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American Idol 11: Battleship Edition In San Diego

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Well, another city, another 10,000 “hopefuls” fill the audition room in what is quickly becoming my favorite city in the US. – San Diego. Famous (in my opinion) for its perfect weather and amazing gay pride, I’m just hoping that it also holds some talented folks and some epic crazies as Lopez and Tyler (ugh and Seacrest) tease and gel their hair as high as it will go for these Cali residents. Last night’s auditions took place on a jet carrier or something random like that: not REALLY sure what that’s about other than a blatant attempt at faux nationalism but oh well.

No spoilers before the fold, don’t worry, but I will say that the show is really editing down the insanity this season and particularly this episode as we pretty much just see success stories: I guess they’re doing some polling and finding out what people want to see… though, come on, at least ONE tragic queen spitting at the camera or a sassy gal with more extensions than real hair and the three inch lacquered nails to match. Ah well, it was a decent episode: if you’re looking to save time read the summary and see the highlights alone or if you’re looking to see me trash a bunch of “singers” click through for that as well!

Click through to read the rest of my review & watch the audition highlights…

American Idol 11: Chillin’ in Pittsburgh

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Well, Idol survived my first review of the premiere attempt to scour for talent in the Southern heat of Savannah, Georgia, but will the City of Champions (in their first ever AI audition) match up in talent and entertainment? I’m hoping for at least one screaming queen (you know I hate how they represent our people but it’s still hilarious to see them bust down time after time and call momma to tell her she can’t quit the factory quite yet), one proposal from a bumpkin’ to Lopez and a few rants to the camera afterwards- oh, and a “true talent to take it all” blah blah blah. Honestly, it’s the bipolar ones that you need to look out for on this set!

Last night I decided to take off the kid’s gloves since I realized my original article was way too forgiving of over-produced Idol moments, stretched out dramas and barely-there voices that have no real chance to make it but that the “Golden Ticket Moment” is too much of a seller that they couldn’t resist passing them out like so many flavored tic tacs. So, buckle in, cause mean Adam is back and I’m taking no prisoners today!

Click through to read the rest of my review

American Idol 11: Premiere in Savannah

In: Adam, TV Shows

Well, despite a god awful teaser of Lopez… well, walking… Season 11 of “American Idol” didn’t fail to have some classic AI, entertaining moments as we kick off the season in (do they always start here??) Savannah, Georgia. Home of the extremely young and talented, the gayest of the gays and way too many Steven Tyler fans, though that’s probably just because Georgia- like Australia and India- is about 20 years behind and is only just now hearing about this crazy new rock band called Aerosmith. All together though, they make for a pretty interesting opening show.

While many choose to skip over the auditions and hold out for Vegas week or even “Top 20s” (or whatever random number they go with this year), I’m a beginning to end kind of guy as I love to pick my faves early in the competition though typically the true stars don’t shine till they hit Sin City. You might notice that Donovan is no longer the welcoming face at the top of this article, well, we unanimously came to the decision that since the show is taking on a “kinder image” with Lopez and Tyler falling in love with every fresh face that hits the stage, we’d hit back by having our bitchiest writer- me- take the reins on the reviews. And speaking of…

Click through to read my cutting review of last night’s episode

According to Life & Style magazine the answer would be “yes”. The publication reports that the 43-year-old singer is shacking up with a Mexican model. It’s amazing how having an amazing voice can get the ladies. No disrespect to Anthony, but he looks like a walking zombie. How he manages to win over gorgeous lady (Miss Universe Dayanara Torres) after gorgeous lady (Jennifer Lopez) is beyond me. The latest to fall victim to his powers of seduction is Adriana Ontiveros.

L&S reports that the two met through a mutual friend, singer Alejandro Fernandez. They were spotted recently at a Miami Dolphins football game looking cozy. It’s not clear if things are serious between the two but they were definitely comfortable showing some PDA. Here’s an eyewitness account.

