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I absolutely love this time of the year. Not only is it the holidays and award seasons, but it’s also time for all those year-ends lists. Admit it. You’re a sucker for a countdown as well.

Yahoo took a look back at the fascinating trends and topic searches from 2015. From Most Searched Celebrities to Top Searched Bacon Recipe, the search engine covered a wide array of topics for their yearly recap.

In terms of overall searches, not category specific, Bobbi Kristina Brown generated the most searches. No doubt the mysterious nature of her untimely death and the drama following it, padded her numbers.

Caitlyn Jenner, not surprisingly, also made the cut at No. 3. While several members of the Kardashian family also ranked, you might be surprised to learn who landed just right behind her at No. 4. Check out the Top 10 Searches on Yahoo below, along with other category specific lists.

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Real Life Emojis

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Lately I’ve come to the realization that I use emojis A LOT when I’m texting Tyrell or texting friends. There are just so many options and I get so much amusement out of trying to tell a story with those tiny cartoon images. All of that said, the emojis don’t totally translate and are an exaggeration of whatever it is you’re trying to communicate or get across.

To poke fun at the whole world of these iPhone Emojis, a group of people decided to make a short video about two friends discussing and planning out their night through Emojis. Props to Molly Mulshine who wrote and directed the video, and also to the actors that include Eva Silver-Smith, Molly Mulshine and Jeff Plate.

Most of the Emojis they use and reenact I’ve totally used and this video just makes me want to use the more. LOL. Enjoy the funny video below.

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What’s that Apple? Google has you beat your ass AGAIN? I’d tell you to mail your complaint directly to their main office in Mountain View, California but you’d likely use your iOS 6 Map App to locate them and ship the threatening letter to Siberia by accident instead. You gotta love when Goliath takes a hit… even if it is from Goliath Jr.

Just hours previous to my writing and posting this article, the worker bees at Google, released their app to the tech-savvy world. And, I couldn’t be happier. As most if not all iPhone users know- and non-users who enjoy laughing at us as we clamour to purchase $$$ phones that sell with sub-par technology- the recent “mega” release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 was extremely disappointing to many with unmanageable and bugged out major applications like YouTube and particularly the Maps App, a quintessential component to our “smart” phones. Suffering annoying issues like erroneous locations, poor graphics, and showing places that do not exist anymore, the dictators people at Apple, as they purposefully slice and dice all things Google from their phone, have shown themselves to be short-sighted and stubborn, cutting off their noses to spite their face. But, who suffers? Hardly the CEO Tim Cook, instead it’s users like you and me who accept that this is the best we can get if we want to continue to use a product we’ve become use to depend on. BUT, Google continues to wage war and take advantage of the free market-esque app availability on this platform and have released a brand new and vital Google Maps App to relieve our suffering.

Click through to read my review and get the exclusive link to the app

Unabashed funny lady, Sarah Silverman stopped by Conan O’Brien’s late show last night for some laughs but made Conan rather uncomfortable in the process.

Sarah first showed Conan an email she had received from her dad congratulating her on something she did – but how he wrote it was too funny – it’s one of those situations where “Parents Say The Darndest Things” when using email or text message. Anyway, that’s now what made Conan uncomfortable, this is: Using her iPhone, Sarah took a close-up picture of Conan’s lips and asked him to stick his tongue out a little bit. She then took the phone and put it between her legs so it look like her vagina. LOL! She then put the phone between co-host, Andy Richter‘s legs as well. He reacts by saying of Conan, “Now I really wish you still had the beard.

She also shares a few other random ideas with viewers and talks about a new app she has coming out. She even gets Conan to scream out, “Vagina!” Watch the hilarity below.

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iOS 6 Maps Fail

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The haters will always find something wrong about the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Sure the new phone really hasn’t changed much and with the new version of the iOS for the most part has been great.

I’m not one to complain about anything Apple, however, the crApp they replaced Google Maps app with is just awful. If you’re like me, I use the iPhone and Google Maps to navigate my way in this city, be it walking or yes even transit.

The new Maps app is pretty with it’s 3D flyovers but function wise, not so much. So for the time being until Google releases a Google Map app or Apple actually adds transit directions back, here’s a temporary solution.

Update: “Google already submitted a Maps Application to the store as of Sept 20th at about 2pm.”

Watch the video from logiclounge.com on the next part of the post.

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Apple Announces New iOS 6 At WWDC

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Yesterday at WWDC 2012 in San Francisco, Apple revealed a few new incredible features that will be launched when the company introduces iOS 6 later this year. As many of you Apple users know, this is usually the cue for a new iPhone to be launched. Could this be the signal we’ve all been waiting for for the reveal of an iPhone 5? One can only speculate but so far, all signs point to yes!

One of the major, and most dramatic changes to the new operating system is the removal of Google Maps, an app that has appeared as a staple app since the iPhone’s fruition. The removal comes at the height of the fight between Apple and Google. The two companies have been battling it out in court over the fact that Apple claims Google’s Motorola division has been ripping off their groundbreaking features and technologies. You have to admit, there are some major similarities.

To replace the vital app and it’s GPS capabilities is a new, redesigned Apple Maps application that will be more integrated to the iPhone and iPad’s capabilities. The new interface will include turn-by-turn spoken directions during route to your destination along with real time traffic and construction updates. The app will also include the new feature “Flyover” which shows off an amazing, photo-realistic and interactive 3D view of major metro areas. Check out more updates below.

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Top 5 Cool Stuff OTM

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I haven’t done a Top 5 Cool list in a while so I thought I’d share with you my current obsessions all of which are related to iDevices from iPhone skins to conductive glove pins to access your devices in the dead of Winter.

5. Magnus Magnetic iPad Stand

I know how hard it is to find a simple yet cool laptop case/bag (I haven’t found still) so imagine how hard it is to find a sleek and simple iPad stand. The Magnus iPad stand is a simple and uncluttered design that uses magnets to hold onto your iPad2 creating a stand that is barely there. GET IT

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Earlier today, Tyrell wrote about a faux Siri commercial that Ellen Degeneres did, where Siri recognizes Ellen’s voice and becomes completely starstruck and ineffective at helping Ellen accomplish her tasks.

Today, I came across another hilarious video (by CollegeHumor) that I simply could not wait to show you. The following video shows Siri getting caught in the middle of an intense argument between a husband and wife. The argument starts off with, “Tell my wife I’m going to be 30 minutes late.” The wife responds, “Tell my husband I’m not surprised.” It’s all downhill from there and Siri is caught in the middle.

With the Apple commercial music playing in the background, Siri tries to provide solutions to help resolve the argument, but things only get worse. The video is “laugh out loud” funny for sure.

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