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“Is this really necessary?,” asks Kate Hudson. To that I say absolutely ‘yes.’

Oliver Hudson showing off his bare ass on Instagram isn’t exactly breaking news but I’ve always had a little crush on the Rules of Engagement actor. Ergo this post. Plus, maybe I’m in the minority but tan lines are kinda hot.

Check out the 38-year-old actor posing naked on what appears to be a break during a hike. Happy Sunday everyone.

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How adorable do Adam Levine and Paul Rudd look in the photo above? If they weren’t straight and taken, they’d make such a cute couple.

When you hold a fancy shindig with plenty of celebrities attending, an ordinary photo booth just won’t do. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association enlisted famed photographer Ellen Von Unwerth to snap the night’s attendees. With hanging gold tinsel as a backdrop, presenters and winners alike showed off their goofy side for Von Unwerth. Check out my favorite photos from the 72nd Golden Globes photo booth below.

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Happy Belated New Year everyone!!! Hope everyone had a fantastic and safe time. I certainly did attending a fantastic wedding in Palm Springs and paid the price the next day. Holy hangover.

2014 was definitely a memorable year for me. I didn’t realize it until I began compiling pictures for this post. Brian and I celebrated our 14th year anniversary, we adopted our first puppy, oversaw several renovations to our home and attended a whopping six weddings this year. Sandwiched in between all that, a couple of Prides, vacays and plenty of nights out with friends. Check out a few highlights from my year below. If so inclined after checking them out, follow me on Instagram (@donovanzachary).

PS: I’m taking the day off today to spend time with my family over at Disneyland. I’ll be backing tomorrow with more posts. Til then…

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I could’ve easily saved this stud muffin for Patrick to feature in his Sports Stud series, but I decided to keep him all to myself. You’d also want to take credit for sharing this sexy man.

Simon Dunn is Australia’s first gay bobsledder. He competed at the 2014 Sochi Olympics as the brakeman for Lucas Mata. He hopes to book a return gig at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

“I love competing in bobsleigh. The adrenaline rush. Using my strengths from rugby and excelling in a different sport. I love representing my country. And I’m also proud of the fact that I’m the first out gay man in the sport to do so!” he tells Same Same.

Bobsledding wasn’t Dunn’s first love. He played rugby for the Sydney Convicts, prior to taking on the Winter sport. Due to his strength and speed, he was approached by a member of the Australian team through his rugby club in Calgary. “My years playing rugby for the Sydney Convicts in Sydney definitely helped my conditioning to be ready for the sport,” he says.

Simon is one brave soul. I tried bobsledding once, obviously not at the same speed as Olympians, but it freaked me out nonetheless. The G-force is insane. I simply closed my eyes until we reached the bottom. Check out this fearless, hunky cub below. Woof on the chest hair he loves showing off on Instagram.

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Rihanna Teases New Music Via Instagram

In: Donovan, Music

Like clockwork from 2009 to 2012, Rihanna released a brand spanking new album every November. No doubt to achieve that elusive No. 1 album. Having received much criticism for being just a singles artist, the 26-year-old made sure to shut her critics down.

Alas, when her seventh studio album, Unapologetic, hit pole position, RiRi kinda took it easy and focused her energy on touring, making movies, landing endorsement deals and other lucrative endeavors. To the delight of her Navy, it appears she’s staging a comeback.

It’s been rumored for a while now that a new album was on its way. In a post on Instagram on Tuesday, Rihanna pretty much confirmed it. She posted a clip teasing her new music with the caption, “phuckin roun in da studio.”

It’s hard to make anything out of such a short snippet, but any new music from Rihanna is very much welcomed. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Check out the preview below.

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Just when I thought I couldn’t love Jennifer Lawrence any more, she does something to hook me even deeper. The 24-year-old recently revealed her love for reality television with Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise as her biggest guilty pleasure. She’s a woman after my own heart.

“I do love my Real Housewives,” she shared with Vanity Fair when revealing her favorite reality shows. “I love Intervention, New York Housewives—and Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and Atlanta Housewives. I mean, I love them all, but Miami—oh, my God! Miami is really special.”

Over the weekend, J-Law headed out for a girls night at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR located in West Hollywood. Clearly, she’s Team Lisa. Watch out Brandi Glanville.

While there, they sipped on martinis, met the Vanderpumps and their lovable pup Giggy and spoofed the intro for Bravo’s Hills-like series, Vanderpump Rules, by filming their own version. Watch Jennifer run a fork through her hair in their version. God, I adore this woman.

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There have been some very unique initiatives to raise awareness for testicular cancer in recent years. From men growing mustaches during Movember to brave dudes waxing their balls and everything in between.

The most recent campaign is the Feeling Nuts Challenge. It’s been making the rounds the past couple of weeks with such notable stars like Hugh Jackman and William Shatner grabbing their crotches to encourage men to get checked for testicular cancer on a regular basis.

The latest celeb to jump on the bandwagon is former O-Town member Ashley Parker Angel. He posted a selfie on Instagram, wearing just a pair of boxers and his sculpted abs. Check it out below, along with another shirtless photo posted recently by Angel.

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Erik-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penick, and Dan Miller recently came together to release “Skydive.” Ashley Parker Angel, however, wasn’t in a nostalgic mood and skipped the O-Town reunion. It’s clear now what the 32-year-old singer has been doing to occupy himself. Dude has been hitting the gym hard.

Angel shared a couple of behind the scenes pics from a photoshoot snapped by Adam Bouska. I can’t wait to see the final product because the shirtless preview is already quite delicious. Ashley shared them via his Instagram along with a post-workout selfie. #progress. Check out the photos below.

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