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Nelly Furtado & Nelly Join Forces On Headphones

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When Nelly Furtado dabbles in hip-hop and R&B, it results in bona fide success. Just look at Loose which garnered huge dividends. It sold over 12 million copies worldwide and spawned “Promiscuous,” and “Maneater” just to name a couple. With her last effort The Spirit Indestructible failing commercially, though critically acclaimed, it’s not a surprise she’s heading back to a formula that’s previously worked. Hook up with a hip-hop artist.

Recently, the 34-year-old Canadian singer joined forces with Stack$ on “Getaway,” and now she’s in the studio with someone with the same name… Nelly. I’m surprised this collaboration hasn’t happened before. Who wouldn’t want Nelly-squared? The two team up on an inspirational and uplifting new track titled “Headphones.” The track is lifted off Nelly’s forthcoming album M.O. due out September 30. Listen to the track below.

listen to the track after the jump

After meeting Anjulie last year and chatting about her newfound career path into popular music, I cannot get enough of this girl. Her single “Brand New Bitch” still makes me dance when I hear it on my iPhone or in the club. After taking more a political stand with her single, “Stand Behind The Music,” Anjulie is ready to bring the fun back into it with her newest single. While the lyrics don’t shine as much as her two previous pop singles, I enjoy the beat and the carefree attitude of it.

Titled “Headphones,” Anjulie lyrically walks us through a party of misfits including hookers and porn stars- one of which has vomit in her hair despite the party just beginning. The lyrics go, “watching my life like a movie, there’s a soundtrack in my head. I can see your lips moving but I didn’t hear a word you said.” The hook proceeds to tell us she has her headphones on and her hands in her pocket. Despite repeating that hook over and over again, Anjulie doesn’t once don a set of headphones. Instead, her and a set of eclectically dressed friends take to a warehouse district and dance it out. The camera tricks while fun at first, begin to get a little annoying. For me, medium song and medium video effort. Hopefully her next single will pack the punch of “Brand New Bitch.” Check it out below.

Check out Anjulie’s new video after the jump.

Victoria Christina Hesketh, better known as Little Boots seems to be releasing songs here and there with no real sense of direction for where her career is heading. That’s how it feels to her many fans who have been listening to the tracks randomly surfacing on the internet on different blogs here and there. Last month, she released the toe tapping “Every Night I Say A Prayer” and now, she’s released a disco-friendly pop track titled, “Headphones” which actually debuted on BBC Radio 1 last month.

In the new single, Victoria sings about wearing her headphones inside the club when the music between the disco’s walls are less than enjoyable. Aside from her mixtape that was released this past March, there is no other word on whether or not Victoria is working on a new album or any new music to work towards a new album. Regardless, I can’t wait for more music from this disco-fused pop sensation. Give a listen below.

Listen to Little Boots’ “Headphones” after the jump.

We’re bigs fans of Anjulie over here at Homorazzi. We were fortunate enough to chat with this Canadian gem at an event last year before she hit it real big with her single “Brand New B*tch“. Since our chat, she’s released another single and garnered the attention of some peeps south of the border. While her second single from her new sounds titled “Stand Behind The Music” caused some controversy and raised a few eyebrows (during the whole Occupy movement), she’s ready to bring back the ready friendly sounds with this newest leaked, presumed to be next single, “Headphones

I am absolutely loving this track. I remember when sitting down with Anjulie, she told me that she was a songwriter first. That is definitely present in this newest ditty. Anjulie sings out about watching her life move past her as she listens to songs on her headphones – the music as a soundtrack to her life. But, she doesn’t hear anything else around her because she has “her headphones” and has her “hands her pocket.” This song has already been stuck in my head after first listen and I think it will do the same to you too. Check out “Headphones” below.

Listen to Anjulie’s new track “Headphones” after the jump.

50 Cent Gets Into The Headphones Game

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Watch out Dr. Dre, there’s a new rapper in the headphone game. “In Da Club” rapper 50 Cent released his very own set of hi-fidelity headphones and just in time for the holiday season. 50 tried to enter the audio market earlier in the year, but was temporarily derailed due to licensing issues with Sleek Audio. He decided to create his own company, SMS Audio, and become CEO. How’s that for being a big tyme baller.

50’s line of listening gear offers up wired headphones (STREET by 50), wireless headphones (SYNC by 50) and ear buds. Available in black and blue or white and blue, his headphones are custom-acoustically tuned to produce unparalleled sound quality and provide the listener with brilliant, non-compressed CD-quality audio delivered through comfortable, fashionable ear wear. When asked why he wanted to go head-to-head with Dr. Dre’s successful line, 50 Cent responded “I want people to hear music the way I hear it initially,” to TechCruch.com

Personally, I want a pair of the wireless pair. SYNC by 50 headphones can be used by up to four people listening from one source up to 50 feet away. Talk about your very own dance party. They’re also the only wireless headphone set to incorporate full on-board controls. For more info, head over to his official website at http://www.smsby50.com/

thinksound’s New ts02+mic Headphones

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thinksound wants to be as synonymous with big sound as they do with being eco-friendly. Their goal is provide incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible. Clear sound with a clearer conscience. Their headphones are made with real wood, creating a more natural resonance and unparalleled acoustics. Even their packaging is made from recycled materials.

A few months ago, Redd reviewed thinksound’s rain 9mm in-ear headphones to glowing reviews. The company just released their first headphones outfitted with a built-in microphone and the results are outstanding. The ts02+mic headphones allow you to listen to your favorite music, then easily answer a phone call with a touch of a button.

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Last month, I did a post on the Top 5 Cool Stuff I found on the net while surfing and one of them was ThinkSound‘s headphones and what attracted me to the product was its wooden housing which not only looked very sleek like the wood floors of my apartment but was also eco-friendly because they use renewable resources for their wood and packaging which is mostly made of recycled paper and very little plastic and even the cables are PVC-free! Also from my understanding, wood has a better acoustic resonance than say, plastic which most headphones are made from. This is the reason why most musical instruments are made from wood because it just sounds better, richer & smoother. What is acoustic resonance?

So ThinkSound saw my blog post and decided to send us a pair to give it a more in-depth review. I’m a big music fan so I do go through several pairs of headphones every year or so and for some reason, only in-ear headphones really fit me. Most of the standard ones, specially the ones that come with the iPods and iPhones just don’t stay in my ear specially when I’m working out or running. So here’s what I think…

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Skull Candy: Like Candy To Your Ears…

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Why is Skull Candy so sweet? Well, they’ve taken some creative, unique, and innovative approaches to the way we listen to our music, and how we look while we’re doing it! Some serious “stand-out” designs that will allow you stand out from the rest, as you venture into your own personal world of music. And, you can literally do that. I find that when I have the over ear headphones on, I can hear nothing but my music. It’s fantastic: the full enveloping, crisp sound of my favorite songs, while ignoring the rest of the world for the time being. That’s pretty sweet. That’s candy. Skull Candy.

Aside from the sound which is obviously key, there are some other notable features in most of their headphones. One is in-line volume control, meaning you can control the volume directly from the headphone cord, as opposed to having to change the volume directly from your MP3 player or other sound device. Another great feature is an extension cable so you can adjust the length of the headphone cord – run it short, or run it long.

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