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It’s the latest meme sweeping the Internet. Unlike Tebowing, planking or grind with me, this one is for a good cause.

Hundreds of men in the United Kingdom are taking naked selfies all in the name of cancer research. The only thing covering them up is a sock hanging for dear life on their willies. The Red Hot Chili Peppers were way ahead of their time ;)

Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer for men under the age of 40. If detected early, treatment is highly successful. To raise awareness for regular self-examinations, Cancer Research UK’s #cockinasock campaign was born. Check out some of my favorite participants below.

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As much as Taylor Swift sometimes annoys me, that’s how much I adore Karlie Kloss. The 21-year-old is one of my favorite models of the moment. She could easily fit in seamlessly with the model trinity of Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista during the 90s supermodel era. Who knew she was such good friends with Swift? I wonder how Selena Gomez feels about Karlie encroaching on her BFF.

The two recently embarked on a two-day road trip on California’s stunning Pacific Coast Highway. I’ve taken the exact route several times before and it never fails to impress me with its numerous gorgeous vantage points. The famous friends shared pictures from their epic adventure on their respective Instagrams. Any bets on what tunes they played in the car? More importantly, what did they gossip about? Inquiring minds want to know. Check out the adorable photos below.

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Week Roundup Of Some Sexy Clips

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

At some point during this past week I fully intended on sharing these videos with you. Since I obviously never got around to it, I’m lumping them all in for you in one convenient post.

Included in the bunch are some sexy frat boys (South Florida Pi Kappa Alpha to be exact) putting on a sexy show for a car wash fundraiser. Why is my jeep not dirty when it needs to be ;)

While not held at the Sochi Olympics, perhaps at the 2018 Pyeongchang Games or beyond, we might see ‘snow swimming‘ as an Olympic event. One can hope, right? Why just restrict Speedo-wearing hunks for the winter?

Even though technically not a video, I had to share a couple of sexy Instagram photos uploaded by Pretty Little Liars‘ actor Tyler Blackburn. He’s truly a sight to behold. Check them all out and more below.

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Alex & Sierra Tease New Material On Instagram

In: Donovan, Music, TV Shows

Well, this is a pleasant surprise. With FOX and Simon Cowell putting The X Factor to rest and Restless Road losing a member (Colton Pack), I was worried that Alex & Sierra would fade away into the sunset as well. It appears, the lovable duo are forging ahead with their debut album. Oh happy day!!!

They teased a new track they’re working on via Instagram. Based on the brief sampler, I’m loving the direction they’re going. It’s a bit different sound from what they showed on the FOX show but still very much Alex & Sierra. Check it out below.

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Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin Tease Spanish Duet

In: Donovan, Music

Puerto Rico should really consider snagging Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin for their next tourism campaign. If even a quarter of the country looks like them, I’m booking a vacation there immediately. Can you imagine what their kids would look like if they ever procreated?

The photogenic duo team up with their countryman, Wisin, for “Adrenalina.” Undoubtedly, this will become a Spanish anthem. Both stars uploaded footage on Instagram of them filming the accompanying music video. It’s hard to hear exactly what the song sounds like, but if it’s anything like any of Lopez’s previous Spanish work, I expect a winner. Is it me, or does the American Idol judge sound much better singing in another language? Check out both clips below.

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All you Lovers in the house, brace yourselves. Kylie Minogue just shared a short teaser for the official music video for “Into The Blue.” And when I say short, it’s extremely brief. Why the Aussie pop star didn’t fully utilize Instagram’s maximum time limit is a little disappointing. Talk about being stingy ;)

From the brief glimpse, we see Kylie in a gold dress happily dancing. At first glance it reminds me of her “Spinning Around” video from 2000. We’ll have to wait til February 3 to see the entire thing, or a day sooner when the visual will undoubtedly leak. Check out the Instagram clip below.

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Lea Michele Teases Cannonball Music Video

In: Donovan, Music

After relaxing in Mexico with her G.B.F Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele is back to the daily grind. The 27-year-old entertainer uploaded a 15-second teaser on Instagram for her much-anticipated “Cannonball” music video.

Based on the short clip, expect the visual to include lots of glamor shots of the Glee actress and not have too much of a narrative. Unless of course, the hanging lightbulbs she’s weaving through is some sort of metaphor that just went over my head ;)

“Cannonball,” which is the first single off her Louder album due out on March 4, is slated to premiere on Thursday at 7:30 EST simultaneously on Entertainment Tonight and VEVO. Check out the preview below.

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Apparently Alexander Skarsgård is addicted to baring it all while in a wintery surrounding. On the Season 6 finale of True Blood, the sexy Swede went full-frontal while reading a book on a snowy mountaintop. Even when he’s not required to, Skarsgård can’t keep his clothes on during inclement weather. The 37-year-old was snapped reading yet another book naked, but this time he’s on a toilet at the South Pole.

Thanks to Inge Solheim, Alexander’s team guide on the Walking with the Wounded Challenge, we have a visual of this somewhat hilarious image. “#southpole -30C What are you readingAlex? The script for season 7 of #truebloodHBO ? :-),” Inge captioned the photo. Check it out below.

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