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They’re not exactly the Golden Globes or Oscars, but the Grindr ‘Best of Awards’ are entertainingly fun in their own right. The gays have to give their two cents as well during this hectic awards season.

For the third year in a row, the leading all-male geo-social networking app, surveyed its extensive user base to determine this year’s winners. When they weren’t looking for their next hookup, users weighed in on everything from their favorite song, television show and movie, to the gay icon of the year and the hottest trends.

“For three years now, we’ve released our Grindr ‘Best of Awards’ and it’s gratifying to celebrate the influence and progress of gay culture in mainstream media,” said Grindr founder and CEO Joel Simkhai. “This year, we continue to see more artists and notable figures come out, and more variety and complexity of gay characters in roles across TV and film. It’s always fascinating to poll our Grindr guys on the biggest highlights of the year and it looks like 2014 was a good year for Hillary Clinton, Nick Jonas and Zac Efron – all making our list for the first time ever.”

Check out all their picks below, along with a few predictions for the upcoming year including next celebrity to come out and biggest celebrity train wreck.

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The second the Arizona statehouse passed SB 1062 last Thursday, Governor Jan Brewer faced pressure to veto the bill. From major corporations including American Airlines, Marriott and Apple, members within her own party including Arizona Sen. John McCain and Mitt Romney, along with three state senators who initially voted for the bill but had a change of heart, all pleaded to Brewer to squash the anti-gay legislation.

Called the “religious protections” bill, it would’ve allowed business owners with strongly held religious beliefs to deny service to gays and lesbians. It was referred to as state-sanctioned discrimination. On Wednesday February 27, the Governor vetoed the bill, saying it “could result in unintended and negative consequences.” She added, “I sincerely believe that Senate Bill 1062 could create more problems than it purports to solve.”

Naturally, Jan Brewer’s decision has been hailed by numerous people within the state and out. One of the most notable is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. During a speech at the University of Miami, she took a moment to praise the Arizona Governor’s decision. Clinton was on hand to talk women and human rights. Check out a clip below.

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Given that “***Flawless” included an audio excerpt from a speech by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Beyoncé’s feminist essay about gender equality shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. The R&B singer is one of several prominent women lending their words to openly support equal pay in light of the Shiver Report. Their recent findings reveal that 42 million women in the USA are either living in poverty or are on the brink of living in poverty.

Other essays were written by Hillary Clinton, Eva Longoria and Jada Pinkett Smith. Some notable males were also drafted to show their support. NBA star LeBron James penned ‘America’s Working Single Mothers: An Appreciation.’ Read Beyonce’s short essay below.

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20 years ago when Barbara Walters first began her yearly Most Fascinating People special, Hillary Rodham Clinton, then the First Lady, was the special’s first Most Fascinating Person of the Year. With this year reportedly her last, Walters came full circle and selected Clinton again as the year’s most fascinating. Not only for this year, but Barbara also declared Hillary as her choice as the most fascinating over the past two decades. Definitely a fitting end to an era. Naturally, Walters grilled the former Secretary of State if she planned on running for President in 2016.

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Who Should Play Hillary Rodham Clinton?

In: Donovan, Movies

Rodham isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until the 2016 Presidential Election, but that isn’t stopping the film’s director from giving interviews about it and spilling some major casting details. James Ponsoldt chatted with The Independent about which four ladies he has his eyes on to play a young Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Regardless of people’s political affiliation or how they feel about Hillary Clinton, you don’t find people who question the quality of her intelligence or her drive,” Ponsoldt told The Independent. “I want a wonderful actress who could embody that.”

The biopic will focus on Clinton’s time as a House Judiciary Committee lawyer in her twenties. She served as a counsel to the committee during the Watergate scandal. There are rumors that Kim Young II’s script includes many racy scenes. When the scribe was asked about it, he coyly replied, “It’s an evolving process so I don’t know. She was an attractive 26-year-old with an amazing future. And that’s our thematic focus.” I’m not sure if the world is ready for a 50 Shades of Hillary type of flick. Don’t you agree?

Two of the four supposed frontrunners for the political role of a lifetime are Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon. If I had to chose between these two ladies, I’d cast my vote for Witherspoon. Her role as Tracy Flick in the 1999 film Election is exactly what I’d picture a young Clinton to be. Find out the other two ladies below.

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just released a video in conjunction with the Human Rights Campaign. She really explains her stance and support for gay marriage really well and you can really get how passionate she is about the issue.

In one part of her message she says, “I support it personally and as a matter of policy and law. Embedded in a broader effort to advance equality and opportunity for LGBT Americans and all Americans.” She continues, “Like so many others, my personal views have been shaped over time by people I have known and loved. By my experience representing our nation on the world stage, my devotion to law and human rights, and the guiding principles of my faith.”

Watch her powerful and captivating message below.

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Today on The View, Barbara Walters revealed seven out of the ten people that make up her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012. Last year, although she had some controversial names on her list (namely the Kardashian family), the most fascinating person was determined to be the late Steve Jobs, found of Apple.

Her number one Most Fascinating Serson of 2012 will be revealed on when Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012 airs on December 12 on ABC. In addition to that person, the two other unannounced stars will also be revealed during the show.

Do any of you have any guesses as to who the number one person will be? Carly Rae Jepsen? Psy? Channing Tatum? Check out the list below of the seven people Walters has already announced and see if you have any ideas as to who the other three will be.

Find out who made the cut so far…

Yesterday afternoon in Geneva, Switzerland, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made a memorable speech that I personally hope has a major impact on the future of gay rights across the world. Recognizing that America’s own record on LGBT equality is “far from perfect,” she called on nations around the world to recognize that “gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights.” Such a profound statement. Here are a few highlights from the speech:

  • “Some believe homosexuality is a Western phenomenon… but gay people belong to every society in the world… Being gay is not a Western invention, it is a human reality.”
  • “It should never be a crime to be gay.”
  • “To LGBT men and women worldwide: Wherever you live and whatever your circumstances… please know that you are not alone.”
  • “Our commitment to protect the freedom of religion and defend LGBT people come from a common source… Human rights are universal and cut across all religions and cultures.”

Along with the speech, Clinton announced that the administration is launching a $3 million global equality fund to support the work of civil society organizations working on these issues around the world. The fund will help human rights groups “record facts so they can target their advocacy, learn how to use the law as a tool, manage their budgets, train their staffs and forge partnerships with women’s organizations and other Human Rights groups.”

Watch Hillary Clinton’s full speech after the jump.

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