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Lifetime Renews Project Runway & Its Spinoffs

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Project Runway hasn’t even begun production on Season 15 yet, but Lifetime has already given the green light for three more seasons. That extends the designing competition through to Season 18. Tim Gunn and all his catchphrases aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

“Project Runway is a great franchise,” A+E president and CEO Nancy Dubuc said. “It’s got an incredibly loyal audience, it’s a brand unto itself, and it has all these Emmy nominations. We have a great relationship with Harvey, Heidi and Tim, and I’m glad its home will be here for many years to come.”

The flagship series wasn’t the only one to receive good news. Its spinoffs did as well. Find out how many seasons they got below.

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One celebrity who goes above and beyond for Halloween is Heidi Klum. The German supermodel is unofficially the queen of the ghoulish holiday due to her annual Halloween party and her uncanny ability to outdo herself each year with her costumes.

Without fail, she’s able to concoct innovate and stunningly jaw-dropping costumes. The transformations she pulls off are truly remarkable.

Check out below a visual anthology of her Halloween get-ups and weigh in if her latest one stacks up. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite.

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Donald Trump suffers continually from foot-in-mouth disease. The 69-year-old businessman never ceases to amaze me with his delusional comments. He’s a comedian’s dream.

Trump recently threw shade at Heidi Klum’s way while addressing accusations about being a misogynist. While being interviewed by the New York Times, Trump seemingly out of nowhere commented, that the 42-year-old supermodel was ‘no longer a 10.’

In true Heidi form, she took the humorous route to fire back at the presidential candidate, by sharing an amusing clip via Twitter. She placed a piece of paper over her shirt with the number 10 written on it. Suddenly, a man wearing a Trump mask appears and rips off the piece of paper off her chest. Check out the video below to watch Klum’s comedic comeback. #HeidiTrumpsTrump

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Color me shocked! A Sia music video without Maddie Ziegler. I never thought this day would come. The Aussie singer swaps out the dance phenom for the stunning Heidi Klum to star in her latest clip. The 41-year-old stunner, like her predecessor, also dons a platinum blonde wig.

“Sia is one of those incredible artists who puts so much passion into her work, and I am thrilled to be part of a music video. I remember being blown away the first time I heard her voice on ‘Breathe Me.’ And I love many songs she has written for other artists.” – Heidi Klum

The German supermodel heats things up with Game of ThronesPedro Pascal in the Francesco Carrozzini-directed clip. Literally and figuratively. She douses a house with gasoline while getting hot and steamy with Pascal in the bedroom.

Check out Sia’s “Fire Meet Gasoline” music video below. Fun fact. Klum only met Sia after filming the clip weeks later.

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On tonight’s episode of Project Runway, Jesse Tyler Ferguson not only acts as guest judge but also is an integral part of the challenge. The Modern Family actor is on hand to pimp out bowties from his Tie The Knot collection. Shilling his product isn’t completely self-serving. Proceeds from the sale of the neckwear benefit marriage equality. Side note: the episode was filmed before Ferguson married his partner Justin Mikita.

During the runway critique, one particular contestant gets emotional. Not because the judges are ripping apart his design. On the contrary they love it. I do as well. Rather, it’s due to the challenge’s theme. Out of nowhere, Brandon McDonald decides to propose to his boyfriend of 18 years Josh.

Watching judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Ferguson clutching their imaginary pearls is priceless. Total saps 😉 Heidi Klum also gets swept up in the touching moment and offers to become a bridesmaid for the newly-engaged couple. Check out the clip below.

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A couple of weeks ago, NBC officially named Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice as Sharon Osbourne’s replacement on America’s Got Talent. Almost immediately, rumors surfaced that Mel B. wasn’t the only new face to join show’s eighth season. Like many of the international editions of the Got Talent franchise, the US version was contemplating a four person judging panel. Based on a photo obtained by TMZ, it’s actually happening.

Taping for the first set of auditions begins in New Orleans tomorrow. If you watch the show, you know that huge ‘X’s appear above the stage representing each judge. Sandwiched in between Mel B and Howard Stern’s names is this celebrity. Have any guesses? Here’s a hint. This person hosts their own reality competition series on a different network. Could it be Jeff Probst? After all, his daytime talk show was recently canceled. Or has Ryan Seacrest decided to finally give critiques instead of relaying them? Find out who below.

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Project Runway Is Now A Team Sport

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The backstabbing and drama will reach new levels when Project Runway returns for its eleventh season. For the first time in the show’s history, the contestants will be competiting as teams instead of individuals for every challenge. Personally, I think this twist sucks. If you watched Bravo’s lame attempt to duplicate the designing show, you know that The Fashion Show sucked big time. That’s even with the wonderfully snippy Iman as host and head judge.

With that being said, I’m still going to watch it to see Zac Posen’s debut as Michael Kors’ replacement. Based on the newly-released promo, I’m not too optimistic about his addition. I adore Posen but there’s only one short snippet of him in the promo. If his critiques were as hilariously cutting as Kors, I’m sure the network would’ve included a short montage of his best one-liners. Check out the new promo below.

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Michael Kors Bids Auf Wiedersehen To Project Runway

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Say it isn’t so. Michael Kors is my FAVORITE judge on Project Runway. He simply cannot leave. Who else is going to give such memorable one-liners as “Her drag name would be Origami Rose” or “She looks like a pole dancer in Dubai.”? No matter how much I’m in denial, Kors’ departure is a done deal. The designer won’t be a part of Season 11 of Project Runway.

If you think there’s drama behind this, you’ll be disappointed. Reportedly, it was his busy schedule that kept him from signing on as a full-time judge for the next season. Lifetime revealed in a statement that Michael will return to help judge the finale. At least, we’ll have that.

As if Kors leaving wasn’t bad enough, there is another change coming that I’m not excited about in the least. For the first time on Project Runway, the designers will compete as teams and not as individuals. Boo, this is starting to sound like Bravo’s The Fashion Show. Remember their lame attempt to replace Project Runway when Harvey Weinstein moved his show to Lifetime? UGH. Find out who Kors’ replacement is below.

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