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Imagine having Cher on your outgoing voicemail message asking your friends to leave a message after the tone, ending with her signature “WOAH!” Personally, I would die. For the low price of $299, the “Woman’s World” singer will do just that.

The advocacy group Autism Speaks has corralled several celebrities including Bryan Cranston, Adam West, Jack Black, Peter Dinklage, Jim Parsons, Mark Hamill, Zachary Quinto, Michael Dorn and Vin Scully to name a few to record a 20-second-long customized message all for the sake of charity.

From Oct. 7 to Oct. 13, a limited number of MP3 messages you write will be recorded by each celebrity on a first-come, first-served basis for fans to do with as they wish. Naturally, all requests must be of the PG nature. So don’t expect Quinto to record sweet dirty nothings on your voicemail. I’m sure he’d do it for free if you’re his type ;)

Last year’s effort which featured Betty White, Will Ferrell and Patrick Stewart to name a few recorded about 342 messages, raising roughly $100,000. The initiative is the brainchild of Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Show) and his son Matt who works for Autism Speaks. Check out a few of the recordings from last year below.

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Jimmy Kimmel has just released his third video compilation of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. Kimmel explains, “In just a few months, Twitter will turn six years old. In 2006, ‘tweeting’ was only something birds did. Now it is our number one way to insult celebrities.” Some of the things people say are just awful and plain ridiculous, and this video highlights some of those pointless and hurtful tweets.

The celebrities featured in this video include: Selena Gomez, Larry King, Dr. Phil, Simon Cowell, Jessica Biel, David Arquette, Kirstie Alley, Adam Scott, Tom Arnold, Hayden Panetierre, Anderson Cooper, Eric Stonestreet, Christina Applegate, Real Tenanious D (Kyle Gass & Jack Black), and Bryan Cranston.

Watch the video below to see the celebrities reading the mean tweets about them and see their reactions as they read it.

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Forbes Reveal Top 10 Most Overpaid Movie Stars

In: Donovan, Movies

There used to be a time when Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler could do no wrong at the box office. No matter what vehicle they starred in, it would undoubtedly become a bona fide blockbuster. But as they say, nothing lasts forever. The two veteran comedy actors find themselves on a list that no Hollywood actor wants to be on. To quote one of Murphy’s movies, I’m sure he wants to be Trading Places with anyone else right now.

Also landing on the list are one-time rom-com queens Katherine Heigl and Sandra Bullock. All it takes is one box office bomb to bring down their dollar return average. Each lady had exactly that with One For The Money and All About Steve respectively. You can also add Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close to Bullock’s less-than-stellar grosses. Find out below who ranks No. 1 on the list with a return of $2.30 for every dollar they were paid.

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When Bill Clinton appeared on the “The Arsenio Hall Show” playing the saxophone, you knew this wasn’t your typical presidential candidate. That unexpected move marked a turning point in his campaign and help build his support with minority groups and the youth vote. Hoping to drum up the same support, Clinton went to Funny or Die to film a viral video for his Clinton Foundation. The 42nd US President enlists a roster of celebrities for his surprisingly entertaining clip.

In the video, Ben Stiller holds a brainstorming session where Matt Damon, Kristin Wigg, Mary Steenburgen, Ted Danson and Sean Penn come up with ideas for the Clinton Foundation. Ranging from the hilarious to the ridiculous, the suggestions frustrate the moderating Stiller. When Clinton calls, Stiller is forced to relay their lack of intelligent ideas. Shockingly, Clinton approves of all the concepts and hails them as being the best he’s ever heard. Watch the clip to see why Clinton is so agreeable. I won’t spoil the ending for you.

watch the video below

If you haven’t seen the trailer for ‘Bernie‘ yet you don’t know what your missing. Starring Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine, and Matthew McConaughey, the dramedy is shot mockumentary-style, with people from the town sharing their own opinions and perspectives on Bernie and whether or not he is guilty. Who is Bernie and what is he in trouble for? I’ll get to that next.

Bernie (Jack Black) is a local mortician that everyone loves and gets along with. People really had nothing bad to say about him. Bernie then becomes the best of friends with a wealthy widow (Shirley MacLaine) who everyone hates (because she’s awful) and somewhere along the way, he ends up essentially becoming her servant.

Being treated so poorly, there’s only so much he can take. “BANG,” he shoots her dead, but he then goes to great lengths to create the illusion that she’s still alive. Check out the trailer and be sure to watch it when it hits theatres this Friday, April 27. It looks hilarious and definitely worth checking it out.

American Idol 10: The Winner Is…

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Sorry for the delay in pumping out the recap for American Idol’s Season 10 finale. I went to Usher’s concert last night where Akon, Dev and The Cataracs opened. One of the best concerts I’ve been too in a while. I’m going to do a separate review later on. Afterward, we headed to the official after party and had even more fun. Sufficed to say, I got home pretty late and woke up a bit groggy. Let me tell you, two hours of Idol isn’t the most effective hangover cure. So enough background, let’s get to the show.

I’m sure at this point, you probably already know who the winner is so I won’t pretend to skirt around that issue. After a record-breaking 122 million votes cast, Scotty McCreery was crowned this season’s winner. He clearly was the frontrunner for most of the season, so I’m not completely surprised. That being said, I gave Lauren an outside chance she could pull it off based on the previous night’s performance. All in all, I’m pretty content with the results. Let’s hope Scotty breaks the recent trend of declining sales for an Idol winner.

With Simon Cowell leaving, many were curious to see if Idol would survive without him. Not only has it, but it’s thrived. Along with the aforementioned record-breaking votes, the finale ratings were up an impressive 12% over last year’s show. A fitting ending to a great season. If you missed any part of the season finale, check out the picture-by-picture recap below.

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Yesterday, Jack Black dressed in many a costume and hosted the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards for Nickelodeon. The stars were a plenty and some of them even got slimed including Jim Carey and Snoop Dogg. The evening started with a walk down the orange carpet. While some of the Disney and Nickelodeon stars turned it out when it came to their outfits, Taylor Momsen showed up in black skinny jeans, leather jacket, white tee and too much black eye make up. So angsty.

Once the show began, the list of celebrity presenters didn’t stop. Heidi Klum got slimed by Nick Cannon and Jane Lynch threw a slushi cup full of slime on Jason Segel. Joe Jonas hit the stage with Sofia Vergara and Kourtney and Kim Kardashian appeared on stage looking fresh and flirty, only to be double slimed. I hope Nickelodeon doesn’t have to pay for that dry cleaning bill.

Two big winners of the night were Justin Timberlake and Josh Duhamel. Justin won The Big Help Award which is presented to a star who goes above and beyond to help the environment. Josh was inducted in to the Hall of Fame for his skill in Arm Farts. Besides the antics of slime and funny awards, some real awards were received.

Check out the full list of winners here.

Grab A Look At Kung Fu Panda 2

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Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan and the rest of the crew are back for a second round of martial arts in Kung Fu Panda 2.

Po the Panda (Black) is now a kung fu master and he is fighting to protect the Valley of Peace alongside Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) and the Furious Five. When a new evil known as Lord Shen (Gary Oldman), an emperor peacock, emerges to take control of China with a new powerful weapon, Po and the crew must stop him before Lord Shen wipes out the existence of kung fu forever. But first, Po must confront his own mysteries before he can find strength in success.

Kung Fu Panda 2 will hit theatres on May 26, 2011.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

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