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Our Aussie friends in Melbourne, Australia are gearing up for their Labour Day weekend coming up in March and they’ve got a fun looking party to look forward to. I’ve seen a few of the sexy and creative party promo videos by event company JOHN in the past and this latest one is just as hot (if not hotter) than the previous ones.

The video has a “manly labour” theme to it, with some super sexy men in construction worker gear & hard hats. As they unbutton their tops, a pair of hands come up from below and pulls down their shorts. It’s a pretty hot video for sure. Since I didn’t post about those past JOHN videos, I’ve also included some of those below (even though those events have already occurred… their hotness doesn’t expire). The director and editor of these sexy promo videos is named Nik Dimopoulos.

Check out the sexy and creative NSFW party promo videos below. For our Aussie readers, have any of you gone to these JOHN parties? If so, share your experiences below!

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Cum and Go?

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Tell me it isn’t just me.

You’ve just met a great guy– be it online, walking down the street, at a bar- and you’ve gone home with him. Everything’s clicking, he’s hot- you’re hot- you guys are laughing and getting along and things have progressed how they should into the bedroom (briefly back into the kitchen and ankles in the air atop the island somehow) and you both end up in a sweaty mess across his sheets, panting, out of breath, fully released and feeling amazing. And then, immediately after you’ve delivered your pay load like a Russian space rocket, your body and brain tell you to GET THE FUCK OUT!

Now, I’m not going to bore you with talk of Oxytocin and other sexually released chems, but rather discuss that overwhelming urge that I have- and maybe others do as well- to bolt like Superman breaking the sound barrier immediately following orgasm. Personally, I don’t need to see how he’s doing, I don’t need to have another beer, I don’t even need to pretend like there’s going to be a second time and “totally put his number in my phone,” and I definitely don’t need to cuddle. My heart, my brain, my stomach and my feet scream that time’s up, and the only place in the world I want to be is back at home- alone. Tell me it isn’t just me.

Click through to see if I’m completely insane and sound off on me

It’s Debra Messing, You Gays!

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Billy Eichner from Billy On The Street is one crazy guy and if I’m not mistaken, you either love him or hate him because he has only one volume setting: full blast.

He’s played a few games with Rachel Dratch, one being a “Julia Roberts Obstacle Course” and other being “Name 20 White Celebrities In 30 Seconds.” This time, he’s got a new game and it’s called “It’s Debra Messing, You Gays!” It’s his new favorite game and he’s playing it, arm in arm with the actual Smash star herself! Debra and Billy run through the streets to see how many gays they can find and say that too.

It’s a weird game and like I said, it may not be for everyone but I particularly loved watch Debra Messing’s reaction when Billy would scream the line to people. Watch the short video below.

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The Straight Girl’s Guide To Gay Sex

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Have you ever been asked an absurd question about gay sex by a straight woman or friend? Has it happened often? Just the other day, a woman asked pretty much the same question that you see above in the left had side of the photo: “Aren’t all gay men really promiscuous?” I guess it depends who you ask with respect with that question, but apps like Grindr really probably sway people make such a generalization.

Aside from that, there are so many questions that woman have about gay sex, especially when it comes to who’s the top and who’s the bottom, what preparation is needed, what other things gay men do in bed, etc. This video created and narrated by Graham Gremore helps to answer five of the most common questions he’s been asked about gay sex by straight women.

Watch the video below and pass onto your straight friends if you feel the need to!

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“Gay” really does mean “happy”! The University of Montreal published the findings of a study they did in the current issue of Psychosomatic Medicine that addresses some differences between gays and straights when it comes to happiness and stress management. They studied 87 of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and heterosexual Canadians and found that the queer members of their study that had come out of the closet to family and friends “have less anxiety, depression, and burnout” than those who hadn’t. To add to that, the study’s leader (Robert-Paul Juster) said that as a group, out gay and bisexual males “were less likely to be depressed than heterosexual men and had less physiological problems than heterosexual men.” These findings were also published on U.S. News.

Juster concludes from their findings that coming out is good for many reasons. “Our research suggests coming out of the closet has some health benefits,” says Robert-Paul Juster, the study’s lead author. “Coming out is no longer a matter of popular debate, but a matter of public health.”

Find out how it has health benefits after the jump…

This video just made my day. It’s always so inspiring and touching to see the families and friends of LGBT youth standing by the people they love. My favorite part of any pride parade is actually when I see things like a mom holding up a sign that says, “I love my gay son.” I don’t know why, but one glance at a sign like that and I’m totally moved.

The following video is filled with such examples. LGBTQ youth, allies and their families from Modesto, California want to break some stereotypes and in the video, they share what The P.L.A.C.E. (People Learning Acceptance Creating Equality) means to them. Some of my favorite messages/signs in the video include, “I am living a life, not a lifestyle,” “Animals can be more loving than people…That is why I am studying Veterinary Technology,” and “I fix machines all day, but I cannot fix my gay son…because he is not broken.

It’s such a lovely video and I encourage you to watch it. For me, I really was reminded the importance of such programs. They literally save lives.

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In a new radio & video interview with Take Part (the YouTube channel from some of the people behind An Inconvenient Truth), Dan Savage discusses Merle Miller‘s 40 year old essay “On Being Different: What it Means to Be a Homosexual,” the impetus of the LGBT activist movement, and what “being different” means today.

In the video, he talks about what life was like for a gay person forty years ago and how things are different today. He also talks about how coming out is a form of activism and why it’s so important because back in the day, kids felt alone, like they were the only ones who felt different.

Check out the video below to look at how far we’ve come thanks to the leaps and bounds made by the gay community, young and old.

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What Gay Men Think About Vaginas

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!, Videos

“What do you think about vaginas?” That’s the question that Davey Wavey had several different gay guys answer, including himself. I don’t even know what I would say when asked with such a broad, awkward question.

Let’s face it, as gay men we know a lot about penises, but vaginas are a whole other world we know little about. To be literal, this is what Wikipedia says about vaginas: “A fibromuscular tubular tract which is a sex organ and has two main functions; sexual intercourse and childbirth.” In the video, the guys talk about what they look like, how they feel and more. It’s actually quite funny to see the reactions of some of them when they first hear the question.

By the end of the video, all of the guys say “thank you” to vaginas because at the end of the day, they are where we came from and we owe our lives to them. Haha. Watch the funny video below.

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