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Cum and Go?

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Tell me it isn’t just me.

You’ve just met a great guy– be it online, walking down the street, at a bar- and you’ve gone home with him. Everything’s clicking, he’s hot- you’re hot- you guys are laughing and getting along and things have progressed how they should into the bedroom (briefly back into the kitchen and ankles in the air atop the island somehow) and you both end up in a sweaty mess across his sheets, panting, out of breath, fully released and feeling amazing. And then, immediately after you’ve delivered your pay load like a Russian space rocket, your body and brain tell you to GET THE FUCK OUT!

Now, I’m not going to bore you with talk of Oxytocin and other sexually released chems, but rather discuss that overwhelming urge that I have- and maybe others do as well- to bolt like Superman breaking the sound barrier immediately following orgasm. Personally, I.need.to.get.out.of.there. I don’t need to see how he’s doing, I don’t need to have another beer, I don’t even need to pretend like there’s going to be a second time and “totally put his number in my phone,” and I definitely don’t need to cuddle. My heart, my brain, my stomach and my feet scream that time’s up, and the only place in the world I want to be is back at home- alone. Tell me it isn’t just me.

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Will someone named “HotGuy4Sex79” turn into the man of your dreams? I’ve decided to pose this common question to you, our loyal Homorazzi readers to get your opinion on this common situation. I know many people that often talk about wanting to meet Mr. Right and to have a serious relationship. That being said, they’re on Grindr and the likes and I’m not so sure they’re going to find him on hookup sites. Speaking only from my own personal experiences in the past, none of the people I met on an gay dating site turned into a relationship.

Hold up – Wait a minute? Who’s writing this article? Here’s the thing: We thought it would be an interesting way to encourage other Homorazzi cast members to want to share their more personal situations and dilemmas without being put in the spotlight. We’ve decided to experiment and make these “We Ask You” posts blind items where you won’t know who’s writing it. Capeesh?

So what do you think: If you want to meet someone to settle down with for a long term relationship, should you give the hookup sites & apps a rest? Would it make a difference? Have you tried? Is trying to find relationship material on a hookup site a recipe for disaster? Share your thoughts and experiences and vote in the poll below.

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Gay mobile hookup App, Grindr now has over two million users in 192 countries. With its expansion from iPhone to also include Android, iPad and BlackBerry, as well as the Grindr Xtra, these successes have helped to make Grindr a leader in this new mobile hookup industry.

So for the cities that have the most users, do you think it’s just because they have the most population? Probably. But perhaps they may also be hornier and sexually promiscuous, and/or just more tech-savvy and more into their phone apps. It could also just be a bit of the social scene culture, where one isn’t as likely to go up to someone and ask for their number anymore, and would much rather chat through a device when once they know how many feet away the target is. Either way, the numbers don’t lie and below we have listed the top 10 cities in the world for Grindr.

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For those of you not familiar with Grindr, it’s a gay social networking App for your phone (iOS, Android, & BlackBerry) where you can track down people you may be interested in based on their exact distance away from you at any given time. It is the world’s largest all-male location-based network, with over 1.5 million members in 180 countries, with 300,000 active daily users. Needless to say, it makes sense for them to take something that they’ve been successful with and bring it mainstream. They are now launching “Amicus,” which comes from the latin word meaning “friend”. More like friend with benefits.

“Users love our existing location-based mobile experience, and we recognize the demand for a mainstream app,” says Joel Simkhai, who is leading the project. “We’re thrilled to continue harnessing the power of location to deliver a compelling new global platform that fundamentally changes and improves the way we meet new people.”

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I started off this post as a “Behind the Cast” which for those who aren’t frequenters of the site means it’s an article about something going on in my personal life. And, while that category fits, I decided to change it to the broader category of all-things-gay because I realized this isn’t just an issue that I’ve faced.

Basically, I’m here asking: “Why is it okay to hate the skinny gay?”

Since birth, I’ve been thin. Never had to work for it and never “escaped” it either: my weight (and very likely high metabolism) have been extremely constant throughout my 28 years. Growing up in the 80s and 90s it was frequent to hear the overweight kids get non-stop abuse in the school yard and on the weekends: today, that has definitely taken a shift. While of course there is continual bias against fat people, a shift in the mean body size of Americans and Canadians towards an all-time extreme high has seen the world and public institutions try to become more and more PC and faster to react to hatred against hate speech regarding overweight kids. As a gay, adult male, I’ve seen this shift in our culture as well. Sure, you’ll hear the whispered comment about the overweight guy stuffed into a pair of 32’s, but overall, what’s acceptable to say to each other and out loud is very different.

Personally, I have friends from all walks of life: different ages, races, heights and importantly, different sizes. Some of my friends are very much the “muscle types” in our group while others are content calling themselves “average” in weight: still, others hit the polar ends of the spectrum and range from what would be considered very overweight to very skinny. Now, maybe it’s just my friends (though, I’m not exactly just polling 13 people here), but I can honestly tell you that the only ones ever commented on in a negative or “this is what you need to fix” way are the skinny boys and to a much lesser extent the average size guys. The gym bunnies and fat friends are left without a mark. I don’t understand it at all.

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After being launched only a year and a half ago in March 2009, Grindr has now surpassed one million users world wide – in 180 countries. There are 250,000 sexually “active daily users that use the man hunting app. Grindr has obtained half a million users in the United States alone! Where are they all located? Well, 48,000 of those in New York City alone…the rest you can find by using your app. The United Kingdom and Australia have more than 150,000 and 100,000 users respectively. The growth rate is approximately 3,000 new users every day.

So how much time do people spend on this app (slash how long does it take them to hook up or give up) on a daily basis? The average person spends 1.3 hours on this thing!

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iPhone Gay App Review: DList

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Well, the boys at Grindr have cleared the way for gay online hooking up and the masses of online app creators have responded in kind: man on man sex has never been so easy. Catching Grindr in its earlier stages, I’ve been deemed the resident sex-visor for Homorazzi… though, maybe that’s just because I have so damn much of it. Either way, this is Part 1 of a three part review to tell you about up-and-coming- or so a couple of them would have you believe- smart phone apps (iPhone, BlackBerry etc.) that are attempting to sneak into this industry of homo humpin’. Today’s article considers Dlist and their attempts to facilitate sex for the masses.

To the seven gays out there who aren’t aware, these apps are offered for free (for the most part) and allow you to use your phone’s GPS to put your location into cyberspace and find other mo’s around you based on their proximity to your locale. Typically you get to see a screen name, a profile pic and some brief stats allowing you to decide if that’s the boy you want to interweb-nudge that night and ask that fateful question: “What you into?”

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The Sustainable Hook-Up

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The night is almost coming to an end, you spotted each other from across the room, you introduced yourself, you flirted, and you feel confident you’ll end up taking that hot guy with the tight abs and sexy smile home. You have every right to feel good about yourself; you’ve been working out hard too and you’ve been eating your five servings of organic fruits and vegetables a day. On top of all that you’ve been trying to save the world by being Green. You are AMAZING! Unfortunately there is no holiday for a true hero so here are few Green tips you can apply to your next hook-up:

Buy Local – The night is not quite over yet and you still have time to take your hot guy to the bar for one last drink. Order a couple of beers from a local brewery. This will not only earn you some extra Green points but it will most likely seal the deal as well.

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