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Traveling by air is often stressful and generally, I blame it on the fact that we have to deal with other people. There are lots of things that can go wrong with air travel that are out of your control: your flight may be delayed/canceled, your luggage may be lost, your flight may be overbooked, you may have missed your connection, or you may be stuck by a crying child. All these things are not out of the ordinary and it sucks. But, let’s face it, it’s the little things done by others- while suffering these already stressful situations- that can really piss you off. Although, maybe I’m just more high-strung than others when in these situations and I let it get to me.

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100G For Shaun G Celebration Concert

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I attended the 100G for Shaun G event on Tuesday, December 14th at the Commodore Ballroom. It was an impressive and interesting mix of music artists and DJ’s that came together to raise money for the newly formed “Shaun G Foundation,” a Vancouver movement to fight cancer. Shaun G (Gauthier) was an event promoter, half of the duo “Pedro and Shaun‘- aka Soulgood, and he was also involved with event planning, working with Molson Coors Canada and with Bacardi. Shaun recently lost his battle to an extremely rare form of cancer called Angiosarcoma, a cancer that only on average 2 Canadians a year are diagnosed with. Shockingly, Shaun only became sick, and was diagnosed a few weeks prior to succumbing to the disease.

I don’t recall whether I have ever attended an event that Soulgood threw, but I can assume by the group that attended this event that they likely attracted hot and fun people. I had a great evening listening to new music, meeting new people and downing a few cocktails (all for charity of course). There were also some sad/touching speeches and shout outs to Shaun and his family by the musicians and hosts of the evening.

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Bad Teeth

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I was over at a friend’s place the other night watching, “La Femme Nikita.” While sitting around after the movie, or maybe it was during, our attention and conversation moved to many topics, one being teeth. I don’t remember how, but the question of who had braces came up. Three of the four of us had had them, and the other (Brian) was naturally blessed. In our small little group, 75% of us had braces, and we all know a lot of people who had them, or had them ourselves.

My sister had braces as a pre-teen. I had asked to get braces when I was 14, or so. My mom took me to the orthodontist and for some reason that I can’t recall he told me to come back in a year. But, we didn’t go back in a year because my mom didn’t think I really needed them. My teeth weren’t that bad, but I always obsessed over them. Honestly, they were kind of like Tom Cruises back in the 90’s. When I returned home from exchange in Switzerland, my Mom had a change of heart. I don’t know whether it was because she hadn’t seen me in a while and she realized they weren’t great, or she just knew I wasn’t happy with them. So I was one of those lucky kids who got braces in grade 12, when I was 17 and had them for my last two years of high school. We had OAC (grade 13), in high school, in Ontario. I wasn’t slow or anything! Now I’m very happy with my teeth.

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I am currently sitting at home sick and find I have a lot of time on my hands. Being sick has meant that I’ve forced myself to skip the gym this entire week and it just so happens that last week was so crazy at work that I had to miss the gym most days. I’m guessing that my being sick is likely linked to my stressful and long work week, but that’s just how she goes. With not going to the gym, I find a lot more time on my hands. If I finish work at 5 or 6, I’m really just kinda free to do anything at that point. I don’t have to head home, change, hit the gym, shower and only then be ready to do other things, or just laze around my place. I have gained hours of freedom. Albeit, being sick, I’m not doing anything with them.

I know that I don’t have to go to the gym and it’s always a choice, but to be honest, I don’t feel that way. It is part of who I am. I’ve been going to the gym for 12 plus years. I can’t just stop. I guess I enjoy doing it? I don’t exactly like the repetitive action of lifting and pulling, touching others sweat, or smelling stinky people who need to do laundry or put on deodorant. I get frustrated while there all the time, waiting for machines, having creepo’s talk to you, having your weights taken, etc. But, once that workout is done you just feel good. You might just be glad to have it over with. It might hurt so bad that it feels good. Sometimes it makes you feel better, whether that’s the release of endorphins or just the sweating out of the booze. Some days you really feel like you made gains and improved in some sense. I guess the overall pull is the results you see with your body. And, on top of that, it should benefit your health.

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The Olympics are quickly approaching and there are mixed feelings throughout the city. Some are excited for the arrival, others aren’t, and some cannot wait to get out of the city. A large group who want to leave, look at this as an opportunity to rent out there place at a high cost to make lots of doe. Many want to stick around and be a part of the event. While others bitch and complain about the costs, what it has done to the city, and will do to the city leading up to and during the event.

I have always loved the winter Olympics. Canada actually does well, as we should, since we are the land of igloos. I grew up playing winter sports, so the winter Olympics were always a great opportunity to watch a lot of great competition in sports I loved. And, the Olympics keep getting better in my mind, as snowboarding has been introduced and I’ve even learned to appreciate some sports I never thought I would, like curling, and biathlon. But I must say, figure skating is not one my things, nothing against it, just not something I care to watch.

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Knock It Off With the Knock Offs

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I was in the train station yesterday waiting in the wrong line and I almost got on a train bound for Chicago, not Vancouver. In my defense, I lined up where I did the last time I was in that station heading home. What brought me out of my daze, was when I noticed a girl a few people ahead of me carrying a counterfeit copy of my bag. I examined the bag and could quickly tell it was a copy and got a little worked up. I asked the girl beside me what line I was in, and moved to the appropriate area and waited to leave. Luckily my train was late, because I would have totally missed it waiting as long as I did in that line.

While waiting for the correct train, another counterfeit copy of my bag came towards me, an even worse fake than the first. This time it was being carried by what appeared to be a total douchebag. He had it slung over his shoulder, and in my disgruntled opinion, was totally trying to show it off. If he had been toting a real version of the bag, then fine, he paid for it, let it be known he has one. But, if I were him, I would have been embarrassed to be carrying it, and same for the other fraud. I may have been the only person in the station who noticed, or even cared. But it pissed me off.

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Donovan asked me on Tuesday if I would like to go see a play at the Arts Club Theatre Company on Granville Island called, Mom’s the Word: Remixed. The show looked like it would be a good laugh when I had a gander at their website, so I asked my friend Mel if she would like to join me the following night. To be honest, all I expected of the show was a group of women on the stage telling stories of their lives as moms, in a stand-up comedy format. This wouldn’t have been a bad thing, I do love comedy, but that’s just what I expected.

When we arrived at the theatre I was happy because there was great people watching. The audience was definitely artsy, which I love, so many women dressed in crazy opulent outfits with awesome hair. When the performance started, immediately I realized my expectations had been incorrect about the format of the show. It started with a musical number that was very creative and had the entire audience laughing. The laughing continued on from there, and only stopped for me at the intermission and at times where I shed a tear (well multiple).

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I turned 19 in my last year of high school. No, I was not slow in school, or held back. I am from Ontario and back then we had OAC, or grade 13, and you required a certain number of these level courses in order to go to Ontario universities. I decided to spend my 19th birthday with my older brother and his university friends at Mont Tremblant, in Quebec. My birthday is in January so many of my friends couldn’t have legally joined me on a 19th birthday outing, not that that would have stopped most of them. It wasn’t exactly hard to go out drinking underage in my hometown. Heck we often saw teachers out. I knew it wasn’t going to be an exciting night, where I got carded and for the first time get to show my real ID. The drinking age in Quebec is 18, and I had partied many times in Quebec over the years, every New Years in high school in Quebec City. I mostly wanted to go cause my brother’s friends were fun, got to go skiing, take a few days of school, oh, and of course, a few of his friends are really hot.

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