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gay marriage

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Illinois proved to be in a much more romantic mood on Valentine’s Day than years past. The Prairie State is well on its way to becoming the tenth state in the union to legalize gay marriage. On Thursday night, its senators weighed in on Senate Bill 10 and voted to approve the measure by a margin of 34-21.

Given that Democrats control the House, the bill will most likely become law. Illinois governor Pat Quinn has said he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. Just in case you were wondering if voting went down party lines, it did for the most part. Only one Republican voted yes.

“I think it was the right thing to do,” said Sen. Jason Barickman, from Champaign, according to the Associated Press. “It’s a vote that I understand some have varying opinions on, but I feel that I voted in the correct way.”

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C’est magnifique! France’s parliament has passed a bill that legalizes gay marriage and allows same-sex couples to adopt children!

The Associated Press released the following about the news:

“France’s lower house of parliament has approved a sweeping bill to legalize gay marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt children. President Francois Hollande’s Socialists have pushed the measure through the National Assembly and put France on track to join about a dozen, mostly European nations that grant marriage and adoption rights to homosexuals.”

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Earlier this week, I shared with you a very touching wedding video from a gay couple in Australia named Clinton & Callum. Well, there are more of these videos out there and today we’ve got another treat for you that will hopefully inspire you to find the love of your life if you haven’t already and share that love with the people around you.

One of our loyal Homorazzi readers, Karlu from The Philippines sent me a message to tell me that he had seen the video I posted earlier this week and that a friend had sent him a similar wedding video of a gay couple in the Philippines that was also very touching and inspiring. Alas, I have embedded the video below for you to check out.

Much love to all of our readers in the Philippines and all over the world. Hopefully you’ll all of you enjoy the video below!

Video after the jump…

This video made my day and potentially my whole month. A gay couple named Clinton & Callum from Australia have graciously shared their wedding video online and it’s one of the most beautiful wedding videos I’ve ever seen. It seriously had me in tears and I’ll tell you why.

As equality in the world becomes more prevalent and gay marriage becomes more accepted, gay relationships have the opportunity to become stronger than ever before, family bonds can also become stronger as there is less separation between your love life and your family, and special days like this can be shared with literally everyone you love in your life. Ten years ago, I couldn’t imagine being openly gay amongst my family and friends. Today, being engaged to Tyrell, and wouldn’t dream of not having our family and friends there for our special and I can’t even tell you how much it’s going to mean to us.

When you see the faces of the family and friends of Colin & Callum, and hear some of the things they say, you can’t help but be moved. One woman said, “You don’t marry someone you can live with. You marry someone you can’t live without.” Listening to what the newlyweds say to each other and to their families had me in tears. I don’t know how I’m going to hold it together on our big day if I can barely do so watching this. LOL. Enjoy the lovely video below.

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Not only is Denver Nuggets NBC basketball player Kenneth Faried on the court in the world of basketball, he’s also on the court in the quest for marriage equality. A few days ago, he uploaded a video where he’s sitting in between his mothers, Waudda and Carol and he explains what it’s like having two mothers and why he believes in equality for the LGBT community.

I support civil union, because it gives people — gays and lesbians — the right to make decisions on their own,” he says in the video. “If they want to get married and let them choose who they want to be with.” He adds, “Nobody can ever tell me I can’t have two mothers, because I really do.”

Watch the touching video below. His mothers must be so proud of him and appreciative of the message he’s sending out. The more people continue to speak out like this and share their stories, the greater the chance for change and increased equality.

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American Idol’s 12th season premieres tonight and it’s only fitting that we catch up with one of the most successful artists to come from the FOX singing competition. Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood took a break from her world tour to pose for Allure magazine’s February 2013 issue. Her covers must sell well for the publication since this is her third time gracing one.

Photographed by Alexi Lubormirski, Underwood is the epitome of understated country glamor. The shoot took place at the historic Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City. With her blond locks and high fashion threads by Burberry Prorsum and Calvin Klein to name a few, Carrie leaves her fans “Blown Away” with her approachable beauty.

In the accompany interview, Carrie answers a wide array of questions. From her sexy stage outfits to her marriage to NHL player Mike Fisher, everything is covered. Speaking of marriage, the 29-year-old country superstar voices her stance on gay marriage. She also talks about ABC’s country soap Nashville and if any of the characters resemble her. Check out photos and quotes from the February issue below.

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It’s kind of a tongue twister, but that’s the latest video response that originated about a month ago with unique approach to getting the message about marriage equality across: “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends“. Following that first video came the response from straight men, and more recently, “Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends.” Now, the straight women have something to say.

In this video, the girlfriends of the straight homophobes speak up and say how “f*cking awesome” it would be for them to marry the gays that have said they would marry them. “The ladies that want fairytale weddings would actually get it, to a degree they never could have imagined,” says one woman. She later adds, “My dad wanted me to tell that he doesn’t hate you because you de-virginized me. He knows you didn’t de-virginize me.” LOL. Watch & enjoy the new video below.

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Hopefully you’ve seen College Humor’s hilarious approach for marriage equality. Rather than using well-thought out points and facts to appeal to those opposed to same-sex marriage, the original sketch took an aggressive approach. Scare the bejesus out of straight boys by hitting them where it counts… their sex life. Gays in the clip threatened to marry all their girlfriends because they would be the ideal husbands. Turns out those tactics didn’t work on scaring straight men.

Scotch Tape Productions (Four guys who drink scotch and tape stuff) filmed a response to the viral video, citing why they would be okay with the gays marrying their girlfriends. This way, they could watch the game in peace while their ladies are off jazzercising with their new gay hubby, Francisco. LOL.

In the end, they don’t think gays will act on their empty threats. Why? Because the idea of punching kitties would repulse them. And I quote, “the idea of two vaginas in a room would be enough to vomit all over your fabulous loafers”. Check out the funny clip below. Side note. Is it me, or is the guy in the red hoodie kinda cute?

watch the clips below

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