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One of my favorite things to do (when intoxicated) is grab one of my friends’ phone and do dramatic readings of their text messages in front of everyone. I love picking conversations that don’t have names attached. You just know the number is some random hookup. It never fails, I usually stumbled upon some salacious flirting that provides numerous laughs and juicy gossip ;)

This clip from Second City Network is totally up my alley. The famed comedy theater group recite actual messages found on Grindr, Growlr and Scruff. As you would expect, the clip is full of laughs. It’s actually kinda insane how everything sounds out loud. The girl waving while saying ‘bottom here‘ is my favorite. Check out the video below.

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Is Racial Preference Racism?

In: Adam, Politics & Issues, Totally GAY!

For sad single years now, I’ve been cruisin’ for a bruisin’ (you know where ;) using all the available online resources.Grindr one day showed me a picture of a young black guy who had posted a smiling picture of himself with some interesting stats to accompany the profile: “Age 20, 5″10, 150 lbs… white”. Upon seeing this I burst out laughing at the sheer oddity of it.

To give it some context, your profile on the gay, hookup, iPhone app Grindr has a default of no ethnicity so one must choose to post what race they are and second, the “slipped finger” excuse doesn’t apply here as the “black” response has 5 different options between it and “white”. Realizing this choice was more than likely made on purpose I reasoned it was okay to post a screen shot of this scene to my facebook to find out what people deduced was the reasoning. Just as I was about to post it however, I wondered: “Is it racist to laugh at this?” I know me, and I know I’m not a racist person but am- like the rest of the world- sensitive to the issue and always try to think before I speak and act on issues of race, religion and ethnicity. In the end, I of course posted the pic and got a handful of fun and non-hateful comments from my friends regarding it. But, the whole situation caused me to think about race and dating on the internet.

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It’s Cyrano de Bergerac for a modern age. Vincent played by Rent’s Anthony Rapp is uncomfortable in his own skin but witty on his favorite hook-up app. His buddy Thane (Pasha Pellosie), on the other handm, is extremely hot but not the most articulate person in the world.

Thane asks Vincent to ‘grind’ for him using his underwear pics. With Vincent’s flirty online banter and his sexy photos, Thane is hoping to attract a new batch of clever guys who never gave him a chance previously. It ends up working but Vincent is addicted to the rush of being ‘newly hot.’ He’s never before experienced being pursued by so many suitors. As their paths run through darker territory, both men will question: Is a monster created or revealed?

Grind is a musical film written and directed by Zachary Halley with music by Derek Gregor and lyrics by Selda Sahin. It takes a sexy and artistic look at the ways we connect in today’s multi screened hook-up culture and asks, “Do you REALLY know who you’re talking to?” In addition to Rapp and Pellosie, Grimm’s Claire Coffee also stars in the indie production. Check out the trailer below.

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The Grindr Best Of 2013 Awards

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Donovan, Totally GAY!

Award season is officially underway! Even Grindr is getting in on the action. They recently released their best of 2013 year end list. From gay icon of the year (Neil Patrick Harris) to best comeback of the year (Netflix), users of the ubiquitous hookup app made their voice heard on a multitude of categories.

2013 was a banner year of celebrities coming out. Not surprisingly with all the headlines he generated, Wentworth Miller earned Grindr’s best coming out story. Solid choice. I was lucky enough to witness Miller’s first appearance after coming out at the HRC Gala Dinner in Seattle.

Along with revealing the best of the best in the past year, Grindr also weighed in on what they expect will be big and make headlines in 2014. Find out below who they think the next celebrity to come out is and what will become obsolete.

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I’m in love. I am so in love I can’t even stand it. I want to introduce you all to Craig Ramsay.

I first got a glimpsed of this blonde god on an episode of 2 Broke Girls during the Grindr episode and nearly fell off my couch. In a 5 second cameo he became one of my most favourite characters. It wasn’t until today that I realized how absolutely madly in internet love I was with this soon to be viral internet sensation. (Trust me, it’s going to happen).

Craig Ramsay has something called the 5 Minute Workout Anywhere, and when he says anywhere he MEANS it. Fitting rooms, the copy machine and even in church! Craig is not accepting your excuse for not finding 5 minutes to work out. Craig is a gem, I WISH he had a class here in town it would be the most popular thing in the city. The funny thing is these actually work! I do really really feel the burn. I am really making copies AND making progress. I am praying away those sinful calories!

You need to watch these clips and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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Meet The New Faces (And Bodies) Of Grindr

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

A month ago, Grindr began the hunt for a new face and torso to represent the hookup app. Aspiring hopefuls were asked to submit their entries via Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #grindrmodel. After 780 submissions and more than 2,500 votes, two winners were announced. Why have one, when you can have two? Both guys will be featured in upcoming Grindr ads.

Who are the lucky winners? They are Eric Angelo, a go-go dancer originally from Texas now living in Hollywood and Matthew Stehlik, a bartender in Florida by way of Pittsburgh. Both will fly out to Los Angeles for a three-night stay that includes some new wardrobe, photoshoot and serious pampering. Oddly enough, both winners could pass for brothers. They have that same boy-next-door look about them. Take a look at their winning good looks below.

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Grindr, the most popular location based gay “dating” app, has just released a new update with several new features aimed at making it a faster and more engaging experience for the seven million-plus users around the globe. The update features a sleek new design (included a slightly different take on the logo), an optimized user interface and many other features that allow users to narrow down their search for Mr. Right (…or Mr. Right now).

“We rewrote the software for the new Grindr with a focus on speed – giving our users the ability to meet other guys in mere minutes. We did that by strengthening the app’s reliability and performance, and by introducing ‘Tribes‘ and other filters to make it even simpler for men to identify themselves and find exactly what they’re looking for,” said Joel Simkhai, founder and CEO of Grindr. “Get ready for a whole new level of user personalization, speed and convenience to the Grindr experience, along with many added capabilities for Grindr Xtra users – all in a new sleek design.”

Do you know how many chat messages were sent on Grindr in the last month? One billion! They also exchanged one billion photos and logged in one billion times in a two month time span. Check out the specifics on the new features below and if you’re a Grindr user yourself, share your thoughts on the latest update in the comments.

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Since we’re smack-dab in the middle of Pride season, I thought it was a perfect time to share Grindr’s 10 Commandments for Gay Pride. The gay mobile social app wants to remind the community about what Thou shall or shall not do this Pride season. I’m actually in Portland as we speak, celebrating the Rose City’s pride festivities this weekend. Sufficed to say, I have a couple of traveling companions who’re guilty of some of Grindr’s no-nos.

Even though I’ve gone to major Prides in LA, Sydney, New York, Toronto and London, I have to say, Portland is one of my favorites. It’s big enough that there’s something to do, but small enough that everyone does the same thing. I don’t feel like I’m being tugged by different groups of friends. Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, I always have a blast.

Grindr’s 10 Commandments For Gay Pride

I. Thou Shall Not Be A Hot Mess

Pride is about having fun, but don’t go overboard. If you’re drinking alcohol be sure to drink a glass of water between cocktails – stay hydrated, stay classy!

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