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Kids React To Harlem Shake

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It’s safe to say that the Harlem Shake YouTube trend is over now. These things come and go so quickly (which is a good thing). That being said, earlier this week I came across a video of kids reacting to Harlem Shake videos and thought it was worth sharing.

Kids have absolutely no filter and they say exactly what’s on their minds… so you can imagine their reactions and they things they say when they see grown ups dancing around like weirdos in these viral Harlem Shake videos.

Watch the video below and although I was super into all of the videos when it was a thing, I’m ready to give it all a rest after this. Enjoy!

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Just when I thought I was done writing about “Harlem Shake” videos, I found one more that I couldn’t resist sharing with you. I’m hoping you have heard of him, but if you haven’t, Lohanthony is a gay teenage YouTuber that became famous with his sassy commentaries and uninhibited dancing. Most memorable to me is his short viral video where he twirls his leg around and says, “Calling all the basic bitches! Calling all the basic bitches! There’s a new announcement… ‘You’re amazing.'”

In this new video, Lohanthony combines his twerking (which the Urban Dictionary describes as: “to work one’s body, as in dancing, especially the rear end“) with the talent of some fierce Broadway dancers to create one entertaining Harlem Shake video. They actually do pretty much the whole song and keep it interesting the whole way. Lohanthony starts off video by pointing to the dancers and saying, “Those bitches… are basic!

Check out the video below. I’ve also included the “Basic Bitches” viral video to familiarize yourself with this hilarious YouTube character.

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Becoming a viral sensation is even more essential than before for a new artist. Under Billboard’s new rules for their all-important Hot 100 chart, YouTube streams are now included in the calculation. Previously, only radio airplay, sales, and various forms of streaming through services like Spotify and Rhapsody were used to tabulate what the biggest song was. Had this new formula been around when PSY’s “Gangnam Style” was at its peak, it certainly would’ve hit pole position instead of stalling at No. 2 for weeks.

Taking advantage of the new rules is Baauer. Even though “Harlem Shake” is receiving minimal radio airplay, the single skyrocketed to No. 1 thanks to all those viral videos dominating YouTube and an impressive 262,000 downloads. The meme-of-the-moment knocks off Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” which has occupied the top spot the past five weeks.

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One of our favorite sports to watch during the 2012 Summer Olympics was definitely Men’s Gymnastics… for obvious reasons. That’s why when I saw that Nebraska Men’s Gynastics had uploaded a “Harlem Shake” video, I had to watch it.

As you know, the “Harlem Shake” has been taking over the internet as of late with various themes being explored and countless organizations taking a stap at it. In the following video, a bunch of male gymnasts are stretching when one guy wearing a weird yellow headpiece starts his thrust. From there, the gym turns into some sort of sexy jungle gym and there are hotties every where you look.

Normally “Harlem Shake” videos are only 30 seconds, but this video is an extended cut, highlight some of the various impressive (and sexy) tricks these guys can do. Enjoy!

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I’ve come to the realization that (at least for the time being) I am obsessed with these “Harlem Shake” videos that are taking over the internet. As a result of the trend, the song has gone to number one on iTunes. I’m one of those people that downloaded it – LOL.

It’s catching on like rapid fire and this morning I came across a handful of videos (in addition to the ones I posted the other day) that are worth sharing. The cast of one of my favorite comedies on television (if not actually my favorite), Happy Endings actually just posted one the other day and among all of the crazy outfits and costumes, it features “Alex” and “Penny” wearing their helmet hair-dos you’ll recall from a recent episode.

Aside from the Happy Endings Harlem Shake, I’ve included a Tennessee Swim team, one done by Sea World, and more. I’m aching to make one myself! Enjoy the videos below!

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The Harlem Shake trend is taking over the internet (YouTube) right now and it’s even one of the top downloaded songs on iTunes at the moment as a result. I seriously want to make a video myself – LOL.

Rapper Azealia Banks has decided to hop aboard the trend & join in the fun but instead of dancing to Baauer‘s original version of the song, she decided to raise the bar and do a remixed version of her own and make a music video for it. Originally, she had posted her remix on SoundCloud and Baauer had her remove it. She responded to that by posting the following on Twitter a few hours after she uploaded her video to Vimeo: “Sick and tired of these raggedy male musicians and their scarred ego’s trying to block my fucking light.” She added, “Sick and tired of all the motherfuckers trying to ‘put me in my place.’

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

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Something called The Harlem Shake is taking over the Internet and it’s hard to hate the trend when it involves hot shirtless guys dancing (sometimes in just their underwear). Originally, “The Harlem Shake” was only a dance that originated back in 1981. Last year, a song by the same name was released by Baauer that was released back in 2012. Now in 2013, The Harlem Shake that is taking over the Internet is a YouTube video/dance to Baauer’s song and it’s in a category of its own.

This new Internet meme that started in early 2013 and it’s being compared to “Gangnam Style” in terms of YouTube popularity. Each video usually begins with one person (often masked) dancing to the song alone for 15 seconds, surrounded by other people who appear unaware of the dancing person. When the bass drops, the camera transitions to the entire crowd doing the dance for the next 15 seconds, often wearing minimal clothing or crazy outfits while making use of strange props.

Check out a handful of these humorous and kind of hot videos below. Even Anderson Cooper and his staff did one! Enjoy!

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