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Glee’s SuperBowl Episode Music Sneak Peek

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SPOILER ALERT! Glee’s spoilers have been hot and heavy this week. Not returning until February 8th on FOX, star Matthew Morrison did an interview with TV Guide and spilled the beans on their Valentine’s Day set list. He says in the interview that his assignment to the kids is to have them sing “love songs”. However, when I list the songs below, you’ll see that some of the kids have an interesting take on what love songs are to them.

The list includes Firework by Katy Perry, Fat Bottom Girls by Queen, P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson and the list continues. However, before this episode airs on Tuesday the 8th, Gleeks will be treated to a special post-Superbowl episode on February 6th. What was once rumoured to be a Michael Jackson tribute episode has now been squashed by some of the songs and sound bites being released on the internet this week.

Finn and Rachel will tackle Need You Now by Lady Antebellum while Artie and the gang will sing a mash-up of Thriller with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s hit Heads Will Roll. Another exciting track will be Darren Criss and his pack of boys taking on Destiny’s Child’s Bills, Bills, Bills. I am already so excited!

Check out the music preview for the Superbowl episode after the jump.

Check Out The GLAAD Media Award Nominees

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The 22nd Annual Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Awards have announced their nominees and the list includes some heavy hitters and some high flying networks. The awards show honors media for outstanding portrayals of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and the issues they face. Here is what GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios had to say about this year’s nominees.

“This year’s nominees represent some of the images and stories at the root of the growing
acceptance of our community and support for our equality. They also have created a benchmark for inclusion of our community that other media outlets should look to. As GLAAD celebrates 25 years of working with the media, we are proud to recognize this year’s nominees and we challenge the industry to share more stories
that reflect the diversity of our community and the challenges that gay and transgender people

GLAAD announced 114 nominations in 23 English language categories and 33 Spanish language nominees in nine categories. Cable networks earned a total of 22 nods while broadcast networks gained 11 nods. Not bad.

Check out some of the nominees after the jump…

Anne Hathaway Coming to Glee

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Hollywood star and Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is next in line to join the Glee guest star list. E! News confirmed the story yesterday with Ryan Murphy backstage at the Golden Globes right after they won for best Best Musical or Comedy series. Apparently, Anne will play Kurt’s lesbian aunt in an upcoming episode. Amazing.

According to Murphy, Anne Hathaway had created this creator and brought it to Ryan and the producers of the hit FOX show. When Ryan finally had a chance to meet with her, and hear about this character, he couldn’t say now. Brad Falchuck, the shows executive producer says its hard to say no to someone of her caliber when they come to you with this kind of idea.

The news was a shock to some of the cast as well who only found out about the news once Ryan announced backstage. Previously, Chris Colfer had mentioned his dream Glee parents would be Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. It looks like half of his dream may come true. How do you feel about Anne Hathaway’s appearance on Glee?

Last night, the Golden Globes took over a TV screens for a whopping 3 hours (and that doesn’t include the two hours of red carpet previews prior). As boring and repetitious as award shows can get, there were a few moments that kept me awake. Lets start with host, Ricky Gervais. His crude and crass humor was spread thick throughout the night and even earned a few awkward gasps from the crowd below him.

Ricky wasn’t joking when he said that they would never hire him back after tonight. I think his comment that tore into the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press may have been the cherry on top. He made comments about almost all the presenters and his opening monologue didn’t get many chuckles or rounds of applause. I enjoyed his humor but I don’t think it won over the room including the much seen on camera, Matt Damon.

Other strong moments included the gays taking over the award winnings including Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer and Jim Parsons. Jane Lynch’s acceptance speech was quite possibly the best of the night where she said she was falsely humble and even took a run at Lea Michelle cracking a joke about her so called snub of True Girt starlette Hailee Steinfeld. True hilarity.

Check out more coverage and the winners after the jump…

Nothin’ But a Glee Thang On Funny or Die

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Funny Or Die’s newest video is one of my favorites. This time, their target is none other than popular hit show, Glee. Well, not Glee specifically, but more the hardcore gleeks that obsess over the characters and the people that play them.

The video has some pretty awesome cameos from Glee kids Cory Monteith, Harry Shum Jr., Naya Rivera and Matthew Morrison. Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara is even in the video. The clip starts off with four girls having a slumber party and after watching Glee, discuss who their favorite characters and actors are on the show. Heather Morris happens to be at the party but the girls tell her she isn’t allowed to pick herself.

After much discussion, the girls break into a song about Glee, rapped to the tune of Nothin’ But a G Thang by Snoop Dogg. Make sure you check out this video. Its not one to be skimmed over.

Check out the video after the jump…

Gaga To Be Re-Born On Glee

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Her single hasn’t even dropped yet, but Lady Gaga is giving Glee and its creator Ryan Murphy exclusive rights to use her new anthem Born This Way for a future episode in the spring. After the success of Glee’s Gaga themed tribute episode, I’m sure it was a no-brainer for Gaga to hand over the track to the show-choir extraordinaire.

The single comes out February 13th so you can expect the episode to air shortly afterwards. Ryan Murphy explains to Entertainment Weekly how they will incorporate the song into the episode stating that the song will shape the theme of the episode. Who will be in the spotlight? None other than footballer bully, Karofsky (played by Max Adler).

“I love that that song is anthem. This show is, by nature, optimistic and I think a character like Karofsky could turn to booze, or pills, or alcohol, and kill themselves, or do something dark. But I also love Max, and I love that character, and I sorta want that character to have a happy ending. So I don’t really know what that’s going to be, but I do know we’re going to do a whole episode that’s about that song.”

More Glee news after the jump…

Glee’s Heather Morris just received an early Christmas gift. A new endorsement deal was announced today making the leggy blond the new spokesperson for Flirt Cosmetics. Considering Morris’ character, Brittany S. Pierce, is arguably the biggest flirt at McKinley High, this new deal is perfect synergy. Heather apparently agrees, check out what she said about her new gig:

“Brittany is the biggest flirt on Glee, so there’s that – not to mention I’m obsessed with the Flirt makeup,”

As a side note, Tootsie lip color is Morris’ favorite product. Flirt Cosmetics is a division of Estee Lauder Company Inc.’s BeautyBank. Her duties as the brand’s new ambassador include pimping out Flirt’s mascara, All That Lash, and their new scent, Luv-a-Licious. Morris joins a long list of former Flirt spokeswomen including Vanessa Minnillo, Mila Kunis and Serena Williams.

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“Glee” aired their first ever Christmas-themed episode last night and while it did nothing for season-long story arcs, it was a cute episode. It wasn’t one of my favorites, but a new episode is better than no episode. Personally, I think the episode was purely written for the sole purpose of pimping out Glee’s Christmas album. Hey, I would too. Those Gleeks will buy anything remotely associated with the show.

A Very Glee Christmas” pretty much revolved around Sue Sylvester being the Grinch of McKinley High. She rigged the faculty Secret Santa so that she would score all the gifts. For someone smart enough to switch the name canister, you’d think she would’ve thought of a better drop-off point. Eventually the Grinch grows a heart shows off her Christmas spirit.

Artie determined to keep Brittany believing in Santa Claus, pulls off a miracle himself, thanks to Coach Beiste. What are the chances we’ll see Artie using his new “walking toy” in future episodes. Probably nil to never. Rachel and Finn’s breakup also took center stage, with Finn officially ending things. I forgot how desperate and clingy Rachel used to be back in the day. Hopefully Rae Rae gets out of this funk soon.

watch this week’s performances after the jump

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