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Sam Smith Officially Comes Out

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Sam Smith has always been a bit ambiguous about his sexuality. Last week, he somewhat addressed the speculation by pining over some dude in his “Leave Your Lover” music video. In an interview with The Fader, the 22-year-old English singer-songwriter makes it official by revealing the inspiration for his forthcoming debut album, In The Lonely Hour, was a guy.

“I’ve never been in a relationship before. I’ve only been in unrequited relationships where people haven’t loved me back. I guess I’m a little bit attracted to that in a bad way. In the Lonely Hour is about a guy that I fell in love with last year, and he didn’t love me back. I think I’m over it now, but I was in a very dark place. I kept feeling lonely in the fact that I hadn’t felt love before. I’ve felt the bad things. And what’s a more powerful emotion: pain or happiness?”

Even though he’s only now officially come out, many had assumed he was a sister when he revealed himself as a future pop diva in the vein of his idols, Elton John and George Michael. Check out more quotes from the publication below. Welcome to the family Sam.

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Rising Artist Spotlight: Matt Palmer

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Move over Frank Ocean. There’s a new R&B singer-songwriter in town and his name is Matt Palmer. Just like Ocean, Palmer is an openly-gay artist. I first came across this phenomenal talent after stumbling his cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” Since R&B is my first love, I had to share Palmer with you. He’s been kind enough to give Homorazzi readers a high-quality version of his cover to download for FREE.

After graduating from NYU’s selective Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Matt’s soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics led to collaborations with some of music’s most exciting producers and songwriters including Oak Felder (Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown), Fraser T. Smith (ADELE, Britney Spears), and the Jackie Boyz (Madonna, Justin Bieber). After several years of writing songs for artists like Big Time Rush and Leon Thomas, Matt is preparing to release a brand new, 7-song EP entitled Stranger Than Fiction.

The first single, the urban-pop track “Teardrops” produced by Drew Scotty (Fantasia, Dawn Richard), samples Taylor Swift’s first single “Teardrops on My Guitar“, and puts an adult spin on the teenage ode to unrequited love. In the music video, Matt is shown pining for the boy next door, and letting no barrier keep them apart. Stranger Than Fiction will be available in digital and physical formats in May 2014. Check out his “Teardrops” video below which features some sensual man-on-man action.

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Neon Trees Frontman Tyler Glenn Comes Out

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Tyler Glenn is the lead singer for American alternative rock band Neon Trees. They’re best known for their Top 10 hit, “Everybody Talks” which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2011. The 30-year-old singer just publicly came out in an interview featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone on stands this Friday, March 28. The Mormon-raised singer reveals he’s known he was gay since a young child but kept his sexuality a secret until now.

“I had my crushes on guys throughout high school, but it was never an overwhelming thing until my twenties,” he admits. “Then I’d be dating girls and in love with my straight friend and it was the worst feeling in the world.”

Glenn began telling close friends and family members in October 2013 as he was finishing writing songs for Neon Tree’s forthcoming third studio album, Pop Psychology. Reportedly, many of the tracks address his years in the closet. What inspired him to publicly come out is the variety of men and women recently going public, especially professional athletes.

I really love all of the sports figures that are coming out recently,” he says. “I appreciated Michael Sam was like, ‘I want to be able to go to the movies and hold hands with my boyfriend.’ Even hearing him say ‘boyfriend,’ I was just like, that’s cool.”

Congrats to Tyler Glenn for finding the courage to come out. Welcome to the family, gurl ;) Check out Neon Trees’ breakout hit below.

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At first glance, it looks like your typical rap video featuring plenty of video hos shaking their ample behinds. In this instance, however, the script is flipped and it’s an openly gay rapper objectifying other gay men. It’s about time.

Fly Young Red drops a borderline vulgar new single named “Throw That Boy Pussy.” The Houston native accompanies it with an equally salacious visual featuring plenty of booty-popping and twerking. Check out a sampling of the lyrics below before checking out the video. Proceed ahead only if you’re ready for all the jelly.

