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If you watched “American Idol” tonight you caught the world premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s new music video, “Dance Again“. Correction, you caught a very family-friendly version of it. Producers only showed a short highly-edited version of it. Gone is the orgy scene and Lopez bumping and grinding with her much younger boy toy, Casper Smart. Long-time collaborator Paul Hunter directed the steamy clip.

Hunter has previously worked with Lopez on “Feelin’ So Good“, “My Love Don’t Cost A Thing“, “Papi” and “If You Had My Love“. Speaking of the latter, the dance break segment in “Dance Again” was awfully similar to the one shot in “If You Had My Love”. Has Hunter run out of ideas? That being said, I sorta liked the special effects in the clip. Remember Lionel Richie’s hit, “Dancing On The Ceiling”? Well, certain parts of the clip could’ve been called, “fornicating on the ceiling“. Watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

Once again, J. Lo teams up with RedOne and Pitbull. Last time, the trio collaborated they came up with the megahit “On The Floor“. Will lightning strike twice? Personally, I don’t think so, but I’m willing to give the track a couple more listens. As mentioned before, Lopez casts her new beau in the clip. It’s deja vu all over again. Does this mean, she’ll be walking down the aisle with this one much like she did with Cris Judd and Marc Anthony? I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, watch Jen and Casper fondle each other’s booty while looking like they’ve been glitter bombed by Ke$ha.

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Well, last night we got to listen to the songs of the 80s and the whole thing was about as exciting as reading this sentence is… I know I’ve been called a catty bitch more than a couple times and told to shut up if I have nothing good to say but screw it, I’m still here ha. Point is, I’m staying around with the hopes that SOMEthing good gets proposed by the aging and out-of-touch producers at “American Idol” as they continue to attempt theme nights of aged singer song books and decades of limited relevance and then within those awful limitations choosing a litany of songs we’ve never heard of. This show has had such amazing moments over the last decade and I know it’s capable of great things so I’ll stay, keeping them honest and calling them on their laziness! Last night’s ridiculousness included crap by DeBarge (who?), lesser pics of Simply Red and 80s disco (seriously?) from Irene Cara… slow clap for those choices Idol. And as much as you have us watching the contestants “choose” their own songs, we just know that if they’re opting for bull like this that the list to go off of must be even more obscure. Okay, rant done, let’s get to what we’re here for!

Tonight is some personal pimping (yet again… wasn’t it about her TV show just a couple weeks ago and then her marriage the year before… Hey J Lo: how did those turn out?), by Ms. Lopez herself as she premieres “Dance Again” tonight. She looks great, but I’m wary to believe this one’s gonna be the one that puts her back on top, but we’ll see! On top of that we get previous Idol “failure” Kellie Pickler who proved you don’t need Idol’s number one slot to make it in the music world once the show ends and The Wanted performing tonight. Some decent bands tonight and a nice combo of pop, country and let’s go alt pop rock to make the evening appeal to a variety of peeps. But who cares about all that when there’s the elimination on the line! I’m hoping with all my might that it’s finally DeAndre Brackensick’s turn to step off though I’m worried for Hollie Cavanagh and as always Elise Testone. I think Hollie might earn the second chance from the judges if it gets that far but I doubt the other two would even be seriously considered for it. Let’s see what’s happened!

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So, Idol, where did we last leave things? Well, Heejun-the-“Hilarious” was finally sent home- only 5 or weeks so late, but hey it’s done now. This week we get buried in another Idol theme week of blah as we recite the songs of the 80s. Arguably there’s plenty of gems from that decade but we all know that Nigel Lythgoe and the rest of the producer ghouls will be finding the cheapest and most random they can to bore us for a good 90% of what we’ll watch tonight, and taking a peak at a leaked song list it seems like my pessimistic prediction is dead on. The songs you’ll see are known but truly nothing relevant in today’s world of “One Direction Bieber Lovato” madness so I struggle to understand how this show attempts to stay relevant with songs that less than half the audience likes let alone recognizes. Oh well, let’s play the hand we’re dealt and see what we’ve got tonight.

As we move from last week’s Stevie Nicks to today’s Gwen Stefani as contestant mentor I appreciate the attempt to at least bring in truly successful performers who have been through the stages of early stardom and come out the other end as famed successes so at least they’re hitting that on the head. We’re going to be getting our usual round of solos tonight but with the add of some duets to- let’s be honest- drag out what could be a half hour show into its full 2-hour commercial bonanza. I’ve got my fingers crossed Phil Phil’s shirt busts open tonight, that DeAndre Brackensick forgets the words and yet still gets voted to stay in perfect mockery of what this show has become and that Jessica Sanchez continues to slay the competition along side my dark horse fave Elise Testone. So, without further adieu…

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A couple promo shots slash stills from Jennifer Lopez‘s upcoming music video for “Dance Again” have just been released. The pictures show Lopez and blindfolding a shirtless Casper Smart and vise versa (minus JLo being shirtless).

