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The other day, Fox revealed their new celebrity dating show, “The Choice“, debuting this summer. It’s “The Voice” meets “The Dating Game” sprinkled with a little “So You Think You Can Dance” courtesy of Cat Deeley. The British host will be serving double duty this summer for FOX by returning to SYTYCD and hosting this new reality guilty pleasure.

So what is “The Choice“? It’s your opportunity to go on a date with a “celebrity”. The six-episode series will feature singles pitch themselves as the ideal love connection to celebrity bachelors/bachelorettes who are seated with their backs turned to them a la “The Voice” during the blind auditions. If more than one celebrity turns around, the non-famous single person will get to choose who they want. From there, it goes to some sort of “Speed Choice” round, but I’ll wait for Cat Deeley to describe that part when the show airs. This post is to reveal all the celebrities involved.

Appearing on the show are 20 male celebs and 4 female ones. They range from professional athletes, to reality stars to actors. If you’ve ever wanted to date Mike “The Situation”, Olympian Jeremy Bloom or middle child Joe Jonas, then “The Choice” is the “choice” for you. Check out all the stars willing to sell themselves out for some television airtime. Truth be told, there are actually a couple of hotties. I’d even sign up for an opportunity to win them over.

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It’s the finale of the most entertaining season of Celebrity Apprentice yet, and it’s down to two finalists: Marlee Matlin and John Rich. Personally, I’ve been routing for Marlee Matlin the entire season. She’s has raised the most money ever on the show and she’s performed amazingly on every task (amongst so many nut-jobs). I’ve also met her a few times (she shopped at my store once) and I also recently interviewed her and Meatloaf as well, and I just feel that she’s just an incredible woman. That said, John Rich is a great guy too and they are both deserving of being finalists.

To give you a little bit of a refresher, here are the teams for the final task of launching 7up Retro:

TEAM JOHN RICH : Lil Jon, Mark McGrath, Star Jones
TEAM MARLEE MATLIN: Meatloaf, Richard Hatch, LaToya Jackson

After running into some issues in booking former 7up spokesperson Jeffrey Holder, Marlee’s team manages to get him into the studio and he nails the commercial. As for John Rich, he finally connects with Def Leppard and they move forward in prep for their live performance.

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I may not support Donald Trump in his ridiculous run for president, but I’ll give him this: He did put together an amazing cast this season on Celebrity Apprentice. It’s been extremely entertaining. Last week, LaToya Jackson was fired, evening out the teams a little more. Lucky for us, the drama on the women’s team doesn’t end with LaToya, and the preview for this episode looks amazing. Nene is determined to “f*ck Star up” in this game. In the preview for this episode, a HUGE fight breaks out between Nene Leakes and Star Jones and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

The task is to produce a hair show using two professional stylists and four models. Audience of prof stylists and educators. Brand messaging, showcasing of products and tools, and overall presentation. After losing rock, paper, scissors, the project manager for the men is Lil John. For the women, it’s Nene Leakes, after Star had apparently told her that morning that she should be the P.M. In confessional, Nene says, “Who the f*ck died and made you in charge of project managers?” In front of Trump and his advisors who had just finished introducing the task, she was just as nasty…

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Going into this week’s episode, we can all breath a sigh of relief now that Gary Busey is gone. That guy is insane. Now, the intensity going into this week’s episode will come from the friction between Nene Leakes and LaToya Jackson, after their altercation in (and after the boardroom) last week. Let’s see how it plays out.

Before Trump introduces this weeks challenge, he talks about his run for Presidency and asks them all if they’d vote for him. Of course no one says no to that. How tacky of Trump to ask them on the show. Ugh, anyway this week’s task is to come up with a four-page ad campaign for Trump Hotel Collections. John Rich is the PM for the men, and Star Jones is the PM for the women. Both capable, strong leaders so this should be interesting.

