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Turns out the rumors and TMZ reports were true. Kristin Chenoweth is dating a former star of The Bachelor. In the most dramatic rose ceremony ever, Kristin picks someone NOT in my Top 10 Hottest Bachelors list. In fact, the diminutive Broadway star picked one of my least favorite Bachelors ever from the history of the ABC dating show. Oh Kristen, I expected more from you.

Chenoweth confirmed her new relationship with People magazine saying, “We have been spending a little time together.” The new couple have been spotted dining together in West Hollywood and at a cafe near this Bachelor’s home in Texas. The two reportedly met at an event in October. I wonder if he gave the former Pushing Daisies star roses on their first date or other flowers… daisies, perhaps? Find out who Kristin’s new beau is below.

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He didn’t find love on ABC’s dating show, but perhaps this new gig might yield a long-term relationship. He’ll be in front of numerous women on a nightly basis. You never know. Strangers things have happened. Not content with their fifteen minutes of fame, one certain former “Bachelor” is stepping back into the spotlight. This time around, he’ll resurface at the titillating male revue show, The Chippendales.

According to TMZ, this reality star begins his tenure on February 23 at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He’ll join the likes of 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons and “Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Magro as an honorary celebrity Chippendale. Though, he’ll work with the world-famous strippers, the former Bachelor star will not wear the traditional bowtie and shirt cuff attire. Instead, he’ll MC the show. Find out who’s heading off to Sin City below.

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Even though I’m not a student, I feel the smell of fall and back-to-school in the air. I went to the grocery store today and Halloween candy was already available in those gigantic combo packs. Are you kidding me? The leaves haven’t even turned yet. Well, that’s what you get when September hits and Labor Day passes; fall truly begins. So, another day, another night of new fall shows to watch. Tonight, I checked out three new shows once again for you so you don’t have to waste your DVR space. Tonight, I checked out H8R on the CW, then flipped over to NBC to watch a little Up All Night and Free Agents. Check out my thoughts below.


Let’s be honest. This show looks awful. Horrible actually. I didn’t think I would make it past the first 5 minutes, especially with Snooki and Jake Pavelka being the first two “celebrity victims.” I have to admit, this show fits in nicely to the niche of reality guilty pleasures. The show has a little bit of an anti-bullying twist but not really. Some people are just ass-hats if you ask me. Jake couldn’t even break the ice with his hater but Snooki was able to charm the pants off hers. There are some pretty big celebs coming up this season that have some wild haters so I will say if you like a good guilty pleasure, thoughtless show to warm you up for ANTM, then check it out.

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Let’s Talk “Bachelor Pad” Season 2

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Okay. Let’s talk this year’s season of the Bachelor Pad. Last season, I caught an episode here or there but never really go into it. This year, I’ve allowed myself to fall into the trap and I have to tell you I’m hooked. Last night, I was glued to the TV while all of the latest drama went down. If you haven’t been following, let me give you a quick update.

This season, returning Bachelor Jake Pavelka has been placed in a house with his ex-fiancé Vienna Girardi and her current boyfriend Kasey Kahl. The drama between these three has been non-stop high school bullsh** and honestly, it’s like a train wreck that you cannot stop watching. It doesn’t help that Vienna also broke up Gia Allemand’s relationship prior to the show either by sleeping with her boyfriend. With all of this back story, how can you NOT love this show.

Last night’s episode laid the drama on REAL thick and made me absolutely DESPISE the power couple that is Kasey & Vienna. They are absolutely ruthless and literally have no sense of trust, morals or dignity in the house and it absolutely infuriates me.

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Is it wrong that I’m extremely excited for tonight’s 3-hour premiere of “Bachelor Pad” Season 2 on ABC? Yes, my name is Donovan and I’m a reality television junkie. Even though last year’s inaugural season was a bit of a letdown, I’m cautiously optimistic about this season. Hopefully, the producers have tweaked the game a bit and upped the challenges. Last year, the rules felt like they were made up as we went along and the challenges were something you’d see elementary kids participating in during recess.

Judging by the previews it certainly looks like the production team has raised the bar. Plus casting the trainwrecks that are Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi was brillballs. Maybe not that brilliant, considering these two fame whores would probably show up at an autograph signing at a hot dog stand if it meant they received a bit of press. That being said, their post breakup interview with Chris Harrison was trashy reality television at it’s best SLASH worst.

The one thing Season 1 has over Season 2 is the quality of the guys. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few studs this season that are definitely sexy, but last year had David Good, Kiptyn, Kovacs and Jesse Beck. Talk about sex on a stick. These guys had testosterone oozing out of every pore. That being said, there are a couple of guys that will definitely keep me hot and bothered for the rest of the summer. Check them out in all their shirtless glory below. At the end of this post, I’ve ranked the guys according to my personal “hot” taste. See if you agree with my rankings.

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It seems that everyone who gets their moment in the limelight revels in it and then falls into the same old mold of the LA stereotype, no matter who you are or where you came from and it looks like Vienna Girardi is one of those gals. Known best for winning Jake Pavelka’s heart on The Bachelor and then displaying their explosive break-up on national television, the blonde has decided that she needed to get her nose done. She spoke to US Weekly about how excited she was to have the procedure done.

“It has only been a few days since my surgery and I’m in a ton of pain but the excitement of seeing my new nose soon is keeping me in good spirits.”

In the interview she says that her current beau Kasey Kahl has been helping her out during her recovery. How sweet of him. Now he can guard and protect her heart AND her nose. LOL. In an interesting side note, Vienna’s surgery was performed by Dr. Franklin Rose, father of Bachelor Pad contestant Erica Rose. Vienna added a few more comments about her surgery on Twitter.

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VH1’s Famous Food: Watch The New Series Trailer

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What happens when seven celebrities join forces to open a restaurant? We’ll have to watch this show to find out. The new series stars some of realities biggest celebrities we love to hate, including Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka, and Danielle Staub. The objective is to become a partner in the Dolce group’s newest restaurant. To win, the cast will have to collaborate on all aspects of the new eatery and successfully open it in 28 days.

The restaurant opening process will cover everything from the renovations to menus to seating and the cast run into several problems along the way, as you’d expect. Broken refrigerators, a failed fire inspection, and budgetary issues. Definitely expect drama with these spoiled brats. There appears to be some food fights and even what looks like a crow bar dual and table flip that takes things to a whole new level. This is one of those shows that I know is complete trash to watch, but I’m going to want to watch it for that exact reason.

“Can seven, famous, over-the-top personalities work together and make it in the culinary world? Or do too many cooks really spoil the broth?” The series premieres on VH1 on Sunday, July 10th at 10:00pm.

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The Bachelor Pad: Meet The Cast Of Season 2

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What happens when you put 18 former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants together in a house for the summer? You get complete and utter mayhem, a boat load of drama and of course, the summer’s best reality show guilty pleasure… The Bachelor Pad.

Returning for it’s second season, the show is ready to deliver all the goods pitting rivals, exes and some friends against each other to win the ultimate prize: $250,000. The housemates will compete in various challenges and vote out each other throughout the process. This is also a second chance at love for those who didn’t find it the first time around on their respective seasons.

This season promises to bring some extra drama with the addition of Jake Pavelka who chose Vienna Girardi in his season. She now dates Kasey Kahl but has beef with Gia Allemand who has beef with Vienna after hooking up with her ex Wes Hayden. Gia is now apparently now friends with Jake Pavelka. May the gloves come off and the games begin!

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