I think it’s gonna grow.

Jennifer Lopez on her part wasn’t bad either. She wasn’t as effective as Tyler, but I have no doubt she’ll find her footing and give the Aerosmith frontman a run for his money. How gorgeous did she look last night? Say what you will about her, but the girl is damn fine. It’s amazing (slash I’m old) to see the new contestants say they grew up idolizing Lopez. To them, Lopez is their Paula Abdul.

Jennifer Lopez’s Best Line: Why did I sign up for this?! I wanna go home!”

I should also mention the addition of Interscope chairman, Jimmy Iovine, is pure genius. He’s only going to add to Idol’s amazing season. Clive Davis is legendary, but Iovine is more current and his knowledge will really help this year’s winner become a strong candidate to hit it mainstream a la Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

As you can see, I won the enviable task of covering this season of American Idol. Normally, my recaps will be published sooner, but I wanted to think of a format for my posts during the audition rounds that I could sustain. I’m not a fan of talking about all the good and especially awful auditions. Check out the highlights of the New Jersey auditions below and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear all your feedback, good and bad. I want to make this season of Idol as much fun as possible for you and I.

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It wouldn’t be a day here at without a post on Jenny from the block. Seriously, I’m a non-stop PR machine for Mrs. Marc Anthony lately. With Idol premiering tonight, expect a couple more posts on Lopez to finish out the week. HAHA. Sorry J.Lo haters.

Late last week, an unfinished version of Jennifer Lopez’s new single leaked online. Yesterday on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Jenny unveiled the final version of “On The Floor”. The Pitbull-assisted single already was smokin’, but the finished product is simply scorching with its polished final touches. As I had hoped for, the intro features Lopez more and Pitbull less. There was no reason to have Pitbull dominate the first minute of the song as seen in the leaked version.

I have no doubt, this RedOne produced track is going to signal Jennifer’s comeback on the music front. He’s the genius behind some of Lady Gaga’s biggest hits including “Bad Romance“. This latin-tinged track featuring a “Lambada” sample definitely has the potential to hit Billboard’s Hot 100 in the next few weeks and become a club dance anthem. Radio stations are already playing it on heavy rotation. Is Jennifer Lopez back to reclaim her Dance Diva crown?

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Another Day, Another Jennifer Lopez Leak

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As I predicted, the J-Lo comeback media onslaught is well into full swing. Here’s the third new offering from La Diva Latina in just a week. Once again, Swedish hitmaker RedOne worked his magical fingers and produced another track for Jennifer Lopez. Unlike “Good Hit” and “On The Floor“, this new track isn’t for her upcoming seventh studio album, “Love?“. Instead, it’s for an upcoming ad campaign for Gillette.

Lopez has recorded a remake of Dutch band Shocking Blue’s 1969 hit “Venus” for a new “Gillette Venus” commercial. Most people are more familiar with the cover that Bananarama did in 1986. Jenny doesn’t do a half bad job on this pop classic, but I’m glad its for a commercial and not a track on her upcoming album. According to reports, La Lopez filmed the commercial back in October 2010 under the direction of Sophie Muller.

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Jennifer Lopez Has A “Good Hit” On Her Hands

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Sign me up for some blow dryer dancing lessons ASAP. It’s like blow drying porn. LOL. Jennifer Lopez sizzles as beauty school instructor in her just leaked viral teaser video for “Good Hit“. From the looks of the choreography, she’s challenging Willow Smith and Beyonce to a hair whipping contest. My money is still on Honey B.

A few months ago, another teaser video for “Good Hit” leaked, but was promptly removed. I even got a cease and assist notice (friendly email) to take down our post. Based on my recollection of that previous vid, the new one is way hotter. With Lopez’s other new song On The Floor” leaking the other day, you can tell La Lopez is planning a full-on onslaught to revive her music career. Definitely a wise move to ride off American Idol Season 10 premiere’s coattails.

They say a change can do you good, and in Jennifer Lopez’s case that could very well be true. After “Louboutins” failed to make an impression on the pop charts, J.Lo parted ways with Sony/Epic Records and signed with Island Def Jam in hopes of re-igniting her stalwart music career. Mariah Carey did a similar move when she left Sony/Columbia after her disastrous “Glitter” CD. She, too, turned to Island Def Jam and her career bounced back, bigger than ever.

If the minute-long teaser video is a taste of things to come, then J.Lo has a good shot of making a musical comeback. It’s sooooooooo much better than any of the leaked singles from her last record that actually never hit stores. It bombed before it was even released. They decided to rework the album and release it at a later date. “Good Hit” is a bumpin’ urban track produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart. It’s very reminiscent of La Lopez’s singles back when she collaborated with Ja Rule and Nas. Oh, the good ‘ol days.

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Now that I’ve covered the good, it’s time to talk about the bad and the ugly. Let’s face it, it’s way more fun. Whether it’s the recession or some other reason, the 2011 Golden Globes yielded some major fug outfits. Apparently fashion designers were trying to unload some of their heinous outfits to gullible actresses as ground-breaking fashion. I seriously had a difficult time narrowing the field to just ten unlucky winners. It was definitely a bumper crop of fashion no-nos.

For the most part, I actually like all these actresses and respect their work. Unfortunately for them, I wasn’t blown away with any of their respective fashion choices. If I had to subtitle this post, I would call it… “When ugly clothes happen to beautiful actresses“. With the exception of one, these women have previously taken my breath away with their fierceness on the red carpet. It’s like they had one collective fashion brain fart when they picked these outfits for this year’s ceremony. Check out my choices for the Top Ten Worst Dressed at this year’s Golden Globes and see if you agree with my picks.

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