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Last night on the AMAs, Black Eyed Peas front man debuted his new solo single with the help of Jennifer Lopez and mistimed digital version of Mick Jagger. The song is officially titled T.H.E. which stands for The Hardest Ever. The track is the lead-off for Will’s new solo album titled #willpower. He knows album titles can’t trend on their own right?

Snippets of the song had leaked online previously but were poor quality and didn’t really give us an idea of what the song would sound like… or so I thought. The song frequently refers to “being hard” with lyrics referring to morning wood and boners. I wasn’t a fan of the song from the beginning and I’m not sure I am fan still now that I’ve heard the full version. The song feels a little disjointed to me without any flow or connection between the versus or chorus. I do love J Lo’s hook though.

The single is now available on iTunes although, I’m not sure it’ll be hitting my playlists anytime soon. I think I need to give it a few more listens or hear it in the club to really experience it’s full sound. If you were too distracted by the glow-in-the-dark theatrics from last night’s performance of the track to hear the song, you can listen to the full version below.

Listen to “T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) after the jump.

Tonight, the American Music Awards took over ABC with an evening full of honors and performances that were bound to knock the socks off of all of us. The show kickstarted with David Guetta and Nicki Minaj. While Nicki missed her notes on the first line of her song, she quickly recovered and continued to rock the house. She moved into Superbass where she was joined by two men on stilts who shot cryo guns. Not my favorite performance of the night but definitely a good way to start the show.

Queen Latifah got everyone ready for the night by introducing the first award which was only a catalyst for the many performances the night would see. From Justin Bieber’s illuminating Christmas track to Chris Brown’s high tech and visually stunning number, my all time favorite performance of the night goes to Jennifer Lopez who worked it out with a little help from FIAT. However, whoever locked the car door is definitely fired. (You’ll see what I mean when you watch the performance below).

The awards didn’t go without their drama either especially when it comes to Artist of the Year. Donovan predicted that Katy Perry would take home the trophy even though Adele had a rocking album with 21. The winner may shock you. But, I won’t reveal any spoilers if you haven’t watched the show yet. So, check out all the winners and re-watch all the performances below.

Check out all the performances and the winners after the jump.

Meet Jennifer Lopez’s New Boy Toy

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They say history repeats itself and Jennifer Lopez is certainly doing her part to prove that saying is correct. The “American Idol” judge has reportedly been shacking up with one of her backup dancers. Can everyone say Cris Judd 2.0? Back in 2001, La Lopez married the dancer/choreographer only to split up a year later in 2002. Will her new flame be husband number four? Only time will tell.

Since her split with Marc Anthony, Jennifer’s love life has been the subject of many tabloids. Most recently, she’s been romantically linked to “The Hangover” star Bradley Cooper, but that seems to have cooled. Reportedly, Cooper was in heavy pursuit of Lopez, but she just wasn’t that into him. What is she smoking? Bradley is DAMN fine. But just like history, she’s trading in a Hollywood actor for a backup dancer. Bradley and Lopez’s new man are the Ben Affleck and Cris Judd of the new decade. Check out J. Lo’s new man below.

check out Jennifer Lopez’s new man after the jump

YES!!! One of my favorite game shows as a kid, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? is looking like it will once again have it’s shot at becoming a live-action movie. The first time this happened, Disney had purchased the rights and was playing around with the idea of Sandra Bullock donning the red trench coat and fedora to becoming the mischievous globetrotter. Unfortunately, the idea was thrown out and nothing ever came of it.

Jennifer Lopez to the rescue! Her production company Nuyorican Productions is reported to be in talks to bring the concept to life with J. Lo to produce and possibly star in the leading role. I for one am I all for it. I think Jennifer is perfect for the role. If it’s been a while for you, let me remind you all about Carmen Sandiego.

Based on the educational board game that first surfaced in 1985, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego became a popular kids game show on PBS that ran from 1991-1995 and even spawned a few spin-offs which took Carmen into space. Sandiego is ACME’s greatest detectives until she becomes a thief. It then becomes her partners’ job to find out if Carmen is actually thief or is really a hero. The board game is currently in about 50% of elementary schools nationwide.

