“Gay” really does mean “happy”! The University of Montreal published the findings of a study they did in the current issue of Psychosomatic Medicine that addresses some differences between gays and straights when it comes to happiness and stress management. They studied 87 of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and heterosexual Canadians and found that the queer members of their study that had come out of the closet to family and friends “have less anxiety, depression, and burnout” than those who hadn’t. To add to that, the study’s leader (Robert-Paul Juster) said that as a group, out gay and bisexual males “were less likely to be depressed than heterosexual men and had less physiological problems than heterosexual men.” These findings were also published on U.S. News.

Juster concludes from their findings that coming out is good for many reasons. “Our research suggests coming out of the closet has some health benefits,” says Robert-Paul Juster, the study’s lead author. “Coming out is no longer a matter of popular debate, but a matter of public health.”

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Heterosexual Guys Who Like Glee

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They’re not gay, they just like Glee… or so they say. Hilarious duo, Chris Nester and Brian Sturgill star in this hilariously homoerotic music video about guys who like Glee. When I was in the closet as a teenager, I definitely didn’t tell people that I had two of the Backstreet Boys albums hidden in a drawer in my room. In my mind, that would have been a dead give away that I was gay. I wonder if I would have been secretive about watching Glee if it was on while I was in high school. I guess I’ll never know.

Nester makes some good points, as he raps in the song – I mean, why is he gay just because he watches the musical comedy? Well, maybe because there’s a little more to the story. Nester raps, “Hanging out late, with my best homie / Just broke up with his girlfriend, feeling kinda lonely / So we drink some wine, and we watch some Glee / and we held hands, strictly platonically.” From there, their relationship only escalates…but it’s totally not gay. LOL. I hope you enjoy the video below as much as I did.

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The girls & gays have their anthem(s), but what about the “straight” guys? This is a hilarious video released a few days ago dedicated to all things for straight guys. The lyrics follow a straight guy who grew up in the gay capital, San Francisco, and how he had to hide the fact that he was straight, and so on.

The video is actually pretty brilliant and quite entertaining. About time the “straight guys” came up with a video/parody themselves. It’s a nice change of pace. Lady Gaga at the MTV VMA’s: “And thank you to the gay for remaking the Bad Romance video over and over again.”

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