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Gay Times Magazine Teases 2015 Naked Issue

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

Gay Times Magazine likes to kick off every year with their highly-coveted Naked issue. For 2015, the publication touts its their biggest (hehe) one ever.

Olympic gymnast Louis Smith graces the cover while boxer Luke Campbell, former model and TV star Calum Best (top right), and TOWIE favourites James Lock, and Charlie Sims all strip all for a good cause inside the issue. This year, they’re raising money for the charity, Balls To Cancer.

Check out a NSFW behind the scenes teaser of the issue below.

watch NSFW teaser after the jump

Ken Bek Is Red Hot In The City For Gay Times

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

Does the sexy ging above look familiar? He was one of the hottest models included in that exhibit featuring perfect red-haired male specimens and the book Red Hot 100. He’s so fiiiiine.

Ken Bek returns for another sizzling shoot, but this time the focus is solely on him. Photographer Thomas Knights reunites with Bek for an editorial titled “Red Hot In The City” for Gay Times Magazine. Check out a few more pics below of Ken running around the city in his underwear.

more pics after the jump


What’s a bromosexual? According to Urban Dictionary, it’s a “totally straight” guy who will punch you in the face if you say that he’s gay.. Ummm, so is Andrew Christian trying to be Alanis Morissette “Ironic” with his latest clip. There’s absolutely no way these guy are anything but big ol homos. The only thing they want to punch is each other’s “kitty.”

Check out the underwear brand’s latest NSFW promo vid below. It stars Noah Wright, Jon Varak, Murray Swanby, Jeffrey Hawkins, Caesar Pacheco, Cheddy Oakafor, Collin Gorham, Johna Myers, Ryan Nolan, Rhea Litré, Misty Violet, Jason Wimberly, Chris Boucher and Andrew Christian himself.

check out the NSFW clip after the jump


I didn’t really pay attention to the tenth season of The X Factor UK, but I probably should have. First, cutie Sam Callahan showed his “sex factor” in a sizzling photo shoot for Gay Times magazine and now it’s the act that placed eighth to take their clothes off.

Boy band Kingsland Road posed for photographer Joe McCormick in underwear and out for the publication’s sex issue. The band was formed by college pals Joe ‘Connor’ Conaboy and Josh Zare. They found the remaining three members, JJ Thompson, Jay Scott and Matt Cahill, on YouTube. Little did they know months later they’d be putting their hands on each others bare butts.

Just how close are these guys? They revealed in the accompanying interview, they’d be able to recognize each other in a penis parade. YOWZA!!! One Direction has nothing on these guys. Check out a couple slightly NSFW pics from their editorial below.

check out the slightly NSWF pics after the jump


With exception to a couple of performances I caught online, I skipped Series 10 of The X Factor UK. Based on the latest cover of Gay Times magazine, I probably should’ve paid attention. Sam Callahan is one cute little twink. From what I read he wasn’t the best singer, but that could’ve easily been remedied with the mute button ;)

Even though the Essex-born singer is 100% straight (so he claims), he’s very open to showing off his assets for his gay fans. In the issue, he even reveals a couple of man crushes which include Olly Murs and Tom Hardy. He also states he’d marry Robbie Williams. I wonder who’d top on their wedding night. Check out Sam flaunting what his momma gave him below.

see the full cover and other NSFW-ish pics after the jump

With an invitation like that, how can anyone refuse. The 31-year-old English pro rugby player just oozes sex on the cover of Gay Times magazine. From his very visible penis line to his massive guns, every part of Stuart Reardon deserves a bit of worshiping ;) Not only is he comfortable showing off his body for the gays, he’s also a big LGBT supporter. Check out his thoughts on Russia’s anti-gay laws and the upcoming Winter Olympics.

“What’s happened over there is disgusting. But if you’ve been training for the last four years and you’re in a position where you could win a medal, you’re going to want to compete aren’t you? If I was a gay athlete I think it would send a stronger message to go. Being in the public eye, you have a wider opportunity to voice your opinion to a wider audience and send a positive message. That would make more of an impact than boycotting.” – Stuart Reardon

more photos after the jump

Back in 2010, Blake Skjellerup publicly came out to DNA magazine after competing at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. With the 2014 Sochi Games on the horizon where he hopes to better his sixteenth place finish, the Kiwi speed skater sat down, or should I say posed naked, for Gay Times magazine. If I were ice technicians working on the ice rink in Russia, I’d be half worried that Skjellerup’s hotness would melt away the racing surface. Sizzling doesn’t even begin to cover his spread.

In his interview with the British publication, Blake talks about the lack of sponsors, being bullied and if he has any fears about being a gay athlete competing in Russia. Check out a few quotes below, along with the cover shot by photographer James Demitri. It’s SFW with strategically placed skates hiding his goods.

On Lack of Sponsors

“I’m a lone athlete so I have to do everything myself. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost my life to the sport, but I can’t see myself doing it for another four years after the next Winter Olympics.”

check out the cover and more after the jump

Whenever I travel, I love to pick up a local magazine as my souvenir. It’s a great way to remember a vacation instead of magnets, shot glasses or other tchotchkes IMHO. This way I can recall the exact month and year I visited a particular country.

As I was doing a little Spring cleaning, I came across a few gay publications I’ve picked up over the years, which brings me to this post. I corralled the covers of a few gay mags from this month and put them all in one post. Check them all out below and cast your vote on which cover stands out the most. Enjoy.

check out the other covers after the jump

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