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American Idol Debuts First Season 11 Promo

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With the live shows beginning this week on “The X Factor“, FOX thought it was the ideal time to start promoting their other reality singing competition show. You know that small show called “American Idol“. The network debuted the first teaser for “American Idol’s” upcoming 11th season during Game 4 of the World Series yesterday.

Back from their well-reviewed debut last season, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler once again join Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest to find America’s best undiscovered talent. Featuring the tagline “the incredible journey begins“, the crew walk in some Hollywood backlot (Universal I’m guessing) attracting a mob of auditioners and fans.

Contrary to popular belief, “American Idol” didn’t crash and burn after Simon Cowell’s departure. Myself included. The chemistry of the revamped judging panel sizzled and the caliber of talent showed up in droves. The show had creatively comeback and experience a renaissance. Since then, however, two high-profile singing competitions have debuted.

While both “The Voice” and “The X Factor” aren’t nowhere near the Neilsen ratings Idol experiences, both have made their mark and won fans over. When Idol returns, it’ll be interesting to see if it maintains its dominance in the genre or if it’ll lose viewers. Check out the promo below and see if you’ll be coming back come January 2012 to “American Idol”.

view promo video below

It seems like Jennifer Lopez is everywhere lately. From pimping out Fiat cars to hawking her merchandise at Kohls, this women is everywhere I turn. Now she’s popping up on a new track with a fellow Latin hottie. Where will she show up next… on “The X Factor”? LOL. They (Simon Cowell) wish.

If you ever wondered what Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez going at it, mouth to mouth would sound like? Well, wonder no more. The two have teamed up for a new track that will be part of the repackaged edition of Iglesias’ “Euphoria” album. UGH, I hate it when artists recycle their current album. Greedy, lazy beyotches. While it’s certainly no “Moves Like Jagger” (best collabo in recent memory) or even Enrique’s own “I Like It”, the song is still pretty good.

Produced by DJ Frank E, “Mouth 2 Mouth” has a sexy vibe to it. We don’t get to hear a lot love ballads these days, so this is a pleasant surprise. It’s more uptempo than a typical ballad due to it’s latin-flavored synth beats, but has the emotional lyrics you would expect from that genre. Hopefully the sexy duo will film a music video for the track. Iglesias and Lopez in the same video, talk about caliente. Check out their duet below.

listen to the track after the jump

This weekend, Las Vegas was taken over by some of the biggest names in music for the 2011 iHeartRadio Festival. It was also taken over by Homorazzi, with Donovan, Brian, Nic, Alex and some other friends, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, one of the highlights of the weekend was on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena when Jennifer Lopez performed “Papi,” among some of her other hits that included: “On The Floor”, “Jenny From the Block”, “Aint It Funny”, “I’m Real”, “Get Right” and “Loud”.

In a sexy red Falguni & Shane Peacock dress, 42-year old Lopez got the crowd dancing for their “Papi” as she proved she still has it. Come to think of it, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this diva dish out a boring performance. A perfectionist, Jenny From The Block makes sure that every performance is stellar and that she looks like nothing short of a goddess-like. Watch the videos below and let me know what song/performance was your favorite!

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Jennifer Lopez Fends Off Admirers In “Papi”

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I’d really like to know what director Paul Hunter and Jennifer Lopez were smoking when they approved the concept for this video. It certainly doesn’t live up to Hunter’s previous works like “Lady Marmalade“, “Hollaback Girl“, “Don’t Cha” or “Unpretty“. Even for Lopez, who rarely makes a music video misstep, literally crashes on this one. Perhaps it was Fiat’s idea. The car maker is certainly maximizing the pretty penny they most likely paid for the product placement.

The music video begins with Lopez longing for her lost love. She then eats a magical cookie (can’t make this shizz up) and all of a sudden is irresistible to men. Like she needed that. She didn’t make People’s magazine’s most beautiful cover for her personality. Lopez then makes her way through the streets of LA while hundreds of men chase her and vie to win her heart and ample booty (monetary and physical assets).

The storyline seems like a mashup of Lopez’s romantic comedies. I can picture the title now. Selena’s Wedding Planner’s Back-Up Plan For Maids In Manhattan. Check out the video for yourself below. I hate that whenever I hear this song now, I think of a Fiat driving around the streets. Jenny you shouldn’t have sold out– at least not for this Italian car manufacturer.

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