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Laid Off

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On Tuesday I got the news that I will have to be laid off due to a lack of work for which I was originally employed (web development).  Before you pass me a sympathy glance – please don’t.  There’s no need.

I got my job the week after I got back to Vancouver from Australia two years ago.  Not really expecting to stay long term, I was drawn in by the chance to work with an increasingly creative, fun, outgoing and positive people.  There was not one negative ‘life-suck’  as there are so many often in an office environment that can drag everyone down and start a would-be revolt.  As much as bosses are portrayed as the bad guys, there was no feeling of us vs them.  A rare and impressive accomplishment.

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Last Monday, I was awoken by the sound of a large bang at around 1:30 in the morning. I had assumed it was a garbage truck doing an off-hour pickup. I looked out my window, a car’s front end was smashed in. I opened my room door because I heard one of my roommates’ door open. I saw someone in a dark haze. He said: “There was a car crash. There is a lady unconscious.” I had assumed it was my roommate’s boyfriend, who happens to be a paramedic. A few seconds later, another door opens and the paramedic boyfriend comes out of his room. It turns out my other roommate ran down to check out the situation. Upon further inspection, it was a man driving the car and not a lady. He had just assumed it was a lady.

After about 3 minutes, the paramedics arrive. Surveying the scene we tried to piece together what happened. Pulling together, we combined crime scene skills which consisted of about 62 episodes of CSI (the original, none of that spin off crap). We came to the assumption that the car was trying to make a left turn and the Starbucks truck accidentally clipped the car spinning it around and creating havoc. You guessed it – wrong. The paramedics and firefighters could smell booze the second they opened the car door. The car was excessively speeding, lost control and hit head on to the Starbucks truck while it was making a delivery. Further watching the scene, the paramedic boyfriend assumed his aunt may show up as she was an EMT paramedic (a higher level paramedic) as there is only one EMTs for all of Vancouver. She didn’t arrive.

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Couple Arrested For Not Leaving Tip

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So many things in this world are becoming more and more expected: encores at a concert, wifi in a hotel room, and a gratuity on a restaurant bill. If one of these are not met, are they grounds for arrest?

Leslie Pope and John Wagner experienced just that during the happy hour at Lehigh Pub in Bethlehem, Pa. The couple tallied a total of $73 before the mandatory 18% gratuity. However, Lesli and John were less than impressed with their service. The couple complained that they had to get their own silverware, napkins, soda refill and the food took about an hour to arrive.

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The Trevor Project: Video Contest Launched

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One of the advantages of working at a social media company is that I get the quick scoop on projects, trends and happenings in the online social media world. One such scoop came from my gorgeous and well connected co-worker (you know who you are). The aforementioned campaign comes from The Trevor Project, a US organization working to prevent suicide in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and everything-in-between youth. They just launched a video contest opened to youth aged 13-24. The video guidelines is pretty broad:

“.. create a short video telling the world about your experiences as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning youth within your family, school, and/or communities. “

Contest details after the jump

Last week I had the pleasure to attend my first Vancouver Queer Film Festival showing – ever. Honestly, I didn’t know much about the film (or short films, as it turned out to be), but I was excited nevertheless. It turned out to be 4 short films: Dinx, Q-Case, King County, and Boycrazy.


Dinx was a short film about a young shooter boy/bar-worker who frequently has flashbacks to his past as a young homo. The film parallels his past life as a young queer and life as a shooter boy. The film was cute enough and had some amusing moments. At the start of the film, it seemed like it would go nowhere, but there were enough cute scenes and one liners to keep this light hearted film afloat.

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Recently, I made a phone call to my most travel addicted friend after I got a “Call me when you get this” message. His voice was equal amounts tired and gitty. It seems something got him so worked up that it seriously cut into his sleep time. He stumbled across a pretty awesome travel deal. Travel anywhere within the JetBlue system for a month, for $599. After combing through some fine print, here is what I found…

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Are you Tethering your iPhone?

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With the last update of the iPhone (3.0), came a quiet little feature called tethering. What this does is it allows the option to use your existing data plan that you may have with your iPhone and use that to connect your computer to the internet. In essence, it turns your phone into a portable modem. Over the past few months I’ve found this incredibly helpful when I needed to connect my computer and I wasn’t around a WiFi source. Working at the park is increasing becoming an easier reality.

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The Commericalization of Gay Pride

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It’s that time of the year again. Stickers and flags are getting stuck and installed in the downtown area, while the gym is getting extra full for those last minute procrastinators. Posters are getting glued and tentative weekend plans are getting originated. It’s pride time here in Vancity.

This will be my fourth year in town to experience the mecca of colors, beads, heat, hype and homosexuality. Like most years, I have a general direction of what the events are with no firm plan. The only recurring solid tradition is to catch a few hours of pride parade. Each year, it seems that the parade get longer with more inclusion of corporate floats and sponsors. This begs the question, is this a good thing or bad thing?

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