“They exited the stadium via a private entrance and stepped out of the elevator together.” The witness additionally said, “They were holding hands, and he seemed very comfortable with her. He wasn’t flaunting it.”

check out marc’s new lady love after the jump

10 Most Watched Music Videos On YouTube In 2011

In: Donovan, Music

The other day, Patrick wrote about the most viewed videos on YouTube in 2011. As you probably noticed, that list didn’t include music videos from artists from major music labels. Ergo, why Rebecca Black’s “Friday” topped that list and the likes of Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez were nowhere to be seen in that Top 10 list.

As luck would have it, YouTube has a separate list for established artists or as they officially refer to it as, “Most Watched Videos From Major Music Labels Globally“. Man, that’s a mouthful. On this list, you’ll find most of your favorites and surprisingly a few notable omissions. Even though, Adele, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears have topped several year-end lists from Best Song to Best Artist to Best whatever, the trio are MIA on this one.

So who made it? Since it’s a global list, some entries may surprise you. For instance, Pitbull shows up in three spots. WTF, dude must have a huge following in all the Spanish-speaking countries. I was also a bit stunned, yet happy, to see Jessie J’s “Price Tag” on this list. Love that song. See what other music videos YouTube watchers watched over and over and over and over again in 2011 below.

check out the 10 most watched music videos this year after the jump

Earlier this year in January, a viral teaser of Jennifer Lopez’s “Good Hit” surfaced online. It was a short clip featuring Lopez doing some fierce blow dryer choreography. I assumed, and hoped, it would become an eventual single since footage was already shot. After releasing the insanely huge “On The Floor“, she followed it up with “I’m Into You” and “Papi” which both did very little on the Billboard charts. Definitely NOT a wise move on her part. Why she didn’t release “Good Hit” is beyond me. The title all but assures it’ll be a good hit.

Nearly almost a year since we first saw a sneak peek, the full length version of the video has finally seen the light of day. Based on initial impression, Lopez definitely missed the ball and should’ve given “Good Hit” the official single treatment. The Dream and Tricky Stewart-produced track was an instant favorite of mine. I loved the deep bass and beat of the urban track. This was the J. Lo I originally fell in love with. That sassy “In Living Color” fly girl from the Bronx.

As expected from the teaser, the clip is filled with plenty of scenes with J. Lo killing it in a blue leotard jumpsuit while executing some interesting blow dryer choreo. Personally, I think it’s genius. Why rely on a huge fan machine like Beyonce, when you can simply generate your own wind in a hand held device. Lopez looks smoking hot as a sexy beauty school professor passing on her secrets of hair whipping to an army of wannabe divas. It’s hard to imagine she’s over forty and had twins coming out of that slamming body. Check out the video below.

check out the music video after the jump

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been sharing a lot of 2011 year end lists, mostly highlighting the best in any particular category. Earlier today, Tyrell shared Entertainment Weekly’s best 10 songs of 2011. On the flip side, I thought I’d bring you the publication’s worst 5 picks. Admit it, it’s more fun to pick on the worst, right? That being said, most of 5 Worst Songs are so heinous, it hurts to listen to them even just once.

As you can see in the picture above,’s collaboration with Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger secured a spot on the dishonorable list. On paper, the three of these artists on a project should produce a bona fide hit. Instead the single, “T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)”, has been universally panned and comes off as overindulgent. See who else picked as the bottom of the barrel from the year. You probably won’t be surprised at the #1 selection. I know I wasn’t and extremely happy about their choice.

check out the year’s worst after the jump

“You can go hard, or you can go home.” That is definitely what did with his newest music video for his track T.H.E. which stands for The Hardest Ever. The track, full of double entendre about boners and morning wood, has finally had it’s video released and I like it’s concept better than the song itself. tackles an airplane runway full of obstacles in what feels like the ultimate human video game as you upgrade throughout the levels. The Black Eyed Pea begins as a running human and after breaking through his first wall, gains a pedal bike, which turns into a motorcycle, which turns into a car and so on. He finally ends up in a rocket ship that shoots off into space.

Don’t worry, Jennifer Lopez appears in the video too in many skin tight and scantily clad outfits on the screens in’s jet and on the cement walls on the airstrip. The coolest part of the video is the milky way of Mick Jagger which flies through in space. Check out the new video below.

Check out their new video after the jump.

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