Here are some of the lyrics of the song JLo sings that the stills from the video compliment. “Nobody knows what i’m feeling inside / I find it so stupid / So why should I hide / That I love to make love to you baby / (yeah make love to me) / So many ways wanna touch you tonight I’m a big girl got no secrets this time / Yeah I love to make love to you baby / (yeah make love to me).” She then sings, “If this would be a perfect world / We’d be together then (let’s do it do it do it) / Only got just one life this i’ve learned / Who cares what they’re gonna say (let’s do it do it do it),” and then goes into the chorus.

Clearly based on the lyrics of the song and the “Love is blind” blindfolds in the stills, JLo is sending a message that people can be with whomever they want, despite any age difference. Jennifer Lopez is 42-years old and her dancer beau Casper Smart is 24-years old. Check out the pictures below. The sexy video premieres this Thursday night on American Idol.

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JLo & Pitbull Release “Dance Again” Lyric Video

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Just a few days ago, Jennifer Lopez revealed a short snippet of her new song “Dance Again,” which is a collaboration with Pitbull. Now, JLo has released the full lyric video and we’ve got your first listen.

In my last article, I mentioned that the snippet wasn’t enough for me to determine whether the song was destined to be a hit or not. Now having heard the full Red One-produced track, I can say that… I love it! It’s a great “feel good” summer song and I can’t wait to hear it out at the clubs in the near future.

Give it a listen below and let me know what you think! Let me know if you like it better than JLo & Pitbull’s “On The Floor” from last year as well.

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Well, this week has been BETTER. I’m going to assume this was Nigel Lythgoe’s annual purchasing of black market baby organs to keep his skeletor body alive and therefore someone else took over and decided to give us a theme week of: “Idols singing their idols” which allowed for actual contemporary and recognizable tunes. On top of that, we even get to see the tremendously huge (in the platinum sales kind of way) Nicki Minaj perform “Starships” and of course the typical previous Idol failures attempting to bump their sales with Season 10’s winner Scotty McCreery singing “Water Tower Town“. Maybe you’ll actually try a live performance this time mr. parade lip sync disaster??

Last night was a good one for fans of actual talent on this show as Vote for the Worst favourite DeAndre YouMakeMeSick BOMBED his 100% falsetto version of an Eric Benet song and how-is-he-still-here Heejun Huh came across as mediocre at best. Further, true talent Elise Testone blasted the damn hell out of an impossible rock ballad and got the full support of the judges which only perfectly sets up this show to fall on its ass if the voters didn’t support her and we once again see her in the bottom. It’s cruel to hope for someone to fail, but this girl cannot win with America’s voting system on this show and so I’m hoping she stands as a lightning rod of disgust from viewers with brains and ears everywhere who will watch her get kicked off for not being peppy, young or cookie cutter enough to make the Idol cut. Ranting aside, Seacrest has been promising a “shocker” tonight so let’s get to those results and see how Nicki did tonight!

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Maybe tonight’s the night that I don’t roll my eyes at Idol… MAYBE. After weeks of old, unknown and painfully forgettable song choices due in large part to the show’s constantly pathetic attempt at a “theme”, we get this evening: “Idols singing their idols”, as the kids take on the (please dear god let them be famous) songs of the singers they grew up loving. What I hate most about this: In this area, this is where “X Factor” truly shines as they week-in get to choose from any song the show can pay for and blast away. They change their style and genre like they change their outfits to meet the judges and America’s expectations and that makes for a much more versatile competition. With American Idol we’re usually stuck with crap like: “The song book of Elvis” etc. Still, making lemonade from bitter, handpicked with his wrinkled paws Nigel Lythgoe lemons, what I like most about this challenge is the ability to pander, play to your abilities and most importantly: be memorable.

Personally, I’d lie through my god damn teeth and pick a song that was vaguely patriotic- or at least American iconic- from within the last decade, with a huge rise in it and one that every god damn person in that audience would know. Screw “singing the songs I grew up loving”: who the hell remembers Lisa Loeb’s Sandalwood“! Instead, use this vague theme to make that crowd weep and jump to their feet. Let’s hope some of the contestants were smart enough to figure that one out. That said, we also “get” some lame group performances by the contestants but , we do get classic American singer Stevie Nicks as the mentor: a great choice for “Idols and their idols” night even though (spoiler alert) I don’t really mention either of them at all in this article. Get to the end and you’ll see why.

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The 42-year old singer & ‘American Idol‘ judge has just released a snippet of a new single from either a new album or upcoming greatest hits compilation, and we’ve got your first listen. The song is called “Dance Again” and the music video for the single will be revealed on American Idol on April 5, according to If you recall, Jennifer Lopez previously debuted the music video for her hit single “On The Floor” on American Idol last year as well.

The song, which is once again a collaboration with Pitbull, will be officially released on March 30. Listen to the 20-second clip below and let me know if you think it will be as big of a hit as “On The Floor” was. It’s always hard to say with these short snippets, as it’s often not enough to give you an idea of what the song is actually like. Lopez sings, “I wanna dance, and love, and dance again,” in the teaser.

Check it out below!

Listen to the teaser after the jump…

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