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Coming Out– Part Two

In: Behind The Cast, Dan

I know what you’re probably thinking: “He came out again?!?” Fortunately, no, I didn’t go back in the closet just to reemerge.

This past long weekend Joel and I ventured out to the interior of BC to spend some time with our respective families. We decided last minute to rent a car and make the trek four hours to endure the excitement that always seems to brew around holiday/family gatherings.

We got in late on Thursday, deciding to stay at my parents place that night, visit with them during the day on Friday, and hit up hit his parents’ Friday night. Both respective families were meeting the new boyfriend essentially for the first time, so, it was a nice calm way to start off the weekend. Amazingly, this isn’t even the focus of this post!

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Adam’s Little-Known Finds: Jessica and Hunter

In: Adam, Videos

Right away, I will admit that to many people out there, this YouTube series is hardly “little-known”, but having been introduced to this wretchedly awesome duo just this weekend, I felt it was my duty to expose Jessica and Hunter to any of our readers who haven’t yet had the painful pleasure! Having just returned from an amazing weekend of partying with our incredibly handsome gay brethren in Seattle, I am chomping at the bit to show those north of the 49th parallel what the homos below us have been addicted to for months now. Daniel, thank you for bringing this into my life!

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Why Kylie Rocks My World

In: Music, Stephen

C’mon, we’ve all got one. Depending on who she is- you may not be proud to admit it- but you have all of her albums, you know all the words to all of her hit singles, and most likely the rest of her songs too. She’s that one female artist that just gets us going whether we’re at home belting it out in front of a mirror, on a road trip with close friends, or ripping it up on a Saturday night. For me, that woman is none other than the uber-fab Kylie Minogue.

You’re probably thinking that this is a real fluff-post about some stereotypically gay topic. Well, umm yeah, it is. I think that the the homo/diva relationship is an interesting and dynamic- one that deserves to be explored. How is it that these strong, confident, gorgeous, and powerful women become gay icons? What is it about them and their music that we easily relate to in our own lives no matter what type of “gay” you are and where you identify yourself on the gay spectrum? Who knows? All I know is that Kylie is my girl and she rocks my world.

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Last Friday night was SUPPOSED to be an “easy one” in for the Homorazzi cast… then, we found out our studly friend Jeff was beer boying at 1181 so we thought we’d head down for a quick drink there. Ten minutes after that decision was made, we were informed that Landon was djing at Maxine’s Hideaway… so we figured we’d throw that into the mix. And, as I’m sure it’s happened to many of you before, one thing led to another and suddenly the O was the final destination for the evening. So, after a magnum of some terribly low-priced wine, we headed out for 3 dollar shots of fireball and the infamous Odyssey free-pour. As friends dropped off and found their own warm bodies for the night, one writer was left alone to his own machinations… which apparently meant heading home with a 30-something ginger he’d met the weekend previous. What follows is the conversation between said writer and a fellow Homorazzite via iPhone texting the following morning as he awoke to the nightmare of all nightmares. Enjoy the misery!

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I Never Came ‘OUT’ Technically

In: Behind The Cast, Redd

I never really came out. I was basically yanked out of the closet by my mother one day by asking me indirectly if I was gay. Which I really didn’t have a problem with since I wasn’t intending to come out anyhow. What I was didn’t affect my relationship with my family or my feeling of acceptance.

I was raised a born-again christian most of my life and internally I battled with coming out. My issues were not really so much about what other people thought but what I personally believed was right (ok maybe a little of what people thought but that was secondary). Religion and my beliefs made this battle difficult. Everything I realized that I was, was everything my religion told me was wrong and immoral. Through the years my beliefs have changed…I began to question religion and the many loopholes it had. I mean seriously….if God loves everyone, how come these religious people say he doesn’t love gays? Since when did the word ‘everyone’ have an exception…isn’t that the point of the word is that it encompasses all?

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On My Gaydar…

In: Patrick, Politics & Issues

“Wonder if you know you’re on my RadarGaydar, on my RadarGaydar.”

What is Gaydar? Do you have it?

This is just one of those things that’s really hard to explain to my straight friends. I remember having this discussion with my good friend Lisa, with whom I have been friends since grade 9. She (out of nowhere) once asked: “Do you have Gaydar?”  I was kind of shocked that she was even familiar with the term. When I told her I did indeed have gaydar, she would ask me every two seconds about every single guy within range… Oh Lisa.

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Boyfriend or Babysitter?

In: Politics & Issues, Saturday Submissions

Is age just a “state of mind” when it comes to dating and relationships of more than just a sexual nature? What is an appropriate age gap when it comes to dating someone? Does true love transcend something as trivial as age? Probably not.

There are generational and experiential differences between a 20 year-old and a 50 year-old that make a lasting and genuine relationship a tough sell. When I think about the difference in values between myself and someone old enough to be my father, I honestly don’t see how I could make it work.  On the flip side, I also find it difficult to picture myself with someone only 10 years younger than me as well. I experienced so much in my 20′s that shaped me as a person, and I think that until both people in the relationship have gone through that and “discovered” themselves (forgive the cliché), there will be complications in the long run. I’m sure the same could be said for any 10 year span in your life.

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Being Out in Cubicle Land

In: Behind The Cast, Stephen

For some people, it is a non-issue that is given nary a thought. For others it is something that strikes fear in their eyes as a water-cooler conversation moves away from work and someone brings up what you did on the weekend: afraid you might mix up your pronouns when you’re trying to play it straight. No matter how you slice it, being gay in a corporate environment is an complicated experience to navigate.

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