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First and foremost, Happy National Coming Out Day (NCOD) everyone. How do you plan on celebrating this gay holiday? Come out again? LOL. I kid.

The date of October 11 was chosen because it was the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights where half a million people participated. In 1998, Robert Eichberg, a psychologist from New Mexico, and Jean O’Leary, an openly gay political leader from Los Angeles, made the holiday official and founded NCOD.

To mark the 25th anniversary, the Human Rights Campaign looks back at some of the trailblazing coming out moments in American media that raised the profile of LGBT Americans and sparked important dialogue about the fight for equality. Some of the famous LGBT celebrities featured in the clip include Ricky Martin, Jason Collins, Frank Ocean, Adam Lambert, Lance Bass and naturally Ellen DeGeneres.

If you’re curious to read a few of our respective coming out stories, we’ve compiled them here for you. Simply click on the author’s name to learn more about each writer. In the meantime, check out HRC’s commemorative montage below.

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I’ve been wanting to post about this since Saturday but wanted to wait until the Human Rights Campaign uploaded the official video. At long last, they have.

Over the weekend, I attended the HRC Dinner in Seattle. I agreed to going with Brian weeks ago without knowing who the guest speaker on hand would be. As luck would have it, Wentworth Miller was the esteemed speaker. How lucky was I? I literally found this out just minutes prior to heading into the ballroom. No joke. I was that oblivious.

Given the fact Miller recently officially came out just weeks ago, being present at his first official speaking engagement was an honor. Plus, I’ve had a huge crush on him since his Prison Break days. Naturally, I was excited 😉 During his moving speech, he talked about struggling with his sexuality, contemplating suicide and declining his invitation to the St. Petersburg Film Festival. Watch his entire speech below.

“Speaking the right way, standing the right way, holding your wrist the right way. Every day was a test and there were a thousand ways to fail. A thousand ways to betray yourself. To not live up to someone else’s standard of what was acceptable, what was normal. And when you failed the test, which was guaranteed, there was a price to pay. … Like many of you, I paid that price.

The first time that I tried to kill myself, I was 15. I waited until my family went away for the weekend and I was alone in the house and I swallowed a bottle of pills. … When someone asked me if that was a cry for help, I said no, because I told no one. You only cry for help if there’s help to cry for. I wanted out.”

watch his speech after the jump along with a picture of myself with Wentworth

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just released a video in conjunction with the Human Rights Campaign. She really explains her stance and support for gay marriage really well and you can really get how passionate she is about the issue.

In one part of her message she says, “I support it personally and as a matter of policy and law. Embedded in a broader effort to advance equality and opportunity for LGBT Americans and all Americans.” She continues, “Like so many others, my personal views have been shaped over time by people I have known and loved. By my experience representing our nation on the world stage, my devotion to law and human rights, and the guiding principles of my faith.”

Watch her powerful and captivating message below.

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Academy Award winner, Morgan Freeman has lent his legendary voice to various commercials, documentaries and campaigns over the course of his career. Now, the 75-year old has lent his voice to a new national HRC commercial called “Dawn of a New Day for Marriage Equality“. In the commercial, Freeman says the following:

“America stands at the dawn of a new day. Freedom, justice, and human dignity have always guided our journey towards a more perfect union. Now, across our country, we are standing together for the right of gay and lesbian Americans to marry the person they love. And With historic victories for marriage, we’ve delivered a mandate for full equality. The wind is at our back. But our journey has just begun.”

Complimenting his narration are beautiful visuals of various scenic landscapes, clips of Martin Luther King, clips of gay and lesbian couples and families together, and more. It’s so great to have such a famous and recognizable voice support such an important cause. Watch the new commercial below.

Commercial after the jump…

Just in case you forgot, Election Day for our American readers is just around the corner. With gay marriage on the ballot in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington, it’s important the LGBT community head to the polls in droves to cast their vote for this issue and to choose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for President. Not surprisingly, a majority of ‘out’ celebrities in Hollywood are endorsing Obama. Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Billie Jean King, George Takei, Wanda Sykes, Zachary Quinto, and Chaz Bono share why they’re supporting President Obama and why Mitt Romney isn’t the choice for them in a new PSA.

Not only does each celebrity reveal why they’re voting for Barack, but they also share personal stories growing up closeted. The family photos are adorable and stories extremely touching. The five-minute clip also does an excellent job of highlighting Obama’s LGBT achievements ranging from the 2011 repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy to his recent interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, supporting gay marriage.

My only negative criticism of the video is the small part where they do a little Romney bashing. I understand that’s all part of the political game, but I just wish they focused on the positives of Obama and the personal stories of each celebrity, and not resort to that tactic. Oh well, that’s just my two cents. Check out the PSA below.

watch the video after the jump

Over the weekend, Sally Field was presented with the Ally for Equality Award by her son at the 2012 Human Rights Campaign National Dinner in Washington, D.C. Upon acceptance of the award, she delivered such a moving speech that you simply must see.

She talked about how her gay son was both different and similar to his two older brothers and also what it was like during her son’s coming out process. She wanted to jump in and define it for him, but his brothers made her stay out and insisted that he needed to go through it himself. Having learned from this experience, she explained, “A mother is not someone you lean on. A mother is someone who makes leaning unnecessary.” She also thanks everyone who is fighting for gay rights and equality. “You all have fought for him as surely as if you were his parents. You’ve changed and are changing the lives of little boys and girls who realize somewhere along the way they’re just different from their other brothers & sisters…and so the f*ck what!” Amazing.

After having watched the video, I realized that she is in fact the mom from Brothers & Sisters. Her character on that show would have delivered the exact same speech. Enjoy it below!

Watch the acceptance speech after the jump…

The folks over at the Human Rights Campaign have done a fantastic job in leading the fight for marriage equality in the US. Along with their own team, they have been able to rally a few celebrity spokespeople to help create videos to promote the fight. The latest celebrity to join the fight is AMC star, Bryan Cranston along with his wife and daughter, Robin Dearden and Taylor Dearden Cranston.

In the video, Bryan and family talk about their commitment to family and marriage with his wife even stating that the idea of gay men or women getting married endangers their own marriage is ridiculous. Couldn’t agree with you more. I love that Bryan is such an advocate for LGBT rights and isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes. All this considering the fact that many of his “Breaking Bad” fans probably feel the opposite. Watch their video of support below.

Watch Bryan and his family discuss marriage equality after the jump.

Recently, Donovan told you about the fact that Jason Mraz would be the first straight man to cover Instinct Magazine in its 15 year existence. The magazine felt that all the work he has done and continues to do for the gay community had earned him the honor. This new HRC video he has done is completely in line with that.

It seems as though his upcoming album, “Love Is A Four Letter Word,” is merely to support and backup his greater purposes which is to fight for marriage equality. His latest single, “I Won’t Give Up” can literally bring me to tears. That song is playing in the background of this video where he explains that he is an American for marriage equality. I loved the song before, but now the lyrics have even more meaning as they are combined with Mraz’s message on marriage equality.

For someone that writes and sings about love and in turn has touched so many lives and relationships, it’s great to have him speaking out on our behalf. I heart Jason Mraz. Watch the video below.

Watch the video after the jump…

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