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So far, two of the four new tracks on the Girls Aloud greatest hits album titled Ten have been released and now a third has surfaced online. The first comeback single was “Something New“, which they’ve already released a music video for. In the second, the girls slowed it down for “Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me” for which the lyric video has been released. In this third song called “On The Metro,” the girls bring it back to the dance floor.

I think this third song is my favorite of the ones that have been released thus far. I’ve been a fan of The Saturdays over the past year as well and it’s a song I could see them doing as well. Both great girls groups! In the chorus, the girls sing, “I left my heart at the disco / Now I’m crying, on the metro.”

This leaves only one more unreleased song yet to be heard from the album is “Every Now And Then“. The whole album comes out in a matter of days on November 26. Listen to “On The Metro” below.

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As you already know, Girls Aloud have made a comeback for the ten year anniversary and are releasing a greatest hits album called Ten to commemorate the occasion. They’ve already released the music video for their first new single aptly titled, “Something New,” and today they just released the lyric video for their second single.

In contrast to the first single on the album, “Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me” is a slower, lovey-dovey jam written by Maiday and produced by Jim Elliot (Kylie Minogue, Ladyhawke). In the chorus, the girls sing, “Right now the whole world could call me ugly / So what, to you I’m not / You don’t love me cause I’m beautiful / Oh no / I’m beautiful cause you love me.” With the release of this second single, Girls Aloud have now revealed two of the four new songs on the greatest hits album. The album comes out November 26.

In addition to promoting the album, the girls are also preparing for their UK arena tour which kicks off on February 21 in Cheryl Cole‘s hometown of Newcastle. Check out the lyric video for “Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me” below.

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If you’ve been eagerly waiting for “Something New” from Girls Aloud, today is your lucky day with the release of their new music video.
The song is one of four new tracks that will be included on their greatest hits album, Ten, which commemorates their 10-year anniversary. The names of the other tracks are “On The Metro,” “Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me,” and “Every Now And Then“. The album will be released on November 26.

This week, the Official Charts Company declared Girls Aloud the biggest girlband in the UK in the 21st century. The group is comprised of Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh. All five ladies are in the music video, where for the most part they each perform to the camera on their own, with the exception of the group shots of the girls in their orange dresses, as shown above.

Check out their new music video below as well as the tour dates they have scheduled for early 2013.

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Earlier today, Girls Aloud released a little teaser video for an announcement they are making this coming Friday, October 19. From the looks of the video, we can infer they’ll be releasing the music video for their new single on that day. Last week, the news broke that Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh were reuniting to celebrate their ten year anniversary of their girl group.

In the chorus of the newly leaked song, the girls sing, “We’re the leaders of the pack, boy you better watch your back. We’re the leaders of the pack. Tell me can you handle that.” The girls are back with a punch with this catchy and energetic song that will surely be played at the clubs this weekend.

Every now and then I enjoy reading the comments on YouTube because when you filter through the “hating for the sake of hating” ones, there are some funny ones. One fan writes, “And they’re back! The Saturdays, sit the f*** down!!!? BOOM!!!” LOL. I love The Saturdays myself, but I just found the comment funny. Give the track a listen below!

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Girls Aloud have confirmed that they are making a comeback! The girl group, consisting of Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Kimberely Walsh, Sarah Harding, and Nicola Roberts, have relaunched their site with a countdown and the clock is counting down to October 19. They don’t say what happens on that day, but rumor has it will be when they release their new single.

The group achieved twenty consecutive top ten singles in the UK and this year marks their ten year anniversary. They were formed in the reality show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002 and then later went on hiatus in 2009 to focus their solo careers. The ladies already have some big performances in line for next month, including the Royal Variety Show. Cheryl Cole tweeted today, “Today is a very good day to be a Girls Aloud Fan! #GirlsAloudAreBack.”

Are you excited about their comeback? Listen to some of their hits below.

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She may be back but sans the bang. So today Cheryl Cole, former member of the famed UK group Girls Aloud, launched her new single off her forthcoming album “A Million Lights” available June 18th. I can’t say that I was immediately drawn to the song when I heard it. I mean it has a good beat to it and it’s going to be played over and over again in the gaybourhood clubs for sure, but it lacks for me. The main chorus is great and I love it but the other parts are womp womp for me.

The track was produced by Calvin Harris and I love a lot of the work he does but I was kind of hoping for more. Is it just me? I thought that if you’re the sweetheart of the UK you’re title track would have had more passion and power behind it. It just sounds like what everyone else is doing at the moment and not pushing the envelope. It’s the same reason I was underwhelmed with MDNA. I will most likely end up listening to it a good few times but in the end the track is pretty forgettable. Lets hope that the rest of the album is stellar and that this was just a bad pick for a first track. I really like Cheryl and I think she has more in her to give.

I personally think the best way to pick up here career again would be to join The X-Factor USA. The US would get to know her better, she could use the platform and she’d be much better than Nicole was (I like her but she did NOT win me over with her poor choices and less than ideal personality traits). So that’s my two cents, what do you all feel? Like it, love it, hate it? Sound off below!

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Pop-Tart Pick: Nicola Roberts

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So this is a special pop-tart pick as Nicola’s first solo album Cinderella’s Eyes is about to drop on September 26th, in the UK that is. Nicola Roberts hails from UK girl group pop sensation Girls Aloud which I have featured before for pop-tart pick. It all started on Popstars – The Rivals where Nicola was the quiet ginger of the bunch and stayed like that for most of her years in Girls Aloud. Since the girl group called it a “break” all the girls have been trying their own things. Undoubtedly Chery Cole has had the most success with her solo endeavors and also being a judge on the hit UK series The X-Factor.

Now it’s Nicola who is stepping up and I think she’s got a great career ahead of her. She’s quite the little fashionista and has a pretty good following in the UK. I personally like her because she’s the ginger of the group and I gotta show support (even though the sperm banks apparently don’t want us anymore).

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Pop-Tart Pick: Nadine Coyle

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This Pop-Tart Pick is another former member of Girls Aloud. Nadine Coyle is trying out solo for herself an I have to say I kind of dig it. My last pick was her ex-band mate Cheryl Cole who is still currently UK pop royalty and I’m still listening to her album. I’ve got Nadine’s album now and gave it a full listen through and I have t say it’s not half bad. I really enjoyed quite a few of the tunes on her “Insatiable” record, my top favourite being the first single “Insatiable.” I also like “Chained” and “Put Your Hands Up.” I’m not sure if Nadine is going to make it quite as big as Cheryl has. For starters Cheryl has the X-Factor behind her which the whole of the UK watches religiously, also Nadine just doesn’t seem to have that extra something special about her. She’s a beautiful girl and has a great talent but I’m just not 100% sold on her. I had the good fortune of being able to see her live when I was on vacation in London in November.

I’ll hand it to her that she did put on quite the good show. She sang live and really does have a nice power behind her vocals. I was a bit frightened though when she first came on because she seems to have drastically dropped weight. I remember her from the Girl Aloud days when I was living in London and she had a healthy look to her. When she came on stage though all I could see was how skinny she was now. Her dress was gorgeous and she had hot man dancers but I wanted to shout “EAT A HAMBURGER!

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