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Looking to mix things up on Instagram and follow an account that doesn’t only feature hot shirtless guys? If so, then @everyoutfitonsatc is for you. Especially, if you love snark and a fan of Sex and the City.

The brilliant account is the brainchild of New York-based writer Lauren Garroni and decorator Chelsea Fairless. It’s their quest to document every outfit, handpicked by stylist Patricia Field, worn on the iconic HBO show. “Every outfit is a picture into the soul,” Lauren told Paper.

Honestly, it’s a fun read and several posts made me chuckle. Check out a few of my favorites below.

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There have been a lot of celebrity breakups lately. The one that surprised me the most was news that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney parted ways. Not that I’m a relationship expert by any means, but I thought they were in it for the long haul. At least by Hollywood standards.

The 30-year-old singer took to Instagram to address the split. Turns out, they might not be completely dunzo. According to her team and Gaga herself, they’re taking a break. Since I love, love, I’m rooting for these two get back together. Read her touching statement below.

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July 13, 2016 marks the 15th anniversary of the release of Legally Blonde in theaters. Where did the time go? It honestly feels just like yesterday when Elle Woods headed to Harvard with her adorable pup, Bruiser.

To celebrate the anniversary, Reese Witherspoon teamed up with Instagram to revisit her signature move from the comedy. Watch her “Bend and Snap” instructional video. It’ll definitely put a smile on your face.

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Logo recently announced their new Bachelor-like dating show, Finding Prince Charming. While the network revealed Lance Bass would be hosting their new reality show, nothing was mentioned about the eligible bachelor. Luckily for us, TMZ has discovered the lucky man wooing the 13 male suitors.

“Logo has a long history of showcasing LGBTQ-focused stories with memorable characters that transcend pop culture,” said Logo exec Pamela Post in a statement. “Finding Prince Charming will take viewers on a whirlwind journey through modern love and relationships in a way that only Logo can do.”

Meet Robert Sepulveda Jr. He’s an Atlanta-based interior designer with Puerto Rican roots. As you’d expect, Robert fills out a pair of Speedos quite nicely. The spicy Latin silver fox is certainly in good shape.

Check out plenty of shirtless pics of Sepulveda Jr. below. Be sure to weigh in afterward if you think producers chose wisely or if they should’ve tapped a bachelor that didn’t look like he spent time at the gym instead 😉

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Britney Spears Sizzles In ‘Private Show’ Teaser

In: Donovan, Music

It appears her new era is finally getting underway. About friggin’ time if you ask me. I’m not the hugest Britney Spears fan, but even I’m curious to check out the new album.

The 34-year-old pop superstar shared a video teaser for her new fragrance, Private Show. In the clip, a very short snippet of her song of the same name is played. It’s not much, but all of it looks very promising. Brit is absolutely scorching. Girl is point. Check it out below.

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Big Brother kicked off its 18th season on Wednesday night with a surprisingly entertaining two-hour premiere. While some fans hate it when returning players reenter the house, I’m actually quite happy with the four alums selected. I’m also enjoying the team twist as it’ll give the returnees a fighting change during the early weeks.

On the flip side however, what I feel is lacking this season is that one hot guy to lust over. Sure Victor, Corey, Jozea and Paulie are cute, but none can hold a candle to previous houseguests. During Paulie’s introduction package, I couldn’t take my eyes off his brother, Cody. Ergo this post.

Without a doubt BB17 player Clay Honeycutt and BB16’s Cody Calafiore are two of the hottest players to ever enter the Big Brother house. Imagine being stuck with one of them for the entire summer. I.Would.Die!!!

Since their time on the reality show, both have parlayed their BB fame into some underwear modeling gigs. Check out some of their sexy shoots below and weigh in on which BB alum you’d rather. It’s a tough one for me, but I think I’d go for Cody.

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In all honestly, Ansel Elgort hasn’t really done anything for me in the past. It’s mostly due to the fact he looks borderline underage to me. Maybe it’s all that baby fat still on his face.

One place though where you will not see any fat is on his toned torso. The 22-year-old actor shared some vacation pics recently, and he looks good. I might have to rethink my stance on the Divergent actor.

Check out pics below that he shared via Instagram from a recent vacation with his lady love Violetta Komyshan in Thailand. A few more years, and I have no doubt Elgort will graduate to hunk status.

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In the DC Comics cinematic universe, Superman and Batman aren’t the only ones buffed up. Apparently, even the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department is jacked up as well.

Oscar winner J.K. Simmons proves it’s never too late to work on your fitness. The 61-year-old actor is in better shape than most guys half his age, myself included. To be fair, he has celebrity trainer Aaron Williamson at his fingertips.

Williamson has worked on the physiques of The Rock, Zac Efron and James Marsden to name a few. Any chance he’s looking for an assistant. Someone has to take all those gym pics :)

Check out Simmons’ toned new body below. After viewing the pic, I realize that I really need to get serious about my fitness regime :(

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