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Unlike with every other post I’ve done about Idol, I’m going to start off today with an angry rant. I can only assume Nigel Lythgoe was tired of online writers like myself calling him out on his shit and providing readers with a fast source of “just the songs and only the songs” as his team of lawyers have begun sweeping YouTube for open-source clips of the episodes, forcing us to rely nearly exclusively on (no I will NOT link that) for web-access to the evening’s performances. I’ve just had to spend my time going back to my article from a week ago where all the links have been “removed for copyright product” and put in coding to’s videos to be able to continue to offer you guys and gals access to the singing (Thanks DAN for letting me know about it!). I’m hoping tonight some brave youtuber will post regardless so I can show you the vids as long as they’ll stay up so you can avoid having to watch this two hour show- which, as we all know is 20 mins of singing and an hour and forty of ads, plugs and Ryan Seacrest vamping. As the show continues to drag in the ratings, it’s clear they’re attempting to jack up Nielsen Ratings and keep generation X, Y and Z offline and keep our TVs on, to ensure Coca Cola gets their 2 billion dollars worth.

Okay, rant over! What’s up tonight? As we saw last week, recently uberly out-and-proud Christian rocker Colton Dixon got surprisingly kicked off due to poor song choice, a clear desire not to be tied down by the Idol label, oh, and more than likely a rigging by the producers of the show who didn’t like his “screw you attitude” to the judges’ critiques last week. We come now to our Top 6 Performers! Tonight will see each kid once again take on two different songs as they’re forced to sing from the songbook of Queen (talented band, yes, but relevant? good god no) and a random choice of their own. I’m getting use to hating Idol and their producers 100% of the time so when they give us even the possibility of hearing something contemporary at least half the time, I’ll take it.

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Last night combined old with new and bad with good: mainly the stars of the show shone while the remaining disconnects continued to prove that we haven’t quite got rid of all the lesser singers. Each contestant got to try at the stage twice last night singing songs from before and after the year 2000 and I had a lot more love overall for the more contemporary attempts. While there’s nothing wrong with older songs redone for today’s crowd: remaking classics is just that much harder to do and often doesn’t get the kids to their feet and phones as fast. All in all, it was a pretty good night of songs.

This elimination round, we’re without the save- having been used on Jessica Sanchez the week previous- and anyone can go. While I don’t anywhere close to fully believe that Jess legitimately received the least amount of votes (it was discussed in last week’s comments that Idol can discount votes at their whim if they think they’re not on the up-and-up: ie. “we do whatever the hell we want”), I do think that extra Sanchez fans will be there to support her tonight. Further, Phil Phils will likely soar through on smile alone and Skylar Laineseems untouchable thus far. I’ve gotten bored with Joshua Ledet’s heartstring-pulling performances and have declared it his turn to adios though Hollie Cavanagh and her awkwardness just might be the one to lose it this evening. We’ve got performances by Season 8 winner Kris Allen and LMFAO doin’ their thing, but let’s get to some RESULTS!

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First off, I do apologize that the posts this week on my Idol recap are up later than my usual East Coast promptness but a new work sched is slightly throwing me off kilter so instead I’ll try to make up for it with a WHOLE lot more bitchiness. I’m kidding, don’t worry- how could I possibly be a bigger dick to this show’s producers?

Last week we got current music for once and I truly believed it offered the most interesting overall performances that we’ve seen this season. Thankfully, the good idiots at Idol have decided to both hurt and help themselves by combining new and old tonight by having the kids sings two songs each: one hit from post 2000 and one song pre. At this point, we have to take what we can get and have faith the remaining (actually talented) singers will pick from the myriad of classic decade older songs and turn them into something relevant and downloadable. As you likely know, we’re re-visiting the “Top 7” as last week the front-runner, Jessica Sanchez, was bottomed out by the votes only to be saved without second thought by the judges. This week there WILL be someone sent packing and it’s all based on tonight’s performances (well, it’s based on what the producers decide, but it’s fun to pretend that votes matter)- so let’s get to it!

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Jennifer Lopez is gearing up to “dance and love” all over the world this coming summer with a 60-plus date world tour! The gruelling tour schedule will kick-off in South America this coming June. Concert promoters AEG Live are behind this massive new tour for the 42-year-old superstar.

Currently, there is a tentative press conference scheduled for Monday where J.Lo will reveal details of the tour and the upcoming dates. A source close to Jennifer and the tour said, “J.Lo and her team have blocked out more than a month of their schedules, beginning May 4, to start intense rehearsals, each day, at a sound stage in the Los Angeles area. This will be a huge tour, complete with a lavish set, full band and team of dancers.”

The man behind the moves of her dancers? None other than boyfriend Casper Smart who recently showed off his dance moves with Jennifer in her controversial music video for Dance Again. While no dates have been confirmed, the tour is said to be comprised of stops in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia. Fans of American Idol have not to worry – this new tour will not effect her job on the show.

When Jennifer first broke into music, she shied away from performing live on stage and has never really gone on a solo tour. She may not be the best singer out there, but she definitely knows how to put on a great show. Check out a few of my favorite J.Lo live performances below.

My favorite Jennifer Lopez live performances after the jump.