After Star Jones tells us how she is so accustomed to living the life of luxury (barf, barf, and barf), she comes up with her self-described brilliant theme: “Individual Elegance. Collective Luxury.” She likes the way it sounds when she says it. She likes a lot of things about herself. Anyway, LaToya doesn’t feel like the idea is that great, but keeps that opinion to herself, fearing the wrath of Star. She feels that Star thinks like an attorney and assigns tasks in a way that she’ll be able to blame others if it all goes wrong. LaToya is absolutely right. Every now and then I think to myself, “LaToya is a lot smarter than I thought.”

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Last week, I unfortunately wasn’t able to get the recap up for the episode as last Sunday night I was at the GLAAD Awards in LA…but to make up for it, I interviewed Marlee Matlin and Meat Loaf about their Celebrity Apprentice experience. I have since caught up last week’s episode and to sum it up, last week Mark McGrath was eliminated after the men lost, and LaToya Jackson led the women to victory. The men were livid that Gary Busey survived and is still in the game, while the women couldn’t be happier with this situation. “You’re either crazy or you’re a saboteur,” says John Rich right to Busey’s face. I kind of have to agree with Rich. I would go bonkers with this guy on my team. To make matters worse, I’ve heard that he has really bad breath too. Yuck. Well, we’ll see how this all plays out in this episode. At this point, things are looking up for the women.

This week, teams are tasked with creating & presenting a 20-minute cooking demonstration for Omaha Steaks. They also have to create and present an original Omaha Steak Variety Pack. The Project Manager for the women (ASAP) is going to be Playmate Hope Dworacyzk. For the men (Backbone), it’s going to be wacko Gary Busey.

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Last week, we finished off the episode with Dionne Warwick’s departure after Donald Trump fired her in the boardroom where she even agreed, she’s fire herself. Things seemed fair when everyone began to walk out the doors, but suddenly, Dionne flipped the switch and called Nene Leakes a coward. The two began to exchange words that were heard back in the boardroom and the holding room where the men were awaiting the women’s return. Once the tussle ended with the elevator doors closing on Dionne, Donald called the teams back into the boardroom to give them their new task.

This week, the teams must create their own personal pieces of art as well as decorate, paint and design a hat. These pieces of art and hats will then be displayed at the team’s very own art gallery show. The stars are allowed to call on their friends, family and call in all their favors to get as many donations as they can through the selling of their artwork. John Rich steps up as Project Manager for Backbone while Marlee Matlin takes on the PM role for A.S.A.P.

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Celebrity Apprentice 4 Episode 4: “I’d Fire Me”

In: Patrick

Alrighty, another two hour (too long) episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Last week, Niki Taylor volunteered to leave when her team, lost against the men, with Gary Busey as their PM. This week, the company they’re working with is ACN, a home based marketing company for individuals. Their their task is to create a 30 second commercial for a new video phone product that they must present in front of 450 reps from the company. Nene Leakes steps up as PM for the women, while Lil Jon steps up for the men.

After chatting with the company executive who makes it clear that the emotional connection is key, the women decide to do a family communicating from oversea, with Marlee acting as a deaf mother who can now communicate with her daughter using sign languange thanks to the video phone. I think it’s a brilliant idea. The guys decide to go with a more humerous approach, with a guy talking to his grandparents over the ACN phone and introducing his fiance, who turns out to be a man (Jose). John Rich is concerned about the controversial gay angle, but pretty much everyone is on board to take the risk.

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As this episode kicks off, wicked witches Star Jones and Dionne Warwick step back into the suite after slaughtering poor Lisa Rinna in the boardroom. Star is still thirsty for more blood, confronting Nene about trash talking her in the boardroom. Star threatens Nene (and everyone else for that matter) that she will not step up anymore when she’s not project manager. Twinkle, twinkle little Star…who the hell do you think you are? Anyway…

This week’s challenge is to help promote Camping World‘s RVs and camping equipment by creating an outdoor camping experience that displays their RV’s and camping equipment. They’ll be judged on their brand messaging, originality, and overall camping experience. They will get to negotiate on campers. The Project Manager for men (Backbone) is reluctantly Gary Busey, while the PM for women (ASAP) will Niki Taylor, who stepped up. They guy choose the sexy black ones, while the women choose the more homey one family ones so there is not need to negotiate.

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