Clap that ass in a split, let me see you clap that ass like a bitch
Yeah, I’m tryin’ to get you back home, see if you can clap that ass on this dick
I see you over there twerkin’, that ass got my attention
I’ll hit your ass with this dick, send that ass home limpin’

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When Blake McIver resurfaced a month ago on Bravo’s Couch, he caused a bit of online buzz. The former child star is full grown and loves sharing shirtless selfies. That’s right. Little Waldo from Little Rascals is now one big ol’ homo.

Naturally, with some new-found notoriety, McIcver wisely chose to capitalize on it. The 28-year-old actor did what every fame-seeking homo with a decent voice did. He recorded a song and filmed a video for it.

Wish I Didn’t Need You” finds Blake singing about the pain of a tumultuous relationship while wearing pec-revealing outfits. It’s not my cup of tea, but gotta give him credit for putting himself out there. Bonus points for not going with some cheesy lightweight dance track. Check it out below. Be sure to weigh in below after watching.

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Did you catch Mary Lambert performing with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at this past weekend’s MTV VMAs? The openly-lesbian singer definitely held her own with the vocal powerhouse that is Jennifer Hudson. Hot off her Moonman win for “Same Love,” the 24-year-old singer/songwriter debuts her brand new music video for her love song “She Keeps Me Warm.”

The track celebrates the love and attraction within same-sex relationships. It is a pure love song meant for all people, intending not to exploit or provide shock value, but to paint a graceful and powerful romantic picture. Filming the clip was an all-lesbian affair. Lambert reveals an all-queer female crew were on hand including Mego Lin who directed the visual. Naturally, given the fact she’s from Seattle and a lesbian, it’s filmed at a coffee shop ;) Check it out below.

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Tom Goss Films A Love Letter To Bears

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Do you like your men big, burly and hairy? You’re not alone. Tom Goss does as well. The openly-gay singer-songwriter penned a catchy little ditty titled, appropriately enough, “Bears,” and filmed a music video for it.

“We are overrun with images of perfect men, in perfect clothes and perfect bodies,” Goss says, “and as a result, many people doubt their self-image. This video showcases what it means to be beautiful and sexy, regardless of size.”

Directed by Aram Vartian and Michael Patrick Key, the clip is a cornucopia of bear daddies. Whether slipping and sliding at a “bearbecue” or dancing (and sweating) the night away on a crowded dance floor, men of all shapes, sizes and varying degree of body hair are featured. If you like your guys smooth and smaller though, there’s plenty of gratuitous shots of Tom as well. Enjoy.

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Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love country music. My love for country music is now a couple years old or so, but I despite the newness I really do enjoy it. I mean, Shania Twain essentially made everyone a country fan right?

So, today, when I was reading my BuzzFeed, I was extremely excited to see the headline: “First out gay male country star!” We all know how gorgeous country men can be, and with their smooth voices and bitchin’ biceps it’s a match made it heaven. Now, enter Steve Grand who pretty much fits the bill of what I love in a country man to a tee, still, there is definitely more to this singer than meets the horny eye.

What I love about country is the melodrama in every song: the longing and the aching of your true love. The pain in the super dramatic lyrics (hmmm, me liking something super dramatic? Groundbreaking, right?). Well, what if you put a gay twist on it? At first I was worried that “All American Boy” was going to play out like a soft core porn, in the end it actually really got me in the feels. When “Teenage Dream” came out by Katy Perry (whom I can’t stand), it gave me the feeling of a summer romance. This does the same thing, although it doesn’t have as much of a happy ending. Scott is singing about his “all American boy” who he falls for one night by the fire; they hang out and even kiss. It’s what happens after that gets you, and who hasn’t been in that situation?

This song took me right back to my teenage years when all you wanted was a great summer love. I really do like this song. I love the video and I am absolutely in awe of Steve Grand. Will he make it? I don’t know. Nashville is not the most welcoming place to gals like us. His video however has gotten some traction. I first watched it with 910 views and 6 hours later it reached 35k which is damn impressive. I’m going to stick with this kid, see where he goes.

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