Elimination Day!! It’s down to the Top 7 and I’m more than thrilled to say there’s no chaff left in this group: we are full of wheat and talent at this point. The past few weeks have seen the demise of some how-are-they-still-there singers and we’re down to wire where any mistake can send a kid home and there’s no more resting on laurels. Everything counts and tonight’s results could very well prove that, as dark horse Elise Testone might survive (god I hope so!) due to a great performance last night and we might see a frequent judge favourite take a bow. I’ve called this a year for the boys thinking that it will be the “two cute ones” (Colton Dixon and Phil Phils) making it to the final stage as their twitter followers are out of control and likely so is the voting for them. That said, we’ve seen week after week of brilliance from Jessica Sanchez who I say will take the show. BUT, nothing’s for sure so let’s get to tonight!

The Top 7 performed: “Song From This Decade” yesterday and finally gave us what we’ve been demanding and offered up current hits and recent classics for the kids to attempt. It was a damn good night with little for me to gripe on for once and led to some pretty heated discussions in the comments section afterwards- always a good sign! I questioned the “amazingness” of Joshua Ledet’s over-the-top and less recognizable performance of Bruno Mars in spite of the judges overwhelming accolades and predictable Standing O, and cast some doubt on the fate of Hollie Cavanagh as she continues to not connect with her youthfulness and the audience. Still, I’m no music expert and I can only call it how I see it having watched how Idol works for years and I think no matter what, me might finally see the use of the “Save” this week as I truly believe that none of the contestants left are bad and one mistake is all it takes. Let’s see what happens!!

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WE DID IT FOLKS! Clearly, the good/awful people at American Idol listened to our barking and decided to opt out of “Songs of the 20s” and leave “Rock Around the Clock” at home and this week gives us: “Songs From This Decade“. As much as I don’t believe my articles per se had anything to do with this choice, I definitely believe that the unified bitching of online fans everywhere actually got to the gold-stuffed ears of the Idol producers and they decided to listen to us little people. With such an odd sounding theme (seriously, “Songs From This Decade”, we’re TWO years in people), it sounds like they threw together the name of the week as quickly as they did change their mind to try out actually offering recent songs.

BUT, we got what we wanted, so no complaining about the fact that they couldn’t think of a better title, instead let’s just appreciate the gift and not stare the horse in its mouth. Bringing in Akon to mentor and “guide” the contestants I have to wonder if that was really the best choice given this man’s sketchy past having faux sex with 15-year olds on stage as well as more than a few different known baby mommas… maybe his time is better spent with HIS plethora of kids and not these ones? Hell, at least we’re getting a contemporary artist… just keep an eye on him around the younger ones is all I ask. Like last week, we’re gonna be getting the main song by the performers and then a duet that doesn’t technically count though the viewers are always there to judge it all and dial in accordingly. Let’s pray the singers show us they can be relevant and that it’s been the show holding them back with hackneyed themes and songbooks until this point!

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If you’re not loving Jennifer Lopez’s new track “Dance Again“, you’re not alone. With “On The Floor” being such a huge hit, many expected another home run from RedOne and Lopez teaming up again. They’re the victims of their own success, I guess. Meanwhile, it’s another J. Lo collaboration that has several websites taking notice and singing its praises.

The “American Idol” judge lends her vocals to a duo from her native Puerto Rico. Wisin & Yandel are a reggaeton duo that started their career in 1988. The two have been relatively unknown to the English market, but are making sure that changes real soon. In the past year, they’ve been featured on tracks by both Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias. Now, Wisin & Yandel have landed their biggest coup yet- Lopez guest starring on their lead single from their upcoming album.

Follow The Leader” is an uptempo track that mixes reggaeton beats with an urban-dance bassline. Wisin & Yandel provide killer verses while Lopez delivers a really catchy chorus. It’s muy caliente, if you ask me. Snaps to Niclas Kings for producing this potential smash. Check it out below, but forewarned. You might have the urge to jump out of your seat and bust a move after hearing it.

listen to the track after the jump

If you watched “American Idol” tonight you caught the world premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s new music video, “Dance Again“. Correction, you caught a very family-friendly version of it. Producers only showed a short highly-edited version of it. Gone is the orgy scene and Lopez bumping and grinding with her much younger boy toy, Casper Smart. Long-time collaborator Paul Hunter directed the steamy clip.

Hunter has previously worked with Lopez on “Feelin’ So Good“, “My Love Don’t Cost A Thing“, “Papi” and “If You Had My Love“. Speaking of the latter, the dance break segment in “Dance Again” was awfully similar to the one shot in “If You Had My Love”. Has Hunter run out of ideas? That being said, I sorta liked the special effects in the clip. Remember Lionel Richie’s hit, “Dancing On The Ceiling”? Well, certain parts of the clip could’ve been called, “fornicating on the ceiling“. Watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

Once again, J. Lo teams up with RedOne and Pitbull. Last time, the trio collaborated they came up with the megahit “On The Floor“. Will lightning strike twice? Personally, I don’t think so, but I’m willing to give the track a couple more listens. As mentioned before, Lopez casts her new beau in the clip. It’s deja vu all over again. Does this mean, she’ll be walking down the aisle with this one much like she did with Cris Judd and Marc Anthony? I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, watch Jen and Casper fondle each other’s booty while looking like they’ve been glitter bombed by Ke$ha.

watch the music video after the jump

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