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Andrew Christian Holds Auditions In Latest Clip

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In the vein of So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol, Andrew Christian holds auditions of his own. The lucky ones to advance get a ticket to Las Vegas for the MATINÉE Festival over Memorial Day weekend. It’s four days of fun that includes eight parties, 20 DJs and lots of hot boys.

In charge of handing out the coveted tickets are Pandora Boxx, Davey Wavey, Todrick Hall and Andrew Christian himself. Watch them as they drool, manhandle and rate the sexy studs paraded in front of them. Note to future hopefuls: Flirt with Pandora. From the looks of it, she’s your best bet to advance. Also making appearances in the promo video are Drag Race alums Raja and Manila Luzon.

While it’s not as racy as their other videos, it does showcase a lot of jiggling bare booties and salacious behavior, ergo me saving it til Saturday to post the NSFW clip. Enjoy and if you’re in Vegas, have fun and be on the look out for the AC boys.

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Andrew Christian Goes On A Sexy Road Trip

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The underwear brand just unleashed the first part of their Road Trip series. By Andrew Christian standards, their newest video is relatively tame. Sure, there’s a bevy of hot shirtless boys prancing around in their underwear, man-on-man kissing and a little LOT of crotch grabbing. But kinda PG when compared to their recent risque clips. Buckle up! You’re about to go on a sexy ride.

Fan favorite Colby Melvin joins Quinn Jaxon, Brandon Brown (WOOF), Jason Medina and a bunch of other guys for a shirts-off bus party. Not just any ordinary bus, but one of those fancy dancy ones with a stripper pole, club lights and other gadgets. Salme Dahlstrom’s “Bombastic” plays in the background while the guys do body shots, clean the bus, pump gas and other antics. My favorite part is when Colby goes to town on a big banana. Boy has got some serious deep-throating skills.

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The Andrew Christian models are back at it again. Their last video really pushed the boundaries and as much as I love to see their bare booties, I’m glad this one isn’t as extreme so that we aren’t crossing the line with what we post as well. It’s not bad when there is a censored and uncensored version, but last time both versions were SO naughty… with a capital N.

In this new video, the boys take turns shaking their booties for the camera, almost like a “dance off“… except in this case it would be an “ass-off“. The song playing in the background is called “Punch That Kitty” by Glamorous Monique and Gordy Cox. I’m so glad that Jason Medina (shown above), one of my top three favorite AC models is in this video as well.

If you want to pick up a pair of what the boys are wearing, you can find that on the AC website here. Check out the video below. Enjoy!

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Who’d You Rather: Dehler VS Medina

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Having just come back from White Party 2012, it seemed appropriate to highlight a couple of the Andrew Christian hotties we met while we were there. Whether helping host the events, perform on stage, or busy doing a photo shoot, the boys were busy shaking their money makers. Of course there are many hot AC models, but we’ve decided to highlight Jason Medina and Steven Dehler and ask you who you’d rather in… and out of their AC underwear.

Steven Dehler we met while walking home from one of the pool parties. He’s a 25-year old German/Irish model from LA and has been featured in some AC shoots and promo videos. Great body, great smile, and he was great to talk to.

We met Jason Medina when arriving at the Sunday T-Dance and he informed us that he was going to be performing later on. A couple hours later, he was crawling on stage with “Fuck You Betta” singer Neon Hitch riding along on his back. The sexy model/dancer has been featured in many AC campaigns and videos.

Check out their photos and vote for who you’d rather below.

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Andrew Christian is back with another super sexy promo video that features the stunning Richie Nuzzolese and the gorgeous AC soccer team. The video starts off with our favorite YouTube sensations Jessica and Hunter looking very out of place at the local laundry mat. If you watch their videos, you’d know the laundrymat is the opposite of the type of place they’d choose to hang out at. Hunter whines to Jessica about bringing him there on a Friday night, but she insists he stays because she knows whats coming.

Enter a team of hot mischievous soccer players (Nice work, Jessica). The team captain (Richie Nuzzolese) has trouble written all over his face when he says to the other guys, “Lets Do Some Laundry.”

As you’d expect, Andrew Christian models don’t just “do laundry”. They strip down to their underwear (in the spirit of efficiency) and get up to no good (in the spirt of hot fun). Enjoy the video below and see how much fun doing laundry can really be.

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