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When “Glee” decided to demote Chord Overstreet to recurring status from series regular, the actor said “no thanks” and left the show completely to focus on his music. Why not chase that solo stardom, right? A few months later, “Glee” realized the error of their ways and brought Overstreet’s Sam Evans back to the halls of McKinley High. Thankfully for all of us, Chord accepted their offer. I definitely missed Trouty Mouth.

If you were curious to know what Chord worked on during his sabbatical from the Fox Show, wonder no more. The 22-year-old actor’s original song “Beautiful Girl” just leaked online. It’s a simple stripped down mid-tempo track reminiscent of bands like The Fray and OneRepublic. I wonder if his girlfriend, Emma Roberts (Scream 4), served as inspiration for the piano-accompanied track. I’m sure “Beautiful Girl” will appeal to Overstreet’s Glee teenage fan base. Listen to his track and see if it brings out the teenage girl inside of you.

listen to the track after the jump

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has a lot on his plate right now. Aside from trying to recover Glee’s constant ratings slip, he’s got his new baby, American Horror Story kicking butt and freshly renewed for a second season. So, it may cause Ryan to get a little testy with some of his employees. According to a new story in Us Weekly, Ryan’s has become a little bit of a bully on the Glee set.

Prior to this story, the cast of Glee couldn’t stop gushing about their love for the show’s creator. But now, rumor has it that privately and behind-the-scenes, Ryan’s become a little bit of a menace. “Things are really bad on set. The cast talks about how much they love Ryan, but they have grown to hate him,” a source tells Us. Another adds, “He has bad mood swings and can be really mean.”

It’s not too hard to believe that Ryan has been having some crazy flip-floppy mood swings. He’s been a little hot and cold all season with Glee. First, he told us he’d cool it on the guest stars and tribute episodes. Now, he’s booked three major latin musical guests and is planning a Michael Jackson tribute. However, one story involving Lea Michele is what has everyone talking.

Read the story involving Ryan and Lea after the jump.

O.M.Glee. This news almost made me spill my morning coffee. This week’s Glee was one of my favorite episodes however, they couldn’t keep it up in the ratings department and fell to an all-time series low. YIKES!. One of the things creator Ryan Murphy stated in his efforts to make season three better was to tone down the guest stars. However, without reoccurring star power, is the show losing casual viewers?

Fear not Gleeks because a slew of guest stars is on the way. Thanks to Donovan, we’ve learned that a few Latin stars are headed to the show in the new year. The first is Ricky Martin who is set to play the school’s swim coach. I hope we get to see Ricky’s bon-bons in a speedo alongside swim team member, Chord Overstreet. The second is the queen of Latin music, Gloria Estefan who will be playing Santana’s mom.

Now, it looks like the show’s execs are courting another major music star to play another member of Santana’s family. While I thought for sure they’d be looking for someone to play alongside Gloria as Santana’s father, I was highly mistaken. Instead, they are looking to cast a male to play Santana’s older brother and who they have tapped to play the role is pretty unreal.

See who could play Santana’s brother after the jump.

Glee’s Next Tribute Episode To Be…

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Did you watch Glee last night? I have to say after a bumpy few episodes, this was definitely one of my favorites for many reasons. First off, I cannot get enough of Kurt’s line, “you smell like Craigslist” out of my head. Secondly, a lot of loose ends were tied up and some story lines had heart for a change like the interaction between Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray. However, nothing was more grand than to hear the New Directions tackle a few songs from the Jackson family.

To kick off their sectionals performance (which was SO long by the way), the crew sang ABC by the Jackson 5, splitting up the vocals really well amongst them and giving Tina (aka Jenna Ushkowitz) some serious screen time. They followed that up with Control which is one of my favorite Janet Jackson numbers and wrapped up the whole medley with Man In The Middle by Michael Jackson. The men lead-off the song and did a great job.

