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One of our favorite sports to watch during the 2012 Summer Olympics was definitely Men’s Gymnastics… for obvious reasons. That’s why when I saw that Nebraska Men’s Gynastics had uploaded a “Harlem Shake” video, I had to watch it.

As you know, the “Harlem Shake” has been taking over the internet as of late with various themes being explored and countless organizations taking a stap at it. In the following video, a bunch of male gymnasts are stretching when one guy wearing a weird yellow headpiece starts his thrust. From there, the gym turns into some sort of sexy jungle gym and there are hotties every where you look.

Normally “Harlem Shake” videos are only 30 seconds, but this video is an extended cut, highlight some of the various impressive (and sexy) tricks these guys can do. Enjoy!

Video after the jump…

Sports Stud: Fabian Hambüchen

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!

On my weekly quest to shine the spotlight on some of the sexiest athletes out there, I find myself getting gymnasty in Germany where I find 23 year old Fabian Hambüchen. Since he’s a gymnast, you know there’s no question about him being in tip top shape.

Before we uncover him, lets cover some of his career highlights. First off, he was the youngest German athlete at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens where he finished 7th in the Horizontal bar and 8th in the team competition. In total so far, he has won five medals at World Championships and six at European Championships. In 2007, he was named male sportsperson of the year, and the year after at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, he won the bronze medal in the men’s high bar competition.

Unfortunately for him (who was the front runner for all around title and high bar), he had to pull out of the 2009 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships because of an injury to his foot. I’m guessing we’ll see great things from him at the 2012 Olympics in London!

Check out some great photos of Fabian after the jump…

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