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Memories of Cody

In: Saturday Submissions

I will apologize up front. This is a longer piece of writing than I (pictured above) would normally post . Even this was shortened from I had originally planned to post. The subject matter is so close to my heart.

As I sit here typing this my eyes are burning from the salt in my tears . I see prisms of light as I watch the monitor as I type. As fast as I wipe my tears away; more flow. They are not tears of sadness . Rather; a mixture of sadness and gratitude.

Today I went down to the lobby and opened my mailbox and took out the junk mail and the monthly bills and a parcel deliver card . I guess the mailman was too lazy to walk up the stairs and knock on my door. I went back upstairs ; finished drinking my coffee and wondered what the parcel could be. I wasn’t expecting anything as I seldom mail order anything. I put it out of my mind and carried on my day ; setting the postcard on my night stand.

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A while ago, some of us posted our coming out stories. I haven’t written one yet, as I don’t really have one coming out story. Coming out for me has always been a life long thing. Every time I start a new job, I come out. Every time I move to a new city, I come out. Every time I join a non-gay sports team, I come out.

I assume it’s the same for most people. There are some personalities where their sexual orientation is no secret, but I’ve been told by more than one person that they “never would have guessed.” Which some how seems like a backhanded compliment? I guess I’m good at hiding it? haha. I know they don’t mean it that way, but living in a heterosexist world, you’re bound to hear comments of those type every now and then.

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Sign Language + Pop Music = Nasty Habit

In: Patrick, Videos

I really admire this guy. Michael Chase DiMartino is a 25 year old Italian-French guy who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He’s a sign language interpreter full time, and has interpreted theatre on some big stages (he was even in a play that was reviewed by ther NY Times to which he received a rave review). Very cool.

So, how did I come to find him, or how do you recognize him? His YouTube videos slash sign language music video remakes have been getting a lot of attention, especially after Britney had posted his version of Womanizer in sign language to her official site a while back! So, we have sign language interpreter, performer, entrepreneur…what else? He sings! A few years ago he sang in Carnegie Hall and totally separate from that, he actually just released a sexy single on iTunes under his stage name (Chase) called Nasty Habit.

After we started less than a year ago, I have come to be very grateful for having such a forum for expressing myself, and for being able to provide the opportunity for others to do the same. I value the ability to express myself on a daily basis on such a large scale, and I love that DiMartino’s embracing his gifts and doing the same – in so many ways! Expressing himself with his body, and encouraging others to do so with his fun and creative YouTube Videos, and also expressing himself with his voice. Who’s to say you can only express yourself in one way. Do it all! Like I said it’s called “Nasty Habit” and you can get it here on iTunes for super cheap. Let’s support this voice to those who can’t hear! I have the song and it’s totally catchy…very Backstreet N’Sync pop genre – except gay (well…pretending that Lance Bass was still straight). The music video is being shot in a public shower type setting…dirty ;) Can’t wait to see it!

You have to check out his video remakes for Bad Romance & Womanizer, after the jump…

Kevin’s Gay Guide to Dublin

In: Kevin, Travel & Leisure

Dublin is a blast of a city. I don’t care who you are- if you’re fun, like to drink and have a good time, you’ll have a great time in Dublin.

I was there a few weeks ago and to share my favourite spots & experiences for anyone who’s going to be headed across the pond. There’s the obvious things you have to do in Dublin, like visiting the Guinness factory but I’ve opted to focus on the less obvious things like hotel choice, site-seeing in the countryside and food.

The Morrisson Hotel


The Morrisson Hotel is smack dab in the middle of the downtown core of Dublin. Located on Lower Ormond Quay you can see the river directly from your window in many of the rooms and it’s basically the first thing you see as you exit the building. With a bridge only a few feet away, you immediately find yourself in Temple Bar- which is a hub for great places to eat, live music and Irish culture. Add to it that four of the best gay clubs/bars in the city are all within a 5-minute walk and you’re basically set.I highly recommend this hotel if you’re staying in the city. It’s boutique, it’s central, the staff is super friendly and you’ll never be closer to everywhere you want to be in Dublin.

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Peter Breeze: “FuckTalk (Buy Me A Drink)”

In: Patrick, Videos

“Buy me a drink, buy, buy me a drink…go to my place, my place, my place…” Get ready, cuz after you’ve seen this video slash heard this song, that sassy & catchy line is gonna be in your head all. day. long.

This glamorous Vancouver gay pop singer (think Johnny McGovern…but more fabulous and looks more like Aaron Carter) has been doing his thing here in VanCity for a a short while now (kinda taking after Armstrong Junior I suppose), performing at various gay events in the city, has recently released his video for “FuckTalk (Buy Me A Drink).

One such event was Vancouver Gay Pride this past year (and had one of the best entries in the parade too – see the photo below!)


Music video after the jump!


This is a story I came across while perusing my favorite sports website looking for the score in the Canucks hockey game, which is on Pay-Per-View tonight, and as much as I love following my team I’m not about to shell out $17 just to watch a hockey game (its 1-0 Vancouver after the first period if anyone was wondering). Anyway, I came across a very interesting story that has evidently been splashed across the sports pages over the past day or so. Brendan Burke, son of Brian Burke who is the former Canucks GM, current Maple Leafs GM and very influential NHL personality, essentially outed himself in a story written by ESPN reporter John Buccigross.

In the ESPN piece, Bucigross writes about Brendan’s coming out story to his family and how his sexuality has affected his career. Brendan was an up-and-coming goalie in the minors but eventually chose not to continue with his hockey career for fear of his teammates finding out he was gay. Today he is a student manager for the University of Miami’s hockey team.

Brendan’s Dad, Brian, is quoted as saying would stand next to his son “with an axe” and has incredible respect and admiration for him. However, he wasn’t so keen on him sharing his story with the world and being the ‘first’ in the hockey world to come out, “You wish that someone else would carry that burden first and then he can grab and help. But this is what he wanted to do and we support him.”

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Seeing Red

In: Alex, Videos

What do you get when you combine a big open space, bumpin’ music and the requirement of a red dress for entry?  You get the 2nd Annual Seattle Red Dress Party!

Let me just say that I love getting all dolled dragged up, in fact, I think there is a drag queen living under this milk chocolate layer of skin (it’s true, her name is Shelita Buffet).  This past weekend was another reason for Shelita to come out and play and did she ever.  Last week I encouraged everyone to consider attending the Seattle Red Dress party which raises awareness and money for HIV/AIDs with 100% of net proceeds going to several beneficiaries.  I truly don’t think I Shelita has had so much.  The general feeling at the Naval Reserve Center was a combination of excitement and fun.  I definitely encourage everyone to attend next year’s Red Dress Party as you are sure to take away lasting memories – even if they’re just of your friends in hideously amazing dresses.

Shelita happened to snap a few pictures of the event; check out her fun filled night below…

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1986 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship

In: Patrick, Videos

Hahaha. This is hilarious. What do you get when you cross Spandex, the 80s, dance music, and a mustache? This video. Check out this video of three guys from the San Francisco Bay Club competing in the 1986 National Aerobic Championship. Here’s how they themselves describe it:

“The best part about working with these guys is I love competing with them and they’re my best friends.”

“The best part about performing with these two guys is they keep me in line and it’s a lot of fun.”

“How to describe our act in one word…’We’re hot!'”

Check out the video after the jump…

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