With that little taste of Jackson goodness, TV Guide is reporting that creator Ryan Murphy has had a tribute episode planned for Spring for a while now, but he was just waiting on approval from the Jackson family. Now with their blessing, Michael Jackson songs will be featured in the New Year.

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Glee: Kurt & Sebastian Square Off

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OMFG! This is amazing! A few weeks ago, we were introduced to Glee’s new super-gay-villain Sebastian. This new character played by cutie pie Grant Gustin is creating quite the stir by completely throwing himself at Blaine and right in front of Kurt. Their first interaction was nothing short of epic. Now, Kurt and Sebastian are ready to throw down in a new clip released from Tuesday’s episode.

During an afternoon coffee at Lima Bean, Sebastian heads over to their table and proceeds to hit on Blaine once again. When Blaine heads to the counter for a refill, Kurt decides to let it out on Sebastian and the result is a slew of impressive insults from both parties that will seriously make you laugh out loud. Check out the amazing verbal tongue lashing below.

Watch Kurt and Sebastian’s verbal throw down after the jump.

On Tuesday’s mid-season finale of “Glee”, we have Chord Overstreet aka Trouty Mouth’s highly-anticipated return to the hallowed halls of McKinley High. I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed that floopy blond hair and those big fish lips. His character Sam Evans is eager to pick things up with his ex-girlfriend Mercedes (Amber Riley). Problem is, Mercedes is attached right not. But since this is “Glee“, I’m sure that relationship isn’t going to last long.

Unlike Mercedes, Sam is welcomed with open arms over at New Directions. Why wouldn’t they? With Rachel Berry suspended and prohibited from competing at Sectionals, Mr. Schue’s show choir needs all the help it can get. They definitely have an uphill battle, especially after checking out The Troubletones’ sectional performance. Shelby Corcoran’s girls kill it, correction, KILL IT on the stage. I absolutely loved it and found myself rocking out to it while sitting at my computer desk. Check it out below and see for yourself.

watch the Troubletones’ Sectionals performance & Chord’s return after the jump

Glee Season 3: Santana’s Mom Will Be…

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You’re going to have to wait just a little longer to find that out. I’m a little bit of a tease that way. On this week’s episode of “Glee“, Santana had her coming out party. While her friends were supportive, her grandmother was not. In a heart-wrenching scene, Santana’s abuela disowned her granddaughter and told her to leave. I’m glad that the show decided to show a response to coming out that wasn’t so pleasant. Let’s face it, not everyone is as awesome as Burt Hummel.

Though Santana’s grandmother wasn’t supportive, earlier in the episode Santana told New Directions that her parents took her lesbian declaration well. Whether that’s true, remains to be seen. When “Glee” returns in January, we’ll find out first hand when Santana’s mom makes her debut. Just who’ll be playing her mom? Here’s a hint. She’s an international music star in both English and Spanish speaking countries. Sources say, the cast are “really really big fans of hers and love her music and her husband’s music”.

see who’ll play Santana’s mom after the jump

Looks like someone’s about to shake their bon bon at McKinley High. Out-and-proud Ricky Martin is adding some serious gay musical cred to his resume. The “Livin La Vida Loca” singer just signed on to guest star in an upcoming episode of the show’s third season. According to TVLine, Martin will appear as “the hottest Spanish teacher ever in the history of Ohio.” Sounds like an acting stretch for Martin. NOT. He could easily earn the hottest title for the entire Midwest without even blinking an eye.

Isn’t it funny how there seems to be an overabundance of Spanish teachers at McKinley High. First off, lest we forget, but Will Schuester is technically the Spanish teacher at the school. Then, during one of her guest appearances on the show, Gwyneth Paltrow also taught español. And now it’s Ricky’s turn to teach the student body how to roll their Rs. Who knew the state of Ohio loved Spanish so much? Martin is set to sing at least two numbers in the January episode. Any predictions on what he’ll sing?

spoilers on Chord Overstreet’s return after the jump

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