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I didn’t think it was possible but Thierry Pepin looks even hotter than ever. I’m not sure if it’s his longer curlier locks that does the trick or the fact he’s dressed up as a cowboy. Probably a combination. Now you have more to grab onto as you’re riding bronco 😉

Gregg Homme enlists the sexy model to introduce their new snakeskin line of underwear. Chaps, leather belts and suede looks blend together to offer you all you ever dreamed of to ride your sexiest fantasies. Watch how Pepin handles an unwanted intruder in his tent. Be forewarned, a full moon is in view and I’m not referring to the one in the sky. Check out the western-themed promo below.

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Gregg Homme Releases One Night Stand Part 2

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The first part of Gregg Homme’s new promo video ended with a cliffhanger. It showed model Philip Fusco receiving a booty call text in the wee hours of the morning. He quickly tidies his apartment and takes a shower to freshen up. And by freshen, I hope it included a certain place 😉 Part 1 of One Night Stand ends with him stepping out of the shower.

The underwear company just released the second part. All nice and clean, Fusco opens his underwear drawer to pick the perfect Gregg Homme brief. Obviously, he tries on a couple to find just the right one to entice his late night gentleman caller. The doorbell then rings and… uh oh. Just like Reese Witherspoon, Fusco has a run-in with the law. Watch Part 2 below and find out how the fantasy continues. Hint. It’s a “happy ending.”

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Just when I thought Gregg Homme’s marketing couldn’t get any hotter, they hire Philip Fusco to front their new ad campaign. The fitness model is too much sexy for one man to have. Life’s just not fair 😉

The underwear brand just unveiled a new video featuring Fusco promoting their new Target collection. It shows Fusco coming home at 4am to his gorgeous apartment. Thinking he’s all settled in for the night, he makes himself a cocktail and undresses to just his Gregg Homme brief. All of a sudden he gets a call from an unknown caller (dirty, dirty, dirty boy). We all know what this means… booty call. Fusco then rushes to get the apartment and himself all tidied up for his one night stand. Check out the clip below.

“Who Gregg Homme is, is left up to the imagination. He is filled with mystery, desire and an exuberant amount of seduction. He exists to trick you, tease you and bring out your innermost fantasies. This creates an intoxicating hunger leaving our customers craving more.“ – Eric Boisvert (Owner & Head Designer)

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Gregg Homme Underwear’s Sexy Proposition

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A couple of weeks ago, Gregg Homme revealed the “Most Outrageously Sexy Trailer… Ever!” for their new campaign. The final product has seen the light of day and simply put… HOLY FRIGGIN’ HOT. You may not be a fan of their provocative underwear, but Gregg Homme sure knows how to film a seductive clip. If sex truly sells, I expect the company to completely sell out.

Once again, they’ve used model Thierry Pepin as the centerpiece of their campaign. Wearing nothing but skimpy white tighties which show off his low hangers, Pepin is unwittingly the object of a peeping Tom. Or is he… In an interesting turn of events, Thierry notices him and motions the voyeuristic neighbor to “come” on over. What follows is a passionate and erotic session in a red-lit room? If you don’t get turned on, you’re probably on the wrong site 😉 Check out the steamy clip below.

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In just a few short days, Gregg Homme unleashes its new worldwide video ad campaign. Once again, they’ve tapped male model Thierry Pepin to become the centerpiece for their videos. Speaking of which, I’d like to tap that Thierry. Soooooo sexy. In anticipation of the campaign’s launch, Gregg Homme Underwear has released the “Most Outrageously Sexy Trailer… Ever!” as they put it. I don’t know about the sexiest ever, but it certainly raised my temperature.

In previous videos, we’ve seen Pepin getting frisky in an underground parking lot and chic boutique hotel. This time around, we’re getting a bit more intimate look- in his private quarters. We’re shown shots of Thierry walking around his apartment wearing just Gregg Homme underwear, of course. White ones to boot. Unbeknownst to him, he has several admirers checking him out from across the building. Watch the video and see who he hooks up with.

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For those of you looking to spice up your underwear drawer, you can always find the sexiest and latest designs from the makers at Gregg Homme. In their latest campaign, Seduce, Provoke & Play, model hottie Thierry Pepin shows off all of the latest styles (plus his rockin’ bod and the package that fills them).

“A good part of the new collection is directly inspired from demands and comments from our fans all over the planet,” explains Eric Boisvert, president of Gregg Homme. “No matter if you are voyeur or exhibitionist, vanilla or swinger, a love legend wannabe or used to be, Gregg Homme’s goal is to raise your pleasure level up one notch up… and by judging from their later collection launch, they will succeed…again.”

While some of their provocative styles may not be for everyone, you had to admit of their new designs and ideas are pretty brilliant. Check them out below.

Check out “Seduce, Provoke & Play” from Gregg Homme after the jump.

Gregg Homme is known for their sexy and riskay underwear and what’s better, is that this definition bleeds into their always hot and steamy adverts for their underwear. We’ve written about their Double Dare campaign before which took place in a parkade. Now, the boys are elaborating on the popularity of their Business Strip series with Business Strip Part 2: Room Service.

If you didn’t catch Part 1 in March, let me catch you up. We find our hunky male lead in his hotel room at the W giving a little show in some hot white briefs on webcam to an anonymous male counterpart. When provoked for more, the briefs come off only to leave us with the cliffhanger of what happens next.

Well in Part 2, we come along for the ride or to be a little bit more specific, we are the ride… figuratively speaking. We become the internet hook up on our way to meet the studly man of our desire. Once inside, we discover he’s hiding somewhere in the room and we have to find him. When we do, the result is pretty tasty. But as you’ll see, the joke is really on in the A.M.

Check out “Business Strip Part 2: Room Service” here.

Gregg Homme Double Dares You

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In Part 2 of their racy “Dare” campaign, Montreal based Gregg Homme underwear brand dares you to not let your fantasies run away. The latest video takes you to Montreal in into an empty parkade in the middle of the night. Their hot new model (Anthony) shows up in nothing but his package-enhancing underwear, teasing the camera, tempting viewers into their wildest fantasies…

“Our underwear collections emerge from men’s wildest fantasies and desires: it was the natural thing to do to give our fans a video to tantalize their imagination” says Eric Boisvert, Gregg Homme’s president. Their new collection “includes zippers, latex-like and leather-like materials” as well as “advanced enhancing technologies.” Intense! In that case, this racy ad certainly matches the collection.

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