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Well, if you saw last night’s episode or read my article you’d know that it was half the worst live singing Idol has shoved down our throats in a while and half pretty good (enjoy the sunny side of Adam there cause it doesn’t often get much nicer than that). With the boys, the judges were barely in attendance and spoke more platitudes than they did advice or direction while the contenders blew it more often than not. Tonight is the girls: usually they all take it much more seriously, but often it’s way easier to blow those high and difficult notes so they’re always under a bit more scrutiny.

Top 12 Girls take the stage en force and it looks more like a pageant than it does a singing competition as the makeup is slapped on and the clothes cinched up all fancy like. But, before we get into the videos and my review, it has to be said as the camera pans through these girls: this is the WHITEST crop I’ve ever EVER seen on this show. A comment made in my last article, it’s almost impossible to believe that Jessica Sanchez is the only evident woman of colour of the batch and we’re left wondering why. Obviously, if the talent isn’t in someone you don’t want them pushed through just to keep the group heterogeneous, but really? The best of the best of the best girls were all whities? And nearly ALL blonds? I’m a cracker myself so it’s really not my place to complain but I needed to point it out. Now, onto the show!

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American Idol 11: Meet Your Top 12 Girls

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Well it’s been decided: this is the year of the blond! You gotta click through and see the hilarious cookie cutter approach they took to look and talent this year as I think the girls might have it a little harder than the boys in this the 11th season of Idol. While I think there’s talent for sure, the fact that so many of these songstresses look nearly identical when the makeup gets caked on and those lights explode on stage is gonna hurt them come voting time when you struggle to remember if it was the 4th blond girl who sang or the 6th one that you liked. Unique is often a huge help in the early stages of this competition to make a name for yourself until your talent shines through and carries you to the final rounds.

Still, there are a couple real gems in this lot and even my top pick to take this whole thing is amidst this divas. Girls, I feel, have it harder with the more extreme notes and ranges so it’s going to take a dedicated and talented singer more than a performer to win this boy’s heart as the boys often pull of perfect pitch a bit more readily. So, learn their names and learn them well cause they’re gonna need your calls to survive those initial rounds when anyone can go if voters get lazy to work to keep their faves in. And, no joke, you need to click along and see how much this cast reads like a cheerleaders registry from the 80s haha.

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So, we’ve had more than a couple of the tops (insert gay giggle here) exposed so far but tonight’s the final cut as the drama quotient goes up and you just KNOW they’re gonna start pitting similar looks and song-styles against one another as they get down to the wire. So far, I’ve been pretty iffy about how much I’m pro the chosen leading ladies and gents, but hopefully I’ll manage to find a couple faves by the end of tonight. Personally, I do not need to love em’ all, rather have two or three pics that I ride like a mule all the way to the top while I make fun of all the others that fall along the way. Hmmm, I’m beginning to think that everyone’s right and I’m not such a good person…

Tonight’s episode has some more final, unreleased performances and a butt load of tears from both the XX and XY chromosomal kids (and possibly one XXY, sorry Deandre). So, sit back and watch as your hopefuls either get crushed for the last time this season or make it through to the infamous Top 12 Girls and Boys showdowns.

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American Idol 11: The Top 24 Revealed (Part One)

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“Today: 42 contestants become 24.” It’s finally here! After weeks and weeks of cutting and auditions we officially have our Top 12 Girls and Top 12 Boys announced for the world to rejoice/argue (actually, Seacrest lied, today is only Part 1 of 2). While I’ve been criticized lately for being too harsh on the kids and not “looking on the bright side of things,” I honestly have to say that this season thus far has not been the strongest I’ve seen. Yes, there have been many great performances that pull at the heartstrings but overall I’ve felt the judges have given some passes to lack luster singing way more often than they ought to have considering the talent pool they have to choose from.

But, today is about the best. Today we see those who have made it along on storyline and one or two good showings get told it wasn’t quite there and the resultant tears will flow. Fortunately for those who watch this show for the singing and not just the drama there were some great clips of final performances that I’ve included below as we get to see what talent brought these young hopefuls to the top in the judges’ minds. So, without further adieu, let’s get to the official Top 24 pics (again, just Part 1) and see what ol’ bitchy Adam thinks of the decisions!

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Well, Hollywood week is finally done and a good amount of the sad sacks that needed to go have gone. And, I do mean sad as too many people often skate through those original auditions based on “Momma left me early on” stories that pull at the judges heartstrings so much that their ears can’t hear actual talent and send them through. Hollywood was a great chance to see some talent that didn’t make it to the silver screen before hand and an even better chance to stress out those tiny tots to the point that they crack and show not just what they had for lunch but also just how terrible and inexperienced they truly are. Still, it’s not quite done and there’s plenty more crap that needs to go. I mean, come on: Richie god damn Law is still there!

So it’s now Vegas Week 1 and while we’re still seeing the kids perform in groups, it’s the BETTER remaining singers so hopefully way less lyrical amnesia than we saw last night in Hollywood. Unfortunately, they have them singing in the style of the 50s and 60s which sounds ridiculous to me as all they ever tell them come live performances is NOT to sound dated. Considering how things have been going in the season thus far I’m expecting more puke, more collapsing and a whole lot of tears… Oh right, and some “talented performers” 😛 Spoiler alert, I am SUPER disappointed in the performances, drama and judges tonight and find myself wondering if they were drinking from Paula’s cup cause these three must are clearly on drugs.

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Well FINALLY get to see those performances held just out of our reach last week as we instead were subject to Bitchathon/Pukathon 2012. Today’s article is titled the OFFICIAL Round 2 article as apparently last week’s Thursday counted more as a segue episode that all leads to these final group attempts.

Group Night is always one of the toughest nights for the kids as they struggle to meld Type A personalities into one coalesced mound of talent and keep their voices from crackin’ and losing it to one another on stage. Though we’ll get to see a good amount of tragedy to be sure, there’s always, ALWAYS a strong amount of collectives that stroll out and just dominate the stage. Often because the kids themselves can just tell who the winners are they seek each other out to make sure no anchor will hold them back, the result of that is that the leftovers often have to try and scrape something together at the last second. Speaking of awful groups scraping things together…

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American Idol 11: Meet The Top 12 Girls (Spoilers)

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Yesterday, I spoiled “American Idol” Season 11’s Top 12 Guys and now it’s the ladies turn. While the boys’ side feature a decent sampling of music genres, the same cannot be said here. No big belting divas like Latoya London, Jennifer Hudson, or Fantasia. But if you’re craving singers like that, in an ironic twist, a couple of contestants on the boys’ side will definitely fill that void- Adam Brock and Jeremy Rosado.

Instead of diversity, the Top 12 girls are riddled with blond girls, country singers and teens. Obviously, the powers-that-be are trying to hedge their bets with Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson clones which makes sense since they’re the most successful “American Idol” winners ever. Can a girl finally win this thing again? Believe it or not, Jordin Sparks is the last female winner. I think it’s about time the ovaries beat out the testicles. Tween girls, please stop power-voting for your crushes.

Like last post, I’m giving you one FINAL warning if you don’t want Season 11’s Top 12 Girls spoiled for you. Proceed with caution.

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