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Question for all you out there who have pools. Did you hire your pool boy based on looks and the possibility of fulfilling the fantasy? I would. LOL. I even contemplated hiring one just for our hot tub 😉

Hi Fashion recently debuted the music video for their new single, “Eighteen.” It’s a bit strange, a dash erotic and overall an entertaining watch from the electro pop duo. It includes a scantily clad pool boy, a threesome during a plastic surgery operation and lots of manhandling of meat. Literally. Check out the video below.

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Almost a year ago, I wrote about a group called Hi Fashion who had just released a very funny and catchy track called “I’m Not Madonna,” along with an accompanying video for a live performance they did. After coming across their music, I downloaded not only that song, but also a few others including “Amazing“. Now, they’ve just released a music video for “Amazing” and I thought you might enjoy it!

As I mentioned in my article last year, they remind me a bit of Miss Kitten which is definitely a good thing. The “Amazing” song is full of attitude and the lyrics are a lot of fun, just as in “I’m Not Madonna”. An example of some of the lyrics would be, “I don’t give a hurl if you say you like girls because I know that you’re gayzing“. LOL.

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Raja in the video as well. All of the outfits are just as out there as the lyrics. Enjoy!

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Although this video was uploaded back in August, I only saw it today as it came through my Facebook feed and believe me, it’s definitely worth watching. “Hi Fashion” duo Rick Gradone and Jen DM perform their song “I’m Not Madonna” at a club in LA and it’s hilarious and super catchy. The lyrics are so clever, as the lead singer talks about everyone thinking she’s Madonna and how annoying it is being mistaken for the superstar. I have a feeling Tommy might like this, as I’m sure he can relate to her. It’s such a rough life being so fabulous! Here’s a little taste of the lyrics:

“Everyone thinks I’m Madonna, it’s getting kind of strange. Every time I get my hair bleached, they keep calling out my name. In London and Manhattan I can only stay indoors. My homes have become stops on the celebrity bus tours.”

The lyrics get even better from there and Jen DM sounds awesome as she transitions from talking to singing in the chorus, “I’m not Madonna…” They remind me of Miss Kitten (“Frank Sinatra“), Poppy Chaos (“Strange Objects“), with a little hint of Ryan Steele’s “That’s So Random“. LOL. Listen to “I’m Not Madonna” below.

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