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Glee Spin-Off A No-Go

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Yesterday afternoon, FOX confirmed that a Glee Spin-Off was no longer in the works at the network. News of a spin-off had first begun to circulate when Darren Criss joined the cast. The idea was initially to have a Warbler-based show but plans were soon derailed and reassessed with co-creator Ryan Murphy made noise regarding the future of three of the show’s cast mates.

Lea Michele, Corey Monteith and Chris Colfer were blindsided by the news that Ryan had decided to graduate the three of them at the end of season three and there was no decision on whether or not they would continue on the show. Following this, rumors began to fly in Hollywood that Ryan was sharing with many people that the three could possibly front a spin-off as to keep the three lead actors on the network.

Ryan’s partner in crime, Brad Falchuk spoke at Comic-Con in July of last year and stated that the trio of actors listed above weren’t leaving the show at all. So what is the final verdict? It looks like Ryan Murphy along with FOX have finally set the record straight about the future of the show and it’s characters. Find out the situation below.

More on the future of Glee & its characters after the jump.

Last night, Ricky Martin tweeted a picture of himself with the cast of Glee on his first day on set, and boy does he look hot (you can see for yourself in the latter part of this post). The photo above showing Ricky Martin and Lea Michele is actually from the 2010 Grammy Awards, which wasn’t actually the first time they’ve been on stage together. Martin and Michele were actually on Les Misérables on Broadway together in 1996 – so they go way back.

In cased you didn’t already know, Ricky Martin will be guest starring on the hit show as “the hottest Spanish teacher ever in the history of Ohio.” Sounds about right. Let’s just hope he shakes his bon-bon in the episode. The episode airs later this month.

For now, check out the photo(s) with the cast below. I’m sure they were all “livin’ la vida loca” having this hottie join them on set.

Check out the photo he tweeted after the jump…

For TV lovers, ending the holidays is a breath of fresh air when our favorite series’ return to their rightful time slots with new episodes for us to enjoy. On Tuesday, January 10, Glee will debut their first new episode back titled Yes/No. A lot is about to go down in this episode so make sure you’re holding on to your hat.

One of the most exciting moments for the show will probably be the introduction of guest star Nene Leakes. However, I am more excited personally for the rendition of Summer Nights from Grease sung by Amber Riley & Chord Overstreet aka Mercedes and Sam . At the end of season two, it looked like they had a thing going, but on return from the break, Sam had moved away and Mercedes had moved on. Will love rekindle for these two?

While only the audio of the song has been revealed, I can tell you that I think it will be one of those Glee numbers that is actually memorable from the season. Not to mention, the crew packed up and headed to the original location where they filmed the famous outdoor Rydell High scenes. And from the screenshots from the episode, it looks like they nail some of the famous images from the movie’s iconic number. Listen to Summer Nights below.

Check out Glee’s version of “Summer Nights” after the jump.

Yesterday, _blank">The Huffington Post dropped a little Glee teaser/spoiler regarding the upcoming Michael Jackson Tribute episode. Funny considering creator Ryan Murphy swore against them for this, the third season. However, he seems to be turning back on his word as we prepare for this epic episode.

It was previously announced that 12 songs from Jackson’s songbook would be used in the episode but now, according the list provided, we can see that a whopping 14 songs will covered. Sure, a few of the songs will be mash-ups but still, that’s a lot of Michael Jackson material. Let’s be honest, I’m not complaining.

While some of the song selection (and selection of those performing the tracks) is quite interesting, there are a few choices that are quite inspired and I’m sure you will agree once you see them. Check out the full “alleged” set list below.

Check out the alleged set list after the jump.

Christmas may be over, but I thought I’d still share this festive goodness with you today. Originally intended for “Glee’s” holiday episode a couple of weeks ago, this musical number was unfortunately cut from the final edit. Thankfully, the producers decided to release it online. Speaking of the last episode, how awesome was that black and white portion of the show? Looooooooved it.

Using Madonna’s classic cover of “Santa Baby” as inspiration, Santana (Naya Rivera) definitely channeled her inner Material Girl to deliver a solid performance. It’s very reminiscent of Madonna paying homage to Marilyn Monroe but with a sexy brunette Latina twist.

The clip takes place in a jewelery store where Santana flirts with the sales clerks while trying on some serious bling. Only the expensive ones of course. It’s Santana we’re talking about after all. Gotta admit, McKinley High’s resident lesbian looks smoking hot. Wearing a tight-fitting sweater dress coupled with a pair of slutty wintery boots, this woman is muy caliente. Obviously, she’s trying to use her feminine wiles to score a discount. One of the most interesting parts of the video is who she’s in the store with? Betcha you can’t correctly guess. Find out below to see if you hit the nail on the head.

see the video and see who’s in the jewelry store with her after the jump

Get Your First Look of NeNe Leakes On “Glee”

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If you’re like me and can’t wait to get your first look of Miss Linnethia Monique Johnson Leakes on “Glee“, then boy, are you in luck. Don’t get too excited just yet though. I’m going to cock NeNe tease you and hold off showing pics of her as Roz Washington for just a few more moments.

When the Fox musical returns from Christmas break, not only will it feature the Real Housewife’s debut but also an homage to one of the most beloved musicals of all time, “Grease“. The episode titled, “Yes/No“, filmed the “Grease” numbers at the actual high school posing as Rydell High in the classic film. Just in case you were wondering, it’s Venice High School located in western LA. Check out a few pics of them Rama Lama Ding Dong’ing at the iconic location below.

see Nene Leakes’ first interaction with Sam after the jump

In the list of potential guest stars for Glee that exists only in my head, I would have never expected the latest casting to be on it. Shockingly enough, it’s true. It appears that Helen Mirren has drank a little bit of the Glee Koolaid and has done some work for the famed FOX show. And, we don’t have to wait until midway through the second half of the season either. We’ll be able to catch it in January, right after the holiday break. Yippee!

However, don’t try and spot Helen’s face on the program because, you won’t. That’s right folks. Helen only lent her voice to the hit show which is scheduled to hit the airwaves on January 17. You see a voice-over expressing the inner monologue of an undisclosed character was written with Helen in mind. Then, regular Glee director Eric Stoltz who is friends with Mirren, asked if she would provide her voice and she said yes.

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After weeks of speculation, it turns out the rumors are true. One of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” is heading over to McKinley High. Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) confirmed it during their appearance on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live“. Before I reveal who’s guest starring for at least two episodes, I’m going to make you squirm a bit and discuss other Glee-related news.

When “Glee” returns in the New Year, it’ll do it in style. The January 17th episode, titled “Yes/No” will be a bit of a “Grease” homage, with scenes filmed at the actual high school featured in the hit musical film. Also in the episode, Mr. Schue pops the big question to longtime love Emma. Will she say “yes” or “no”? Ergo, the episode title.

On the Trouty Mouth front, Sam joins McKinley High’s synchronized swim team to win back Mercedes. Side note. How is the Glee Club the joke of the school when they also have a synchronized team? LOL. Sam’s new extracurricular activity involves the aforementioned “Housewife“. Check out the deets below.

find out who below along with two upcoming songs after the jump

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