I’m a sucker for random facts. Just witness me watching an episode of Jeopardy and you’ll see I’m a vault of useless and sometimes useful information. Naturally, when I came across this BuzzFeed fashion history tutorial, I had to tune in. If you’re curious to know how your wardrobe was invented, including underwear, jeans, socks and much more, watch the short informative video below. If that doesn’t interest you, perhaps the shirtless male model laying on his back will 😉

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Denim Care: The Freezer Method

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So you’ve invested a hefty sum for an amazing pair of raw denim jeans enough for a down-payment for a house in the suburbs and the sales associate cautions you to NEVER wash them. But what is one to do when their denim gets dirty? FREEZE it! Yes, according to an ABC news report, apparently this method kills bacteria & is just as effective as washing them with soap and water. Not only does this kill bacteria, it also prevents your denim from fading and significantly reduces the wear and tear that you would normally get from the friction of washing them. So your dark denims will keep their super dark colour for years to come.

Check out the how-to video by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan on the next part of the post.

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Fashion: LookBook Style Inspirations OTM

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I usually go through and browse through guy’s fashion looks to see what other people are wearing in different parts of the world. There has been quite a lot of feminine pieces creeping into men’s clothing with flowy fabrics & less structured cuts (go check out H&M right now if you’re into that) along with higher heels for men (we’re talking anywhere from 3″-4″). Although many of these guys can pull it off, I tend to go for something more clean & simple. I know many of our readers are not that much into slim/skinny pants but they’re here to stay. Personally, not many people can pull it off but I do love the look, but because I have athletic legs I can’t really wear them either. Here are Top 5 LOOKBOOK contributors that caught my eye this week. I’m featuring one look from their archive that I’ve taken some inspiration from. Check out each of their links for more looks. Not necessarily from my picks below, but what looks inspire you most? Are you a casual, fashionista, trendy, classic or formal dresser?

Bobby Hicks
25 year old guy from Brooklyn, NY

Not only is he cute but he can also effortlessly put together tshirt and jeans in a very stylish way by completing the look with a fedora. Ok I admit… I’m in love with this guy’s ink. I mean look at that sleeve!

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Behind The Cast: A Few Days Til Christmas

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I managed to do a little shopping amidst the chaos that was downtown Vancouver. I was shopping for my 4 year old niece at H&M’s kids section and found some zip up boots that were very girly with flowers printed on them (she had specifically asked for these) and a pair of shiny pink jeans with matching gold belt. She is a very girly girl so I’m sure she’s gonna love it. I love shopping for my niece because I believe Christmas is more about the children. Here’s Dani, posing with the gifts.

Dani with gifts

I found a couple of great Christmas videos on YouTube and I can’t stop watching them. I’ve been watching them over and over for the past 2 days. The first video is from Nickelodeon which is a Punjabi version of Jingle Bells (PS I love Bollywood) and the second one is a reworked version of the 12 Days of Christmas (Indian style). I love the butter chicken part and the insufficient dowry.

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Here is a list of 5 things grown men should no longer wear. There are many things we have grown up wearing that we could get away with back then but now that we are adults, it is time to throw these things out and replace them with more age appropriate versions. Time to clean out your closets so here are a few suggestions on what to replace them with.

1. Backpacks – Unless you’re carrying huge amount of books from one classroom to another, this choice of bag should never be an option. The only time a backpack is acceptable is when you are traveling or hiking. Replace your backpack with a messenger bag or a duffel bag. I’m a big fan of Freitag, they make their bags out of well-traveled truck tarpaulins, unraveled seat belts, bicycle inner tubes beyond repair, recycled airbags, and come in fun colours and patterns.

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Oh No She Didn’t!

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Sausage GirlSausage Girl. Ok so you’re outfit isn’t actually all that bad only it’s “A FEW SIZES TOO SMALL!” Wasn’t the muffin’ top just below your high-waisted belt an indication? Are those jeans or are they leggings? I didn’t know they started making tights in jean cut. Your friend over there is appropriately dressed…great top and jacket and I’m loving her wide leg pants…the whole look is kinda nautical which suits the area…Gastown by the docks. I wonder how she even got those jeans on? Did she put them on while they were still wet? Yikes!

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