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A pop star named from Norway named Tooji has just come out in a NSFW music video for his latest single, “The Father Project“. With the release of the song he tweeted, “My new video Father is out and so am I.” The video has created quite a stir because it takes place in an actual Catholic church that had been rented out and by the end of the video, two men (one of which is a priest) are having sex in front of everyone. The Bishop of Oslo released an angered statement about the video:

“No matter what the video’s message might be or who the artist might be, footage of intimate scenes in front of the altar is unacceptable, and it is an abuse of the church. I was informed about the matter after they decided to rent out Frogner Church and had done the shoot. No matter what the content of the video might be, it is not acceptable to perform these types of scenes in front of the altar. It is a misuse of the holy room of the church.

A scene shot between a man and a woman would also be unacceptable. What has happened breaks several rules of the church. Besides this, I would not comment any further on the matter.”

Watch the video below and see what the artist had to say about the message behind the video.

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Most of us are familiar with the “All American Boy” hitmaker and openly out stud Steve Grand. He finally dropped his much anticipated album All American Boy and let me tell you, it’s got me “Soakin’ Wet.” I’m sure he had no idea when he posted the video for All American Boy back in July of 2013 that it would garner almost 4 million views to date and the media coverage that followed. It comes as no surprise to me that he has such a fan following. After meeting him in person during Toronto World Pride this past summer I can safely say he’s one of the nicest, most genuine performers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. After his performance he made sure to take photos and signed autographs for every person who wanted one and on a side note he also gives the biggest hugs that just makes you wanna snuggle with him for hours – *All American Boy dream sequence* …ok, moving on.

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When Blake McIver resurfaced a month ago on Bravo’s Couch, he caused a bit of online buzz. The former child star is full grown and loves sharing shirtless selfies. That’s right. Little Waldo from Little Rascals is now one big ol’ homo.

Naturally, with some new-found notoriety, McIcver wisely chose to capitalize on it. The 28-year-old actor did what every fame-seeking homo with a decent voice did. He recorded a song and filmed a video for it.

Wish I Didn’t Need You” finds Blake singing about the pain of a tumultuous relationship while wearing pec-revealing outfits. It’s not my cup of tea, but gotta give him credit for putting himself out there. Bonus points for not going with some cheesy lightweight dance track. Check it out below. Be sure to weigh in below after watching.

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Did you catch Mary Lambert performing with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at this past weekend’s MTV VMAs? The openly-lesbian singer definitely held her own with the vocal powerhouse that is Jennifer Hudson. Hot off her Moonman win for “Same Love,” the 24-year-old singer/songwriter debuts her brand new music video for her love song “She Keeps Me Warm.”

The track celebrates the love and attraction within same-sex relationships. It is a pure love song meant for all people, intending not to exploit or provide shock value, but to paint a graceful and powerful romantic picture. Filming the clip was an all-lesbian affair. Lambert reveals an all-queer female crew were on hand including Mego Lin who directed the visual. Naturally, given the fact she’s from Seattle and a lesbian, it’s filmed at a coffee shop 😉 Check it out below.

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Tom Goss Films A Love Letter To Bears

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Do you like your men big, burly and hairy? You’re not alone. Tom Goss does as well. The openly-gay singer-songwriter penned a catchy little ditty titled, appropriately enough, “Bears,” and filmed a music video for it.

“We are overrun with images of perfect men, in perfect clothes and perfect bodies,” Goss says, “and as a result, many people doubt their self-image. This video showcases what it means to be beautiful and sexy, regardless of size.”

Directed by Aram Vartian and Michael Patrick Key, the clip is a cornucopia of bear daddies. Whether slipping and sliding at a “bearbecue” or dancing (and sweating) the night away on a crowded dance floor, men of all shapes, sizes and varying degree of body hair are featured. If you like your guys smooth and smaller though, there’s plenty of gratuitous shots of Tom as well. Enjoy.

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Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love country music. My love for country music is now a couple years old or so, but I despite the newness I really do enjoy it. I mean, Shania Twain essentially made everyone a country fan right?

So, today, when I was reading my BuzzFeed, I was extremely excited to see the headline: “First out gay male country star!” We all know how gorgeous country men can be, and with their smooth voices and bitchin’ biceps it’s a match made it heaven. Now, enter Steve Grand who pretty much fits the bill of what I love in a country man to a tee, still, there is definitely more to this singer than meets the horny eye.

What I love about country is the melodrama in every song: the longing and the aching of your true love. The pain in the super dramatic lyrics (hmmm, me liking something super dramatic? Groundbreaking, right?). Well, what if you put a gay twist on it? At first I was worried that “All American Boy” was going to play out like a soft core porn, in the end it actually really got me in the feels. When “Teenage Dream” came out by Katy Perry (whom I can’t stand), it gave me the feeling of a summer romance. This does the same thing, although it doesn’t have as much of a happy ending. Scott is singing about his “all American boy” who he falls for one night by the fire; they hang out and even kiss. It’s what happens after that gets you, and who hasn’t been in that situation?

This song took me right back to my teenage years when all you wanted was a great summer love. I really do like this song. I love the video and I am absolutely in awe of Steve Grand. Will he make it? I don’t know. Nashville is not the most welcoming place to gals like us. His video however has gotten some traction. I first watched it with 910 views and 6 hours later it reached 35k which is damn impressive. I’m going to stick with this kid, see where he goes.

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Gay singer-songwriter Ryan Amador teams up with Avan Lava singer Jo Lampert for a beautiful new video with a powerful message. The two tackle the unwanted ugly labels that are often times hurled at the LGBT community. Tom Gustafson directed the “Define Me” clip with his partner Cory Krueckeberg editing it.

Brooklyn-based Amador and Lampert begin fully clothed. Slowly they begin to take of their clothing revealing their bodies riddled with homophobic labels. The clip culminates with them washing and scrubbing off their body graffiti. “We’re starting this party tonight, where people will be undefined,” they sing. 100% of the single’s proceeds will be donated to LGBT equality organizations. Check out the clip below.

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On Friday, I had the opportunity to interview Vicci Martinez, whom you likely remember as one of the talented finalists from Season 1 of The Voice. She was a runner up, but was the last one standing on Cee Lo Green‘s team. Martinez and Cee Lo Green actually collaborated on a song together called “Come Along” and it won “Best Rock Song” at the Out Music Awards back in December. She and Cee Lo shot the music video for the song in Seattle earlier this month and they just received the final cut of the video today. Can’t wait to see how it turned out!

Martinez was a little under the weather when I spoke with her, but she’s pushing through because she’s currently on tour right now and has to push through and take care of herself. I talked to her about whether she thinks being an out singer has helped or hindered her career, or if it even matters. The singer is known for her very touching and personal lyrics (“Hold Me Darling” had me in tears a few weeks ago!), so I asked her if she was writing any songs at the moment based on anything going on in her life… and she was and told me about it.

Find out what she had to say about all of this and more by listening to the interview below. Stay tuned for her “Come Along” music video with Cee Lo Green in the near future!

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