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Vancouver’s Gays: Are We Really The Worst?

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Vancouver’s reputation as the laid back utopia of the North West definitely took a huge hit a couple months ago due to the post Stanley Cup riots which led people to wonder if they really know what Vancouverites are actually like. Admittedly, the suburbs and the straights were the bigger variable in this little disaster equation, but, it begs the question: what is Vancouver really like… specifically, the Vancouver gays.

Today, I’m considering something I know all my friends have been told at some point that: “Vancouver gays are just the worst to meet!” At first, this statement seems laughable. Canada has some of the nicest citizens and Vancouver is full of happy smiling, pretty people… right? I’ve heard you can stop most anybody if you’re from out of town and for the most part have a great experience as you attempt to find out how to get the beach. BUT, take a walk down Davie Street (our tiny version of San Fran’s Castro) and apparently this generosity and welcoming nature is thrown out the window…

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Loving Myself… For Being Pretty Damn Fabulous

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I’ve always known I was gay. From a very young age. It was something inexplicable, but always there. People ask me all the time, “so when did you become gay?” “Errrr, when I popped out of my Momma,” is what I reply, because honey, I was born this way (gay)!

Being gay is the easy bit. Accepting it and loving yourself is the harder bit.

I wrote the following many years ago, about feeling different, and coming out. Having rediscovered it, I wanted to share it with you. Its deeply personal, and only a very select few ever got to read the original at time of creation.

To anyone out there who reads this who may be a young question gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual person. I can say that it does Get Better, and that it got so much better for me :)

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So, you have your junk hoarders, cat hoarders, animal hoarders…what else could there be? Well, in this new Funny or Die video, we take a closer look at the “Untold sTori” behind the closed doors of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s home. Tori Spelling hoards gays. LMFAO. It’s been a problem for quite some time, as the gays have been an important part of her life, but it’s just getting out of control. They’re everywhere (even in the walls) and Dean had to call the experts from A&E’s Hoarders to help address the situation. As they’re getting rid of all the gays, I laughed so hard when Dean says to one of them, “Can you please let go of my cock?”

After the help of friends and family, 237 gays are rescued. Since Tori did such a great job, the Hoarder expert lets her choose one gay to keep and she does just that. Wondering who it is? Hint: He’s famous. Watch the hilarious video below to find out who it is. I love Tori & Dean.

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I truly feel bad for this guy. Aaron Barton, shown above, tells the story of how he has been cured of his gayness in this video testimonial for He talks about how coming out was one of the worst things he’s ever done. The video was first shown on March 6th, 2011 at In Focus Church in Evans, Georgia during a series called “Shhh: A Series On Secrets And Shame“.

The title of the particular “seminar” when this video was shown was called “Willful Sin“. The man leading the talk on that day is Pastor Brent Garrard . He goes on about homosexuality being a sin, then later introduces Barton’s video, saying his testimonial, “It’s the reason that I do what I do…It’s the reason that this church as the mission that it has…Sexual sin takes on many forms. All of them – sin.”

PS: If you want to express your personal opinion on the following YouTube video, unfortunately you can’t because leaving comments has been disabled by the user. I wonder why. So, leave your thoughts below by commenting on this article.

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A very interested poll done by asked Americans to use their very best guess to estimate what percentage of Americans they think are gay or lesbian. The findings suggest that on average American adults estimate that 25% of Americans are gay or lesbian. Whoa, that’s an interesting stat, but I doubt it’s even close to accurate. More specifically, 52% estimated that at least 1 in 5 Americans are gay or lesbian, with 35% believing that it’s actually more like 1 in 4 Americans. Thirty percent believe that gays & lesbians account for less that 15%.

Despite this opinion poll, there isn’t much evidence to figure out how many people are actually gay or lesbian in the United States because there are too few representative surveys that ask people about their sexual orientation, or simply that people may not even wish to be open about it. That said…

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Recently I’ve encountered the exact same conversation over and over again when meeting new people.

NEW FRIEND: “You’re gay, right?”
ME: “Yes I am, why?”
NEW FRIEND: “I just figured, because you dance.”

I’ve come to wonder why people automatically assume that because I dance I must be gay. Why jump to that conclusion? I’ve been dancing since I was 9, but even before that I did karate as well as hockey and baseball. Why does dancing become a dead giveaway as opposed to the other sports in people’s minds? Is it cuz I’m surrounded by half naked woman as opposed to men a majority of the time? It seems much more homoerotic to be surrounded by hot, sweaty, grunting men…don’t you think? I’m confused as to what the contributing factor to the label on dance and male sexuality is. I’m not offended by the statement, just curious as to why it is that DANCE got the gay wrap.

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MOGO Wear: Win One Of These Super Soft Tees

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They’ve only been around for a short while but already, MOGO Wear is starting to make a big name for themselves in the gay fashion market. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, fun and flirty t-shirt that makes you look and feel good, then you should definitely be wearing one of MOGO’s designs. MOGO which is an acronym for “Men Of Gay Origin“, want you to love being who you are when you are wearing one of their pieces. Whether you are outgoing or a little shy, preppy or plain nerdy, flamboyant or just all rough and tough, they want you to feel good wearing a MOGO design and are able to express yourself through the simplistic, but eye catching prints.

Some of their most popular products include their line of Nutrition Facts which pick a gay stereotype such as JOCK, PRINCESS, GAYSIAN or BEAR and dissect their content through witty and playful descriptions of the ingredients that make up the specific character. These t-shirts are available in both black and white. What is also great about these shirts is that are made of a unique eco-friendly and antibacterial cotton, bamboo and spandex blend which make them super soft and really durable.

With the launch of their Spring/Summer line for 2011 about to be released through an event this Thursday at J Lounge in Vancouver, BC and the release of their new Gay Advocate Super Hero MOGOMaxx, MOGO Wear is sure to become a gay household name soon and we’d like to help. Want to win of these fabulous shirts?


Let me begin with a disclaimer that while my sensational title may seem to attempt to speak for all gay men, this polemic is my opinion alone- though I do think that more than a few gay men out there will find some of themselves in my words. Still, I do not at all presume omniscience of anyone else’s thoughts: this article is the culmination of my experiences and the shared experiences of some of my closest friends.

About a month ago, I developed a really bad knee infection that later was diagnosed as being the result of sliding and tearing up my legs on a heinous turf field during soccer. When it happened, I started to swell up something fierce and get physically ill; as a result of these amalgamated symptoms my mind went straight to one thought and one thought alone: I have HIV. Now, before I lose most readers to eye rolling thoughts at Homorazzi’s more “liberal lover” getting his just desserts, I feel the need to universalize myself to most of you by admitting that while I’ve had my share of sexual encounters over the past few months, I’ve been the top and I’ve always, always used a condom. Still, the second I felt sick and started to get a seemingly unwarranted swelling in my knee, I became obsessed with the notion that I had contracted HIV.

Call it histrionics, call it a lack of education, or hell, call it being realistic, personally I’d call this a pretty typical reaction for a 21st century, sexually active gay male. I go from testing to testing, constantly worrying that some accident occurred and that my negative status will have finally been compromised and my worst fear come to light… And, I personally know of no way to abate this tiring, seemingly eternal obsession.

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